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Android LiveWallPaper Game Upgrades

I am assuming since I already have the basics down, it will be much cheaper to modify what I have. Over priced bids are likely NOT to be even be considered. Please bid reasonably for what you really feel this project is worth. I have already invested and am not looking to soo much more.

--------Project Description--------

I am currently trying to refine the way the wallpaper works and feels. I have already invested in the basics.

The Hero moves at random, fires enemies when tapped on, switches weapons by swiping, runs away if low on health. moves around to areas that are tapped. The Hero will also do this on his own with the current logic. However in order to give players more control I need the following tweaks made...

I plan to include a new weapon that will also help modify the way the user moves and fires ( the same concepts will need to be applied for the other weapons as well) .

1. Adding a new flame-thrower weapon.

2. Modifying the tapping system

3. Add an "AIM" mode

3. Showing more detail to the user.

Adding the flame thrower will add new features that will need to be applied to other weapons as well. This feature includes being rotate the Hero's upper body in order to fire in the direction the user is tapping. This feature will need to be applied to auto modes as well.

The flame thrower weapon will be similar to ranged weapons, however they have a limited range and if an enemy is caught in the fire cone he will take a lot of damage. If enemies leave the fire cone they will still take minor damage until they die. Enemies caught on fire will have a different death animation.

This rotation needs to work well with all ranged weapons.


I also need to give more control to the users. Tapping needs to be modified from its current layout This is what I need, but it might need to be slightly tweaked. IIf the Hero is in auto mode, tapping once on the Hero puts him into "manual mode" where the user can :

TAP 1 = To move hero to empty spot

One tap on Hero will attempt to reload

Tap 2 = On enemy to move close to a safe distance, attack once. The User can keep double tapping to increase his shots rate.

Tap 3 = This will forces the hero lock on to enemies and AUTO attack every 3 seconds, similar to what he does in auto mode. However the user has the ability to double tap on other enemies to attack; or single tap to move. The user will still be locked on until he leaves the range of the current weapon. A triple tap on the enemy will cancel this.

Tap 5 = Force the hero to RUN (I have a running animation) to that location. The hero will switch to a pistol, and move at a faster pace. A single tap tap will bring cancel this and move him to the new location. The hero will still take damage if attacked.

Swiping down will switch between the flamethrower, sniper, pistol and bat. There will be a higher delay for heavier weapons

-------------------------------AIM MODE----------------------------

Swiping up will put the Hero in "aim" mode. All this really does is lock in the sprites In thee direction the hero is walking keeping it there until he is returned to normal mode. This gives the user a visual way to know he's in more control over his hero.

Aim mode also doubles the range of all ranged weapons, but makes the hero move 50% slower. The hero can still single tap to move, and double tap to fire at enemies. (tripple taps and 5 taps are disabled in aim mode)

Swiping back down puts the hero in normal mode.

--------------------------------More detail-------------------------

The user needs to be able to see the range of his weapons. The player will be able to visually see how switching from auto, to manual, to aim mode effects range.

These ovals will need to grow in size as the transitions are made

There needs to be a way to lower the opacity of these ovals

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