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9176 Microsoft Access Programming

Mission: For a person that can create applications that work with MS Access. General Description The application you will create will be called "Arctic Time Manager" Arctic Time Manager (ATM) is a time sheet application. It manages the time users spend on specific work orders and provides room for users to put a brief comment on each work order. The application will help users track work done and will help management with the ability to track work, create reports to pay salary via date selection. The ATM will allow admin to also review cumulative time spent on each work order across multiple users. The application is simple and I hope that my descriptions below will make things simpler. General Functions Arctic Time Manager will allow up to 10 simultaneous connections to a database. Note: The database in question already exists is scdata (an access 2000 database) Arctic Time Manager will update its data in tables that you will create in the database scdata. The database scdata also holds the tables and queries that you will extract relating data. The application will have a user interface and an admin interface. The user interface will allow users to enter timesheet data, edit time sheet data, create reports The admin interface will allow admin to manage user accounts and to create reports, edit user timesheet data About database scdata scdata is an to an existing Microsoft access based database. Based on access 2000. note: your application will not alter existing data. Your application will simply update tables that you create using the script workorder to connect with the existing system data. About the query that you will connect to (workorder) The query called workorder is in a database file called scdata (scdata holds data in ms access format). The query workorder pulls: workordernumbers, workordername, dateformed The query therefore has three tables of which workordernumbers is key. The application that you create will be a multi-user access based application. All users will be able to use the application via a small program local to each pc that will connect to the main database scdata via a path to the database on the network. Note the database scdata is already being used by another application. The timesheet application will allow user to record their timesheet information. HOW THE USER WILL USE THE SYSTEM Each user is assigned a USER CODE (5 digit number to enter data into the time Sheet) This 5 digit number is the employees number. Admin creates all user accounts via assigning usercode, firstname, lastname, department The user will access the system via a shortcut on the desktop to the system ATM. When in the system, the user is asked to select or type in a work order number. The work order number is valid only if it is in the system as pulled from the query workorder. Once the user selects the workorder number. A summary of the workorder information appears therefore the following appears: workordernumbers, workordername, dateformed The user is then prompted to select a date, input a start time and also to input time spent (in minutes) on the work order and also to provide comments up to 100 characters in comments. Therefore the user will create for each entry the following table data recordid, usercode, workordernumber, date, starttime, timespent, comments Note usercode is pulled from the admin created table of users. Upon entry of the above data, the user will see below this entry, a summary of all work orders entered for that day this summary will present the user with the following data workordernumber, date, timespent note a user might have entered multiple entries of work on the same work order. Therefore the quick summary sums the timespent and presents it in minutes and in hours. note: this data is for the current business day. The user also has the ability to select a report that will show work order dates on a specific date. The user has the ability to create a timesheet report for a given period. In simple flow, here is how the application works 1. user activates the timesheet application 2. user types in employee number 3. user selects a work order number or types it in 4. user is asked to select a date, start time for this work order 5. user is asked to enter in the time in minutes spent on this work order 6. the user is asked to provide comments on this work order 7. the user then submits the results into the system query workorders workordernumbers, workordername, dateformed 1811, test1, 10-12-2007 1121, test2, 10-12-2006 1131, test3, 10-12-2005 1151, test4, 10-12-2003 1161, test5, 10-12-2002 1171, test6, 10-12-2001 user interface The user interface allows the user to enter timesheet data To review time sheet data User will be able to see other summary data for their account. all report on [url removed, login to view] note: the reports tell the user about the data that they enter admin interface ability to create new users ability to create any report for any user all reports on [url removed, login to view] note: admin reports must have the ability to report system time spent across all users eg a workorder number can be reported by many users ability for admin to assign a value to each workorder number (dollar value) (can be via entering a workorder then assigning a value to it, also be able to edit these values) ability for admin to create a report that shows dollars divided by total time spent in minutes and hours In nutshell this describes the system Forever grateful are the team at Deep Blue Computer Services and the team at [url removed, login to view] Thank you

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