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you are to create a class that implements a dictionary

(associative array, hash table), that associates Strings with doubles. It

should deal with collisions by chaining (using linked lists).

Begin by creating the ListElements for the linked lists. These must NOT

be templated, since Java forbids arrays of templated

objects. It will need a String named "key", a double named "value" and a

link. This could, and probably should be an inner class of: a linked list


It (HashLinkedList) needs ListElement named head, a method to add an

element to the list, a method to remove a specified element from the list,

a method to return the value associated with a given key within the list,

and a method to replace the value associated with a given key to a

different value.

Finally you will build a Dictionary class which contains an array of

LinkedLists. It will be convenient to have a memory cell to hold the size

of this array.

You will want a constructor which allows the user to specify the hash

table size (the size of the array mentioned above), and another

constructor that defaults the array size to, say, 100.

You will want a method "insert" to insert a key/value into the hash table,

and a method "lookup" which returns the value associated with the given

key if that key exists in the table. If you insert a key/value pair and

the key value already exists, replace its value field with the new value.

If you attempt to lookup a value whose key does not exist, throw a

KeyNotPresentException (which you will have to write.)

Finally, you need a private hash function which I shall discuss at the

very bottom of this document.

Skeletons of the various classes. Feel free to add other attributes and

methods if you find it convenient to do so:

public class HashLinkedList


private ListElement head;

public HashLinkedList()

private static int hash(String)

public void insert(String key, double value);

public double lookup(String key) throws KeyNotPresentException

// remove the entry with the specified key

public void delete(String key)

// change the value associated with the key

public void changeValue(String key)

class ListElement //inner class


private String key;

private double value;

private ListElement link;

public ListElement(String key, double value, ListElement link)

public ListElement(String key, double value) // defaults link to null

public String getKey()

public double getValue()

public void setValue(double value)

// Never any need to change the key



public class Dictionary


HashLinkedList hashTable[];

private int tablesize;

public Dictionary(int size)

//use a default table size;

public Dictionary()

public void define(String key, double value)

//lookup key, if not present, add key/value pair,

// otherwise change value

public void lookup(String key)

public void undefine(String key)

private static int hash(String key)


How to hash a String:

Normally I don't encourage anybody to write their own hash function.

Getting it right is too hard. But for this exercise, I want you to have

the experience.

Use .charAt to retrieve each character in the string, something like a

loop continging

char c = [url removed, login to view](i);

//bit by bit and to set all but the least signifiant 8 bits to 0.

//(ask me about this in class)

int i = (int)c & 0xFF;

sum = sum + i;

After the loop, when all the characters have been processed

sum = sum % tableSize;

return sum

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