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136451 Photoshop CS2 resize watermark

REQUIREMENTS: Knowledge of Photoshop, Javascript and Running Scripts in Photoshop

OVERVIEW: I am a photographer. I am looking to batch process photos/files for the web with my watermark. Current watermark batch solutions have at least one of two flaws: 1) They don't allow the use of graphics and 2) they don't take into account whether a photo/file is portrait [height greater than width] or landscape [width greater than height] and resize accordingly.

I have photoshop actions that will do the above[inserting a watermark file or graphic vis the place command]. However, I have to have two versions - one action for portrait and one action for landscape. Also, whenever I want to make changes, such as change the amount of resize, I have to go into the action and re-record that specific step.

Looking for a "one stop" script solution that 1) allows setting custom settings up front, 2) allows the insert of a separate watermark file/graphic and 3) that automatically determines whether a photo is a landscape or portrait photo and properly places and resizes the watermark file/graphic.


Script Prompts/Has Interface to Set Specs for the Process

1) Set folder where files are to batch process [Source folder]

2) Set output folder/creating if necessary

3) Set whether to save as jpeg or tif.

4) Set named to be saved under, ie. what to append to the current name when saving the new watermarked file

5) Set Resize image - set for batch to resize based on either a maximum and minimum side and set only once

6) Set Resize Percentage/Dimensions for Portrait

7) Set Resize Percentage/Dimensions for Landscape

8) Set location of watermark - bottom right, bottom left, bottom center, top right, top left, top center

9) Set offsets - how far in pixels or inches to offset from left, right, bottom, top side [zero=no change]

Script Runs Process

1) Get file from source folder

2) Resize based on set specifications

3) Insert/Place watermark file and move to specified location

4) Apply edge offset, if any are set [zero=nochange]. Apply means to bump/move based on amount of offset

5) Determine if photo is portrait or landscape [square - height and width the same] should be treated as landscape, and then resize watermark according to previous set settings.

6) Save file according to previous set file type and name in specified output folder

7) close and get next photo/file to work process

Attach is an example watermark file and examples of what a finish file should look like.

Kĩ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, Javascript

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