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Statestic Lebanon (site guide : features and contents)

• vistor registration page:

HEADER: Message telling him that there are 3 easy steps for registration and it will take him less than 2 minute to register

STEP 1 or Page 1

1- Visitor data Step 1

Non statistical data

a) username

b) password

c) email

d) email confirmation

e) First Name

f) Family Name (Optional)

g) Tel :(Optional) with message (so he can receive sms from us if he is invited to a "get paid poll"

2- (Important Message in Red and bold): it's a message to tell the visitors about the registration process (the aim of the message is to convince the visitor will be strictly confidential and it will be best if he enters all field correctly for 2 reasons:

a) He will view better poll result base on the registration data

b) We capture his IP so it will impossible for him to change this data in the future for good poll result purposes

Statistical Data (Message: All this data will never be displayed or shared with other memebers even your friends)

a) Age (here he will have a select option tool box from top to bottom)

Select: 50 years and above

Select: 40 to 49 years

Select: 30 to 39 years

Select: 21 to 29 years

Select: 18 to 20 years

Select: Less then 18 years

b) Gender (Check Box) Male Female

c) Country where u live now (here it will capture directly from the IP address with no options)

Under that will be a message : " according to ur IP , the country above was selected for you. So if its wrong select from the below country

Cc) here he will have all worlwide country of options with the first option that the above option is right. If he changes the country here the first one will be deleted

d) Nationality


2. Voting district (here he will have a select text box with 24 district options)

3. where do you live now (here he will have a select text box with 24 district options)

4. Religion (here he will have 17 religions options select box)

5. Or he will have other nationality options for the rest of the world

e) Monthly Income ( here he will have a select box with the following options bottom to to top)

Still studying

Not working currently

Less then 500$

500 $ to 1000$

1000$ to 1500 $

1500$ to 2500$

2500$ to 5000$

Above 5000$

The script in this page are the following:

 Capture IP and cookie script

 Check that all required field are filled

 Check if email matches

 Send him a automatic email to his email address thank him for registering

STEP 2 or Page 2

He enter his profile page and now he is a member

If this is the first time he enters he will the


Content Page (Member Page)

Once the member login he will go to his Profile Page. In this Page he will Find to content.

A. MY LEBSTAS (based on face book pscript a lot [url removed, login to view])

In this he can have the following:

a) Upload a Profile Picture

b) Invite his messenger friends application (he can have the same as [url removed, login to view] javascript where we can send a message using his email address to all his messenger friends.(yahoo, msn, aol, google etc…)

c) Create a group poll. Where he can create a group and it will be sent to all his friends to join. Everyone of his friends that join, have the option to invite all their friends a message will be sent to all their friends to join

d) Create a Poll (he can create his own poll with all adavance poll features and invite his friends to vote on it)

• My pictures poll: where he can upload as many picture as he wants and invite his friends network to vote over 10 and/or the group he joined and he can view result in advance poll (by number of voters, age, gender etc..)

• My Questions poll: where he can create up to 3 questions with the poll options answers (select, yes or no, or open ended questions) and/or the group he joined and he can view result in advance poll (by number of voters, age, gender etc..)

e) Friends Stats. He can view all his friends profile and the polls they voted on but not what they voted and their friends Network where he can invite anyone he wants to join to his network friends and / or group


B. General Polls.(These are Poll based on my country) based on categories

Categories They will see the result in advance form and based on period of time.

General voting, 3 month voting, 1 month voting, 7 days voting

1. Politics : I will input questions and they will vote on it.

There will be general questions and Daily question based on political situations that occurs by day

And they can suggest a question and possible answer and send to me

2. Love: I will input questions and they will vote on it.

3. Movies ; will input questions and they will vote on it and I will add showing movies and they will vote on it on a weekly basis

4. Restaurant : here will be according to cuisine and they will vote according to many features from 1 to 10 will input questions and they will vote on it. There will be the hottest retaurant , new openings

5. Night Clubs :same as restaurant

6. Pubs : same as restaurant

7. Clothings:same as restaurant

8. Television channels: same as restaurant

9. Newspapers: same as restaurant

10. Cars : same as restaurant

11. and other that I will think off.

C. Business Polls

They can input their questionaires or pictures for advertising and possible answers by the advance create a poll features for businesses and they can decide how much answers they need and to whom they want to send it from our members and they pays us for it accordingly. They can pay directly online or call us by phone.

D. Get Paid Poll

Its related to the business polls where we send to our members an invititon to take the poll our business polls and when they reached a certain points we will redeem them with cash.

They will have to register for this features and when they do they will have to add their real name, real location(street, city, state) and cellular number where we automatically send them a message to their cell with a code that they have to enter to enter this Get Paid poll.

We also have to make sure that we don t send only for the same people so every body benefits from.




• No one can take the poll twice even if he register again because we capture his IP address and proxy. If he want to change answers only. A vote will be deducted from previous answer he gave and message will come telling him that he voted before on this question and he can change his mind but not to add a vote.

• Security so no one can steal the code from my site by copying the html to a html editor

• Fast upload where there will be minimal graphics and it goes fatst (I think you as coders can help me here) example: [url removed, login to view]

Thank you for your interest, I hope we can do business together.

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