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Marketing guru for US based custom IT solutions business

We are a custom IT solutions and consulting company - we offer business analysis, productivity consulting, and development of affordable, custom IT solutions.

Generally these solutions involve one or more of: Databases (mostly but not exclusively FileMaker Pro), websites, desktop and mobile applications.

Understand that these are custom solutions. We charge by the hour and typically projects will range anything from $10K to $200K (USD). For that kind of money we can complete projects that our competition might charge twice as much for. That's why we describe ourselves as "affordable" - yes, it's still a lot of money but if we're half the price of the competition then we've got a unique selling point.

We achieve this not by cutting corners but through efficient use of our suite of very cool proprietary development tools that enable much faster development of database solutions than our competitors. We've spent 15 years and over 5,000 hours developing these tools. So we think we're onto something.

Because our services are customised, we can service virtually any industry. Our target market is defined by size and complexity - small to medium businesses, generally 5-20 employees, turning over anything from $1 million to $100 million per year.

We need one or more marketing gurus to get our services in front of the right potential customers. The right candidate for this role will understand what we do, understand our target market and know how to reach and appeal to the decision makers in those businesses.

Your job is not to convert leads into sales. It is to use whatever (legal and moral) means you can to get the qualified leads phoning us or filling out the contact form(s) on our website. That said, if you have sales skills and would like to use them, then we are happy to expand the sales skills we already have. But the gap we really need filled is marketing - getting potential customers to contact our sales guys.

This will involve a number of areas of expertise:

To start with, our website: You do not need web coding skills. We have the technical expertise already to do that. But you will redesign its content (text, pictures, layout, arrangement, etc) so that it compels its readers to pursue us.

Beyond that we need you to:

• do search engine optimisation

• build a comprehensive Google Adwords campaign, including knowing or figuring out the right words/terms.

• build a mailing list of the right potential customers.

• compose and engineer mass email marketing campaigns to send to the mailing list, or possibly to leads we might buy. You don't need to handle the actual sending. We have the resources for that already.

• make sure we comply with the CAN-SPAM Act and other spam laws.

• Other methods of marketing we would like to consider (although we'll seek your advice on these) are:

-- Personal email marketing, including possibly video emails.

-- Social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

-- Blogging on our website or other sites.

-- Flyers?

• Cold calling? No. We don't believe that's the right approach in this industry, although we're open to it if you have good reason to disagree.

Compensation: in short, 5-10% of revenue, negotiable. You bring in a $100K deal, you get $5-10K. We are willing to negotiate a higher percentage (up to 20%) at the start, depending on various factors. Ask for more details. A base salary is possible, but ideally we're looking for a partner, not an employee.

We are based in the US and would prefer a US citizen/resident, however this is not an absolute requirement as most of the work is online.

Your bids should reflect what you want to receive for every $100K of revenue you bring in. Send me a message if you want to discuss other possible terms.



Update: I appreciate there may not be enough information in the above description for you to assess whether or not you're able to provide the service I require. If you want more information about the business and our services, please feel free to message me with questions.


I've had a couple of really good responses to this ad (and therefore may have already found the right person for the job, although at the moment I'm still looking). But I've also had a couple of people write to me, or contact me on Skype, and expect me to pay them a few thousand dollars to do some of the above work, AND they want 50% up front, regardless of the results. They are saying that the "commission only" idea is a scheme or worse, a scam.

I think that deserves some clarification.

This isn't a "scheme". It's not some unconventional "business opportunity" like Amway. But the bottom line is: I'm not looking to pay someone to do some "work" for me. I'm looking to pay someone to deliver a result.

Imagine if you hire a programmer to write you some software and they spend 100 hours doing a lot of programming, but at the end it doesn't work. Would you want to pay them for their time? I hope not.

Likewise, I can't risk or afford to pay someone X thousand dollars to build me a new website or do an email marketing campaign or do SEO or PPC or whatever else, if it doesn't get me new clients. If my marketing person's efforts don't get any new clients, then what value have they provided me?

I realise that's not how a lot of people work, but it is how a select few ambitious and successful people work, and those select few are the people I'm looking for. To be honest, if someone wants me to pay them regardless of the result, then that just tells me they're not confident in their ability to deliver a result, in which case they're not the right person for this particular project.

You might ask, but what if the product/service is no good? Fair question. The answer: come, examine my product/service, evaluate it and decide for yourself if you can market it. Or what if the sales guy is no good? Ok, that's a *really* good question. Three Answers. 1. Trust me, he's good. But that's probably not good enough for you, so 2. Meet him, and evaluate him for yourself, before deciding to commit. But note also, 3. He's working commission only too, so he'll deliver.

Why do I feel this way? Because I've already paid two marketing people to do a lot of "work". They knew all the fancy words to say to impress me into hiring them, but in the end they really didn't know what they were doing and delivered nothing in results. So, the next person I hire doesn't have to impress me with their resume, they just have to deliver a result.

Compensation: My top four competitors turn over between $2 - $10 million per year each. They pay their marketing people up to 4 percent of revenue. That's still a very healthy income (even 4% of 2 million is $80K).

My offer: The person who does this job right, will bring me in at least a million dollars worth of work (revenue, not profit) in the first year, and I will pay that person between 5% and 20% of that, depending on certain variables. That's up to $200K. And then we will only grow from there. A few people will "get" (ie. understand) this. Most people won't. The people that don't get it aren't the right people for this project. The few that do, are.

One other point: My business has a unique selling point that my competitors don't have. My business can deliver exactly what my competitors can deliver, but for between 60% - 80% of the price. Therefore, if my competitors are successful in marketing and selling their services, then marketing and selling my services to serious potential clients should be easy. That's exactly why my sales guy is happy to work commission only.

So to anyone who wants to present me a "proposal": if you can't guarantee to deliver results (ie. clients), then with all due respect, you're not providing me any value, so why should I pay for it? But if you can deliver results (ie. clients), then this is an opportunity to set yourself up with a very well paid future, if that's what you want.

I hope this information helps.


Regarding bidding: Honestly, the bid amounts are irrelevant. Just bid $5000 and send me a message describing why you're the right person for the role. The content of your message is what matters to me. Thanks!

Update: Two things:

1. Please do not contact me via Skype or any other method if you haven't placed a bit. I will not talk to anyone who has not placed a bid on this project on this site first. If you do contact me by Skype please quote the word "banana" to prove to me that you've read this far in my post. If you don't include that word I will not accept your request.

2. Please do not contact me and try to explain to me all the reasons why trying to get someone to work for me "commission-only" is impossible and all the reasons why i need to pay a base + commission or anything else. I'm not interested in debating it. If you don't understand my position as outlined above then you don't understand my business and you're not the right person for the job. Let's not waste each others' time.


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