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I would like a social netwrking script that would have the best combined functions from various sites like,you tube,myspace.

The whole concept is 4 and the company is 4msent=fourmysunzent-for my sons entertanment.

I would need a real facy way to display the number 4 in the left top banner and of course a real good design for the remainder of the banner.

I am thinking it should be silver because i plan on having t-shirts,jeans etc made off this logo it would really have to be eye catching to the hip,hop/rap/R&B world.

It has to be rich with diamonds and jewls and the design really has to say this is money your looking at.

The whole site design has to look like the rich and famous belongs on there.

I have websites to refer to. And in terms of open free software that could be used and intergfrated into the site I am totally intrested in using such especially if this will aide in making this project more cost effective.

thanks for your time

These are the functions I would like.

Just like myspace it would have all the functions of a social networking site that would include.

Flash animated photo gallery's

Instant messaging

Full functions for total promotion for every major aspect of the entertainment world.

Each category would have sub category's

It would have the talent source as well as the answer to that source


Full profile pictures and uploadable reels of there work,resumes,bio's Full contact information

The answers to actors and other talent would be a section for talent resources

Agents, Casting directors, producers,

This answer can be for other areas as well.

Back to the category's

Models-print, runway etc

Music Producers-All genres

Film producer All genres and levels from above the line and below the line. All positions that comprise of a full crew/Producers(Finance)line producers etc. Every thing from the DP to the PA

TV producers-All aspects and crew

Clothing designers

Artist-All genres

Bands-All genres

Spoken word artist



Dream website

In general the answer to these talents would have a back door to check out all the talent according to the genre and nature of talent

Music Publishers

Major record labels execs

Distribution-On line from Itunes,CD Baby etc

Club and Venue Owners

Investors(Angel,Reg D,Liquid)

Radio stations(online as well as P1 and P2 stations




Entertainment layers

And any everything that can take talent to the next level.

The decision makers will have a place to locate and gather talent if they choose to do so.

Deals can be made with the answer to talent were the website can e affiliates and allow talent to sell there product on the site through various methods*the site gets a cut)

Rather than be competition just simply have every source on the planet on our site through affiliations and get a little cut,

Deals can be worked out were all major labels etc can get there talent from the site through competitions etc

Further functions of the site

On line TV station were all the members can have there channels

This can be done by utilizing open source software


[url removed, login to view]

The site would be a radio station and each member can have there own channels

These sites technology can be adapted to our sites and Kenny can get the administration done were the spins are legit and counted by BDS etc

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

I am sure there is got to be free and open source software and technology to get this done but the deals would have to be made to make it legit were everything is covered and artist are paid there royalty's like live 365

And perhaps deals can be struck were live 365 would white label there technology to allow our site to be a mirror image of there site in terms of functionality and yet retain our own 4msent branding

The site would have a virtual music studio were individuals could produce quality music mix and master on the website.

A coder could make a program to the like of Reasons,pro tools etc or a deal can be made to get the software via white label and allow our branding to remain in tact.

The site can have an online music studio allowing members to create tracks

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

The website can have a film editing software that would allow members to edit there films

To the likes of windows movie maker and simple to use programs

And on a personal note the site would allow us to do our own productions live

[url removed, login to view]

So now the site has all the functions for creative talent to create as well as promote themselves.

Now the site also needs to be able to allow community members to make money and of course we get a taste of that as well via the ability to allow them to have online stores

[url removed, login to view]

Through multi level affiliations from multiple income generating sites that can be integrated into our site will allow members the ability to make money online.

We can use affiliations or bare bones provide the brick and mortar for income generating stores that each member would have and sell a wide range of products without leaving the site(this would be done through the coding and not really via iframe but hard core coding that keeps people on the site and yet benefit from services from other sites.

Now the site members can possibly make money.

Ok it is time for fun.

Provide the software to allow filmmakers to make

[url removed, login to view]

As well as anime

[url removed, login to view]

As well as the ability for members to talk to each other via webcam

[url removed, login to view]

As well as video games

[url removed, login to view]

As well as an online ring tone generator that would allow the users to create there own ring tones and then sell them we get a cut from that as well.

As well as VOD were all the movies can be purchased and watched via the website.

Eventually the site would be a force to reckon with and people will be taken by storm by the enormous amount of features and functions the site offer for free.

As well as polls


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