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Murder at Lloyds paradise

MURDER AT LLOYDS PARADISE Part one It all began in a beautiful small African town, Ndola. Ndola is a city known to be the second largest city in Zambia a country based in the southern region of Africa. There in the city of Ndola lived a young man known as Anthony Lloyds born and raised in a simple Christian family. He was quite muscular and of a normal acceptable height of 6 feet 2 inches. He was loved by his friend’s cause of his talent and skills in playing his guitar and piano keyboard. Though this family had difficulties from a financial point of view there was however one gift that the family never ran out of, and that was love fro each other. Anthony was the first-born in the family of six consisting of four girls and two boys and exciting enough, as Anthony was the eldest the youngest happened to be his brother. Being raised in a Christian family Anthony never new much about love affairs and related premarital affairs. School, Bible studies and church services and no time for social activities and outings surrounded his life with friends. But right in his neighbourhood area lived a very beautiful girl known as Pricilla Jones, her father worked as a Regional Director of Barclays bank. In an African country like Zambia, a man of his position was placed among the rich people. In short Pricilla’s Father was well to do with. Because of their status they had more than two servants and one their servants happened to be Anthony’s friend lucky. Lucky was commonly known as a guy who never seemed to change clothes not because he wanted to but because he couldn’t afford new clothes. To Anthony Lucky was just a friend equal to him and that’s how he took him. Although they were good mates never once did they both visit each other’s homes apart from chatting on street corners. In 1996 when Anthony was doing his final grade in high school he decide to start offering music tuitions in both Guitar and piano keyboard. At that same time Pricilla was looking for a Music teacher to help her learn how to play the piano for reasons that she was chosen by her Church to be one of the piano players. Lucky having known about this decided to ask Anthony on her behalf whether he could do it for free of which Anthony found it to be fine. Meeting Days were then arranged through Lucky. The first day of the meeting was to be the first time that Pricilla and Anthony will meet each other. And this is how it all began. Part two It was Monday evening 7pm, the doorbell rang, Anthony being aware of who he was expecting ran to gate and my wasn’t she a beauty, good evening? He said with a warm affectionate smile, hello! That was her response. Am Pricilla from 46 kabinga Avenue, I understand Lucky has told you about me, I do appreciate what you are doing. Anthony looked at her for a few seconds just to be sure he wasn’t imagining anything at all. Oh yes! I was actually expecting a little girl I mean I didn’t realise there was a big girl living at that house, come on in and please feel at home I know this is my fathers house all the same feel comfortable. The two went to the living room just to have a formal introduction to each other before commencing their lessons. So I understand you are very much interested in learn the piano, may I ask why? She was a bit reluctant to answer and then she said, yes actually but it’s only that our church has just bought a new keyboard and they asked me to learn so I could help playing during Mass. Anthony new instantly that she really had no particular interest in music but was only doing it because she was asking. I see, Anthony said in a rather discouraging tone, it’s always vital that anyone one wishing to learn music have an interest in it. However because I promised Lucky that I would do it, I guess I have no option but to teach you. So lets get started. Anthony led her to his bedroom cause that’s were he kept all his instruments, while showing her his room he couldn’t get his eyes off her back side and the shape of her body. She is perfect, he thought to himself if I could have such a type as my girlfriend am sure the whole world would shake. She was just the perfect match for his type of girls he would love to go out with short but not very short just slightly above his shoulders was her height. His imaginations were disturbing his concentration on his work as a tutor. Well the lesson went on well and lasted for about an hour. So what are you doing for your life? Anthony asked, well am doing my eleventh grade at a Catholic Boarding school and from there I will go straight into being a Non. What! Anthony marvelled, you mean like a catholic sister? Yes she said, Anthony thought for a while and asked in a rather disappointing manner, you mean to tell me you don’t wish to be married? I mean you do know that sisters don’t get married don’t you? Of course I do but this has been my calling and wish ever since I was a child and I can’t wait till am in. Anthony was confused and thought why is it that beautiful women are always going for this catholic sister thing. Well as long as you are sure you will be happy then don’t let no one stand in your way, even though this encouraging thought came from Anthony he didn’t mean a single word in it, only he couldn’t possibly involve himself when he has just met her today, after all what was he thinking the girl was rich compared to him, a simple town boy. As soon she finished her cup of coffee she asked to be shown the way out of which Anthony was so delighted to do and as a gentleman he decided to