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Note this is a problem on a javascript. You need to be able to handle javascript coding to solve this problem. I would paste it after your amendments to the bottom of a html document, ie. after th closing html tag.

I have a float-in-window script that was purchased as an unblockable pop-up. It works fine, but there are some problems with 2 'X's on the top right-hand corner of the window. The 'X's are ugly, firstly, and looks almost like blank, empty spaces. And secondly, pressing both currently closes the float-in window.


1stly, ie. in response to the first problem, I would desire that they both get reformatted into sperical or round buttons with a '-' and 'x' cross on each button respectively, which are also to be colored in 'yellow' and dark grey respectively.

2ndly, ie. in response to the second problem, I would desire that the '-' button, ie. the button more to the left, to make the area behind the title bar vanish upon being pressed. And when it is pressed again, this area re-appears again. Upon still being pressed next, that area disappears again. And so on, so forth. In contrast, when the 'x' button, ie. the button more to the right, is pressed, it should close the entire float-in window completely.

These 2 problems and their suggested solutions are illustrated in images on the 6-slides Powerpoint file enclosed. Pls detach and see what happens from the images.

When the problems are fixed and solutions implemented, I would require that the javascript coding embodied within the opening and closing script tags to still be pastable to the bottom of the html document, ie. below the closing body and closing html tags, to allow the javascript to still function. Because the float-in window is essentially a javascript.

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