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Android Game Update/Mod

I have a game that is actually also a live wallpaper. At this moment the Avatar moves on his own and will attack enemies with some very simple logic. However in order to make the application a bit more interactive I need the following done:




----Tapping's need to be more precise in order to move the avatar, attack enemies.

----Tapping once (1) anywhere move to that location

----Tapping anywhere two (2) times will fire on that location, regardless of weapon range or if there is an enemy present. However accuracy is reduced by 75%

----Tapping three (3) times move hero to safest range with current weapon and fire in auto mode. (User can still move and fire at other areas)

----The user will be able to see where he has tapped (enemy or not) with small arrows circles that appear and fade

----Stop the current AI from switching weapons when being controlled by the user

-----Avatar goes idle after (X) seconds. Can be changed by user by menu.

-----!!IMPORTANT!! The user has to have good control over Avatar

----These controls setup might need to be tweaked slightly depending on how it turns out




-----A rotation animation is ready

----- The hero will be able to walk, look and fire at different angles

-----When the user taps on a spot, the hero's animation will rotate to that position and fire.

---- This will happen when the hero is walking next to an enemy, within range, but not actively attacking (auto mode)




----- If the user swipes up on the Avatar a outline of the current "effective range" will be shown.

----- If the weapon is switched the range will change to show the new weapons range

----down swipe removes these grids.



Please ask if these specifications are a little to vague.

To all those bidders who have already bid. unfortunately, I am needing to stay below $300, I have already gone way past my budget and honestly can't afford more. I apologize.

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