walk her right up to her house. They said good night to each other and arranged to meet for another lesson next week on Monday. For Anthony that seemed to be like a year away. That night All Anthony was thinking about was Pricilla, strange imaginations filled his thoughts that he even went as far as having her in bed with him. In all his life he had never met someone so affectionate and so beautiful. But no matter how much he thought about her he always convinced himself that he stood no chance because of her richness and status. Anyway all through the week Anthony didn’t hear from Pricilla. Well it was Monday again and this time Anthony had to put on something that would by chance impress Pricilla after some great thinking Anthony had decided to give it a go, I don’t care if she says no, he said, at least I can say I tried. But Anthony was working on a strategy, a strategy that could win a heart of a rich and reserved girl and the only way according to him was to go for a slow approach and so here he was it was Monday, the day he was going to pop the question most people ask, Do you have a boyfriend? It was 7pm and there was Anthony waiting anxiously, 7:30pm still no sign, 8pm and then 9pm eventually it became too late for any woman to have a chance to visit anyone. Anthony gave up his waiting and decided to take an early sleep in despair. Apparently Pricilla’s Dad had a problem with his legs, they were to get swollen every now and then, only this time it was more serious than ever before that it demanded his life. Pricilla’s Dad had died a few days before Monday. Anthony came to learn about it four days later through Lucky, he felt so bad cause he didn’t even visit the funeral house. After the burial Pricilla appeared at Anthony’s home to make new arrangements for their piano lessons. Anthony gave his condolences and offered to be there if she needed someone to talk to. It was unfortunate that he couldn’t make a move on her after such a sad experience that she went through. School term had also started which meant she had to live in a few days al this added together just made Anthony’s hunt for his dream girl tumble down. He didn’t get to see when she left but at least remember to drop Anthony a note with the school address written on it. This meant so much to Anthony considering what he felt for Pricilla. Anthony had never been good at writing letters but it was sure worth a try. So he wrote a letter to her anyway in which he only mentioned of how much he admired her Character her goals. It took a while for her to respond but she eventually did and from then letters started flowing from both angles. But one thing that Anthony didn’t was that even though Pricilla’s letters were the first to be opened by him amongst others, his letters to her was the least to be opened by her this automatically gave a picture of how close or far he was to her and how close he took her. But for the reason that he never new this fact he kept on writing to her, sometimes he wrote three letters to her before she could eventually write back. Anthony never gave up; he even started sending stamps to her in case she had problems getting them. Still the pattern never changed, but through out his letters to her he never made mention of how much he wanted her for his girl neither did he ask her whether she had a boyfriend or not. But one thing he never forgot to mention was the fact that the choice of her dreams of being a Non was not right considering the fact that her Father was dead he thought it would be wise for her to go for a circular career so she could take care of her little sisters and brothers. But who would have known that all this was just a way of capturing her heart. Three months had go by and it was time for Pricilla to get home for Christmas holidays and as for Anthony it was the completion of his high school. During their letter communication they had agreed to continue with the piano lessons once she was back only this time they planned to meet more than once a week. Eventually Pricilla was back into town again and Anthony couldn’t wait to meet up with her for their first lessons. The day finally arrived and met as before on a Monday, only this time there was more of talking than teaching cause Anthony wasn’t still happy that she wanted to be a Sister and Pricilla on the other side didn’t understand why it should have anything to do with him, after all it was her father’s wish also. I don’t understand, Anthony said; have you ever net a catholic sister who has been able to take care of her family? All Sisters seem to do is live in a convert with the priest and others have you ever heard of a Non-who keeps her own sisters and Brothers? I don’t necessarily have to live with them, she answered, I could be sending them money and everything that they need. Oh1 and you think that’s what they will only need, you think its all about money/ family need each other, they need your love and especially now that you have little brothers and sisters they are all looking up to you are you just going to shut them out of you life by becoming a Non and just send them Money? There was silence in the room, Pricilla couldn’t figure out why Anthony was even getting upset she hardly knows him and he hardly knows her, well as for Anthony he new why he was getting upset, he was on a mission and if she as to be a non then his chances of having her would be very slim. But he couldn’t tell whether he had gone far or not. I have to leave, Pricilla demanded, its better that we just concentrate on our purpose next time I come, I have chosen who I want to