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Each team is required to develop a database management system ( DBMS) using MS ACCESS based on the specifications given below. Each team is required to adhere to the schedule specified in Section 9). The team is expected to plan ahead. A separate help file has been created to assist you in the development of this project. You are required to refer to the file frequently for updated information and assistance. Each student is encouraged to consult the text book and reference materials in advance and as when necessary.

2) Background

The DBMS to be developed is required by a tour service provider. This tour company offers a range of tours to both local and overseas tourists. The key services offered to customers include :

1) Booking of tours by customers ( including local & overseas tours )

2) Organising of local tours ( including coaches, pick up vans, drivers, tour guides, itenary destination )

3) Tour advisory services to tourists.

The tours organized by the company should include details such as tour code number, tour date, tour start time, estimated tour finish time, charges, tour leader code, coach number, maximum capacity and minimum to go number. For each booking made by customer, details such as customer name, pick up hotel code, booking date, tour code will be recorded. The company also maintains a fleet of coaches & min-vans. Information of employees who serve as drivers, ticketing officers and tour guides are also kept for easy deployment. The company also provide ticketing services where customers can book air tickets or package tours to overseas destinations.

Initially, the system is expected to be used by the following groups of people :

1) Ticketing staff

2) Management

3) Customers

While you may not fully appreciate the development process at the beginning of this module, you must try to be proactive by frequently thinking ahead eg What is needed to be achieved next week ? How to achieve ? Is there a better way to improve the preliminary decisions made by the team ? What are the implications for assumptions made ? You shall find that the most important step is to understand the requirements. In this project you are given the task to specify YOUR OWN requirements ! Be aware of the possible difficulties later on, if your team set a very difficult requirement at the outset. Adopt a safe approach by specifying simple requirements first before you move on to modify your requirements or introduce more demanding ones at a later date. Your laboratory tutors / lecturers are here to help you. Please discuss your doubts with them immediately when they arise. DO NOT SIT ON YOUR PROBLEMS.

3) System Functions

This development stage requires your team members to CLEARLY define what your team is going to achieve in details. You must write down specifically each function your DBMS system is going to provide. However, your system is likely to provide many functions. Hence, it make sense to divide the functions into different groups. One easy way to come up with the functions is to ask the following questions :

What would the Ticketing Staff frequently need to know in order to perform his/her work ?

Customers likely would ask the staff questions such as :

What are the flight details of SIA travelling from Singapore to Tokyo on a given date?

In this case, the staff would need the DBMS to provide the following function :

To display a list of Flight Information of a given airline on a given date.

Your group should brain storm and come with other function that would be useful for the Ticketing staff. Then repeat the process for other groups of people eg the Managers, Customer or Tour Coordinators.

The next step is then to re-examine your list of functions and ask whether each function written down is PRECISE enough for subsequent implementation. Let us look at the function given above :

What are the flight details of SIA travelling from Singapore to Tokyo on a given date?

One problem with the above function statement is that : We do not know what are the flight details to be included. Hence we need to re-write the function as follows :

What are the flight details ( eg flight number, departure time & ETA ) of SIA travelling from Singapore to Tokyo on a given date ?

This would allow the database implementer to know precisely what would be included in the list. Also another very important reason to specify these details is to identify at the early stage WHAT are the DATA ITEMS we need to include in our database such that we can continue to develop our data model in the next step.

Your team is expected to identify at least 3 functions for each of the following user groups of the system :

1) Ticketing staff

2) Management

3) Customers

Your must clearly specify the specific functions to be provided including details such as the input and output specifications of each function. Types of output format. Eg. Report, query, subform or others.

Display a list of customer that has booked a tour on a given date ( Query )

Inputs : Customer records including customer name, hotel_code, contact telephone

Tour records with tour code, date & pick up time etc..

Output : The output may include customer name, hotel_code, contact telephone, tour code, date & pick up time and are sorted in alphabetical order of customer name.

Other possible functions :

List the booking status ( eg customer name & pick up hotel code and available seats ) for each tour ( Subform )

A bar chart to show the distribution of tour sales volume achieved for each destination city ( Report )

4) Data Descriptions & ER Diagram

Basing on the functions specified in 3), your team is required to specify the TABLE details as well as the RELATIONSHIPS between the TABLES. The details should include field descriptions, data type, sample values and identification of key fields. Descriptions of relationships must include type of relations, name of relationship, constraints and foreign keys identified. It is not necessary to have a relationship between tables, however, it is frequently necessary to have a relationship between two tables such that data from the two tables can be properly connected.

You are required to make use of the ER diagram notations to present all identified entities, attributes and relationships. Your team is expected to read topic 3 of the notes on terms/concepts that is new to you.

5) Normalization

Your team is required to create at least one table from the tables identified in 4) that would suffer from the two update anomalies. Clearly demonstrate the two situations with examples. Use the tables to demonstrate the whole process of normalization process. Read topic 5 for advanced information on normalization.

6) System Validation

Your team is required to specify all the test data and the expected results for each function specified in 3). The data must be used to validate the DBMS system. NB Do not over provide testing data. Consult your tutor immediately if in doubt.

7) System Development

Each team is required to keep a separate access database to log the tasks for the whole project development. The log should include the tasks undertaken by each team member, the starting/completion date and any other comments. The laboratory tutor will inspect the log and updated project plan for assessment during each lab session.

You are expected to find out the meaning of all the terms ( e.g. ER diagram, System Validation, Normalization etc.) referred to in this specification by end of week 3. You will be asked to explain the terms during the practical sessions. Each team member is encouraged to contribute to the project. Marks will be given.

8) Documentation & Presentation

Each team is required to submit the following documentation by the start of practical class in week 14 :

System overview, Table descriptions, ER diagrams

Normalization examples, User documentation

Operation instructions, Test records

System development log, Updated Project Plan, System limitations

Future enhancements, Conclusions

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