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Aviation industry Real Time Analysis

PART - 1

Please make a PPT to present your solution, project plan and technology stack (as applicable) under

following scenarios –

A. As a research and advisory firm we want to be up-to-date with the latest happenings in the

aviation industry. We want to capture information about all Aviation companies around the world

including but not limited to information about their financials, stakeholders, employees, board

members, people, strategy, no. of planes, no of seats sold per year, and more. We also want to

capture any news about these companies. Information acquisition has to be in real time. The

minute it is published anywhere on the internet, we need to capture it in 10 minutes.

This information is to be made available to our analysts in structured format so that they can

 Analyze some information and write a report

 Publish certain information as-is on a client facing FutureBridge platform

How will you address this requirement? Answer the following questions

 Explain your approach to developing this solution in a step by step way (what will your

project plan look like)

 Describe your technology solution. How will it work? What is the technology stack that

you will use

 How will you resourcefully address the 'problem of plenty'

B. Select at least one of these technologies

 Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning)


 Blockchain

How will you use one or all of the above technologies in the following scenario:

You are asked to build a platform to promote idea sharing, technology know-hows across

departments/organization. The system that needs to be build needs to:

 Be highly secure

 People should only see the information that they need to

 People should NEVER miss any information that they need to see.

 No human resources are to be used for curation, administration or match-making. The

only people using the platform are the information providers and the information


In your response, be specific about

1. What technology will you use and for what purpose

2. How will you use the technology? Will you build something from a scratch or will you use

something developed externally.

2.a If you build from a scratch, provide in depth detail about how you will go about it

2.b If you use something developed externally, be specific about the name of the

product / s that you will use and how.

PART – 2

How will you report resource utilization? Design the report template in excel and fill in some sample data

PART – 3

Prepare for a product demo on any of the following options.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator





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