be and that’s what am going to be, after all its to late to change now cause my applications have already gone through and I have been selected. Anthony felt his blood run cold as soon she mention its already too late to change things now but again that could have proved if she had time at her hand she would probably consider changing. At this although he felt he was pushing to have, he considered it to be a first success of his plans. Ok, Anthony acknowledged, next time we will just concentrate on our tuitions and am sorry if I have made you feel bad, its only that I thought I was helping. He spoke in a very apologetic manner but yet caring and a sensitive way. If you want to help then you need to encourage me rather than discourage me, she added. Anthony lowered his head down and thought for a while and in a way to break the monotony said, can at least take you for some ice cream tomorrow? She smiled and asked, what time tomorrow? Lets say about 7pm as usual, he responded in a very appealing manner that he noticed he had captured her mind for that moment at least, he instantly grabbed her shoulders with his eyes straight into hers and moved closer as though he was about to kiss and only said, let me take you home they must be worried sick at home. How Anthony changed the argument to such a sensational moment of understand left questions in Pricilla’s mind. That night Pricilla couldn’t stop thinking and asking why Anthony was so eager to stop her from being a Non, she understood his point of and yes if she was to be a Non then she couldn’t keep her own brothers and sisters with her but again who is he to tell what she has to be. Anthony on the other hand had to find a way of getting some money for the ice cream date he promised her. So how was he supposed to find money, his parents were having difficulties paying for his sisters school fees more even some days used to pass without having breakfast at all. So what was he to do? After a long thinking Anthony decided to steal some Cd’s from the box that his father kept in the storeroom. The Cd’s belonged to Anthony’s uncle who had just returned from London with a lot of things that some had to be kept with Anthony’s father. Struck by the thought that what he was doing was wrong he convinced himself that he was going to buy it back after selling it. The following Morning Anthony headed for town and sold the Cd’s for 30,000 kwacha equivalent to £6.00 (British currency) only this could get them 30 ice creams. Anthony left his house round about 6:30pm and reached Pricilla’s house at the time arranged and rung the bell. Pricilla’s immediate younger sister came to the door. Good evening? How may I help, she asked. Good evening miss, thank you, my name is Anthony Lloyds and am here to see Pricilla, Oh does she know you are coming? The sister asked, Aaah yes, actually am her piano teacher and we arranged to meet today here. Anthony answered. Well am sorry Anthony but Pricilla is not in at the moment she let half an hour ago, I see, Anthony responded in a shocking manner but trying to keep a smile on his face as usual, Well I guess I should be leaving then but tell I passed through as arranged and that I hope to see her tomorrow for her lessons. Anthony left rather disappointed and it hurt more that he had even gone to the extent of stealing his uncles Cd’s that just made him feel even worthless. What was I thinking? He thought to himself and how could I even fool myself that I could go out with this girl even the way the sister looked at me it shows much disapproval. Anthony walked slowly just thinking about the whole scenario with his head down. After a while as he looked up he saw five guys coming towards his way and amongst them was a girl dressed in brown jeans and a black top, to his surprise it was Pricilla and she was so relaxed as though she had no other date arranged for the day or was it because she didn’t think it was as important as Anthony thought it was? Anthony was just a few yards to his house, he before he could turn to his house he gave a brief gaze at Pricilla and she gazed back as though expecting him to wave or something. Anthony just looked away and opened the gates to his yard and went straight in the house feeling cheap and stupid. He sat for about an hour and decided to go take a walk alone and maybe have a few drinks, just as he was about to leave, there was a knock on the gate, Anthony opened and there was Pricilla even more beautiful than ever, hello, Anthony greeted in a lower voice, Hi, she responded, am sorry I completely forgot about today but if the offer still stands we can still go for the ice cream and that is if its okay with you. Anthony thought it was sweet for to at least make an effort but still he wasn’t going to let her get away with it even if it will cost him his chances or friendship with her, anyway that was Anthony’s extraordinary character, he would risk his the best that he has just for the truth. Well the offer is still there but I don’t like time wasters, he replied in a serious but tender voice, my time is very expensive and it costs me a lot, for me to walk down your house I had to make a few changes to my time table today and I think you should have respect for that and you should show a little appreciation. Pricilla was shocked as though nobody had ever talked to her like that, she looked him in the eyes and then looked down and said am sorry it will never happen again. Anthony smiled at her and said that’s encouraging shall we go? They walked to the nearest shopping centre and bought some ice creams and then decided to