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mamblog full integration rss Joomla existing site - just running out of time on www.glassmanaclerecords.com.

need the joomlaboard and community builder RSS joomla config

How to link to specific blogs

You can reach the blogs of certain users by either of the following URL:s:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

Either use user id or username to link to a user.

How to link to the users own blog

The stable version of Mamblog 1.0 adds a user menu link to the users' own blog. If you don't want to re-install the component you can add this function yourself by adding the following as an url menu item:

[url removed, login to view] can also get a link to their own archive, it is very similar and looks like this:

[url removed, login to view] information on the Mamblog section

If name of the Mamblog section has been changed the blog entries won't be automatically removed if you delete the component. Don't add any categories either, it is unnecessary and might cause problems.

Write a blog entry

When Mamblog is installed a new entry called "Write a blog entry" is automatically added to your user menu and this is what users click on to add new entries. You can add this link anywhere on your site if you want, it looks like this:

[url removed, login to view] system support

To allow comments to blog entries you first have to install a separate comment system. Mamblog supports both AkoComment by Arthur Konze and the now obsolete ComboLITE/ComboMAX components by Phil Taylor.


Arthur Konze has created a very nice and feature rich comment component called AkoComment which is available at Mamboportal.com. After you have downloaded and installed AkoComment you need to set the "Main Operating Mode" in the AkoComment Settings to "Choose from settings below" and select your Mamblog section from the available sections. You will also have to change the Mamblog configuration setting "Comment system to use" under Settings to "AkoComment" to enable the comments in Mamblog. Also make sure that you allow comments to blog entries, either by setting "Allow Comments" under Default Values, or "Let users set if comments are allowed?" under Settings, to "Yes".


These components are now unavailable but are still supported for those who already have it installed. When you have installed ComboLITE/ComboMAX you will have to change the configuration setting "Comment system to use" to "ComboLITE or ComboMAX" and make sure that the Default value is to allow comments, or that users can set if they want comments allowed. Note that this has not been tested recently since these components have been discontinued by the author.


If you want to use the Joomlaboard forum as a commenting system you must choose this option and also add the id of the forum comment threads will be created in in the Joomlaboard forum ID config option below.

Moderating blog entries

All blog entries will show up in the content section called Mamblog and can be listed and edited just as normal content. New blog entries should be added through the frontend though.

Listing Bloggers

Mamblog doesn't have any internal functionality to list bloggers, but you can use the excellent Userlist XTD component by Bernhard Zechmann which has support for Mamblog.


Users can create a new blog item.

Users can edit their own blog items.

Items can be set to published, unpublished or archived.

Archived items won't be listed in the main listing when showing blogs from the user, but only as linked titles when viewing a users archived blogs.

Some appearence properties can be set, among these: text color, background color, border width (sets a border around the text), border color etc. Each of these can be disallowed in the configuration for the component.

Item can be set to appear on the "frontpage", which means the item will show up on the frontpage of the site. This is configurable.

Users can set if they want others to be able to comment on the blog item as well as setting if the comments should be publically shown. N.B. No internal comment system available at this moment.

It is possible to list a single blog item, all published blogs by a user, all archived blogs from a user, all blogs on a given date, all blogs set to be shown on the frontpage and all blogs by all users. All of these lists conform to show only the amount of complete items and linked items that has been set by the admin, just as the Joomla! frontpage.

The admin can define which type of blogs should be shown on the blog frontpage.

The script uses the content table in Joomla! for all data.

Completely automatical installation.

Configurable whether new blog items need to be admin approved before shown on the site.

Users can archive and unpublish their blogs.

When adding/editing a blog item the user can set access restrictions for who can read the blog. Public, Members or Private.

The admin can configure which extra attributes of blogs users should be able to edit.

All config options changeable by an easy to use admin interface.

Admin configurable if all users or only special users should be able to edit/create blogs.

Multiple language files included: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch and German (informal), Italian, Russian, French.

AkoComments, ComboLITE/ComboMAX comment systems supported as well as Joomlaboard forum.

Supports Joomla! wysiwyg html editors, configurable whether the editor should be used.

Users can delete their own blog entries.

User menu item to the users' own blog.

Supports SEF links on all frontend links.

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