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I am looking for someone who has experience driving traffic to Soundclick pages. I am looking for someone with recent experience & success in getting other artists in the charts.

Please contact me via email if interested in the project & we can work out a budget that makes sense.

I am looking for the same: "i am in search of a programmer who can create a method (possibly a script??) for me to place my song into the top 50 songs in soundclick.com charts AT WILL. There is currently a "promotion company" whom was able to somehow place my song into the top charts at any spot I choose (I used this service on numerous different occasions, all working flawlessly). He gave the option for the customer to purchase chart placement, example top 100, top 50 & top 10 (not play/ views, but ACTUAL charting postion placement). He is now pursuing other venues and does not offer this service any longer.

Upon using this service I got IMMEDIATE results! For example if I paid him on Friday, my song would be in the top 100 of the charts by Saturday morning.

The interesting thing about his method was that upon viewing my plays/ views/ download statistics I could not notice ANY substantial difference from my normal amount of traffic. This lead me to believe that he had some kind of inside knowledge of how the website truely worked. He must have had the perfect formula to place songs into the charts without being detected (possibly an ex-employee). He also offers similar service to other like websites however I only have interest in this one particular site (soundclick).

** Please note, I have already purchased multiple bots that use proxies (private, and shared proxies) to try to get the results that I desire.. BOTH FAILED to give me top 100 chart results on the site.

I WANT TOP 100 CHART POSITION OR BETTER!! I have tried the bots, they did not work, thus I need another method that will work 100% (or unless you have a WORKING bot that you can show me PROOF of being in top 100 or better on the charts)

here is some known factors of the soundclick charting system;

Each MP3 play needs to be from a unique IP.
Each IP is only counted towards 1 play per day. (Duplicate plays are discounted)
Charts are calculated at midnight (GMT -5).
Downloads per unique IP are also counted towards the charts.
Plays from "External-outside of the site" users have less weight then users who play within the site.
**Chart points count alot more if they are from a soundclick listener account**
(maybe he has created thousands of fake soundclick accounts and has them automated to view the page)
They may be using REFERRER or FLASH COOKIES and/or the amount of time the MP3 is played

Here is some info on the process that I used with his service;
1. I select where I would like to be placed in the charts (top 100, top, 50, top 10),
2. I give him my page URL
3. 24 hours later I am in the desired chart range

When asked how do I let him know which of my songs I wanted in the charts he told me to simply place that song as the first song on my page (1st song to be played in soundclick mp3 player on my page).

The method MUST do the following;
1. Be UNDETECTABLE by the soundclick staff.
2. Allow ME to customize chart placement range (top 100, top 50, top 10)
3. Freelancer must be willing to possibly do updates to the method in case soundclick puts out a patch or updates their system (I will pay for these updates.. you will not have to do any free work)
4. the method must be able to give the desired results within 02 days of rendering preferably within 24 hours.

If selected I will create a vip soundclick account and supply songs for the freelancer to use to test their methods."

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