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3D Map Server & EAI Client

Looking for first good experience with [url removed, login to view], we start with a Web Based VR Project. The user is a Telecommunication Provider requires a system to support their network planning and marketing.

The project consist of two parts :

1. The Server.

Start with a click on a 2D city map (using ordinary Map Server, ArcIMS, or just a simple image map -- beyond the scope of this project), the system then reads from an Oracle spatial database, and then create VRML file on-the- fly. The spatial database consists of 2D shapes, and then extruded by a “height” attribute, creating 3D building models in VRML (or X3D) format. The building models must to have an ID and clickable. The file compressed first, creating a *.[url removed, login to view] file, and embedded in an HTML file. With a VRML browser, user are able to browse the map and do 3D analysis (pan, zoom, rotate, etc).

2. The Client

User must be able to do standard GIS operation :

a. Metric operations (near and distance): User must be able to select building nearby, and calculate distance between objects.

b. Object Info : User must be able to do a query to existing objects. When they click a building, a popup window shows the property of the building including the photographs. Database for this purpose is ready.

c. Client specific : User also must be able to do a simple Line-of-Sight analysis. For network planning purpose, they will click in any surface/building and simulate a Transceiver Tower. A popup window will show to set observer height (relative to surface/building) and the target height (also relative to surface/building). Then user will be able to identify the Profile of LoS Path. User also able to view the fresnel zone shape in 3D, if the product profile involved (may be implemented in the future, beyond the project scope).


Programming in server side could be in Java or PHP with emphasis on cross-platform arthitecture. Programming for 3D presentation almost unnecessary since VRML browser cover almost all the work. Whats needed is skill and knowledge in VRML programming and this is very crucial since the design must be as compact as possible. Presentation algorithm in server side is also important since Map data is enormously large. Map delivered must be exactly what the user needs, so unnecessary layers & areas should not be compiled with. Database used is Oracle, but other spatial database such as PostGIS could be proposed. Existing platform using Esri’s Spatial Data Engine to Oracle.

Programming in client could be in vrmlscript (javascript) or totally in Java, benefit from EAI support in VRML browsers. HTML file embeds the wrl file and an EAI Java Applet. The EAI Java applet enables the user to manipulate the 3D scene & do the calculations. The HTML page and the Applet UI should be also ergonomical & beatifully designed.

For reference at : [url removed, login to view]

This project is still minimalistic, but if succeeded will be developed further. First satisfactory experience hopefully will lead to more projects so please only experienced team/programmer apply.

Kĩ năng: Java, Javascript

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