take a D-tour. What Anthony didn’t realise is that Pricilla had actually just forgotten as any other person would and not because she thought he was cheap and inside she had many questions about him. The actual truth that only her new was that after her fathers death four months ago Anthony was able to help Pricilla get back to herself, he had convinced her to keep her belief in God, because immediately her Dad died she would say things in the letters like there is no God how could he take my Dad out of the whole street. And Anthony had to use his man skills and Little Bible scriptures to help her come back to her normal self, Which eventually happened but Anthony couldn’t notice it cause he was so much into having her this time before he could leave for his College. And because of this Pricilla had actually developed an attachment to Anthony as some sort of rescue or someone who was there when she was lost in tears and grief of loosing her father. Do you have a girlfriend? Pricilla eventually asked. Anthony was shocked that he almost thought he was dreaming. Actually, I did but we broke up two months ago, why do you ask if Anthony asked in a wondering manner, Nothing, and she smiled while facing downwards in shyly manner and said, just curious. A moment of silence past and she asked again, so is you Ex Short like me or is she light skinned? Anthony thought boy this getting so romantic, well she just looks like you actually, only she is a bit taller than you, I see, she responded in disbelief, do you have a type of girls that you go out with? She kept on asking, of course Anthony replied rather promptly, I wouldn’t just go for any girl. And before she could say any word he asked her, what about you any boyfriend at all? She smiled and said not really a boyfriend but someone special to and his name is Titus he is at the university. Anthony thought my problems might be bigger than I expected she even has a boyfriend, and how long have you known this Titus? He asked, for two years know, she replied, Anthony thought this is getting interesting and asked further and how often do you see him. Well we go to the same church and he visits me at school so do I and Anthony was like she is telling the truth and am actually hiding the fact that I have a girlfriend and he thought he should just be honest as well. Well Pricilla am glad that you are truthful and I feel rather stupid that I hid the fact that I actually have a girl friend but its only that we having problems. Oh so you have a girlfriend she repeated after him, and have you slept with her? Anthony didn’t know whether to say yes or know but eventually decided to go for the truth; yes I have slept with her. Pricilla’s face started to change and asked, how many times? Anthony couldn’t figure out how this had to do with anything so he asked, is that really important? Yes it is she replied in low horse voice but why Anthony asked, because am a virgin she responded. Anthony couldn’t believe it so he asked, you mean you don’t sleep with Titus all, How can I sleep with Titus she answered he’s only my friend and he is a special friend to me as he was always there when my Dad was in hospital why should I sleep with him after all I promised my Dad before he died that I will remain a virgin because I want to be a Non. Anthony had no other words to say, the girl he wanted was a virgin which was encouraging but the worst part was that she promised her father she would remain a virgin, now that was something else cause there was no way Anthony would date someone without having sex with them. After a moment of silence Pricilla broke that moment by asking a very strange question, so am I your type? She asked in a very shy way Anthony was getting confused here was a woman who doesn’t want anything to do with sex and later on marriage and who wants to be a Non and asking questions like am I your type. Anthony’s thoughts stopped for a while and then he said, yes Pricilla you are my type and the best type as well. The two talked for a long time that by the time they realised were they were it was right next to Pricilla’s house Anthony said goodnight and wondered whether they will meet for lessons the following of which she accepted. That Night Anthony believed without reasonable doubt that she fancied him but wasn’t sure how much, was it enough that she could give up her dreams of being a Nun or what? Part Two Pricilla came for her lessons as arranged and nothing much was talked about related to their discussion they had last night. Anthony on the other hand wanted things to pick up the pace, when he took her home he felt like grabbing her and kissing her with all he has, but again he was scared he might just ruining the loop hole he had at least managed to create. For Anthony December moved so fast and it was now time for Pricilla to get back to school for her final grade, Once again Anthony could not see himself winning the girl and this time it was going to be even harder cause he was also leaving for college in a different town and meeting her would be very difficult and after all what rights did he have to visit her in school there isn’t much that they talked about that could necessarily give him the go ahead. Well he still decided he wasn’t going to give until first day she goes into convert for her sister programme. He said bye to her as she was leaving for school and promised to keep in touch with her at every opportunity. Once again it was back to letters that always ended with your friend Pricilla and your friend Anthony. Anthony finally went to college to study for his accountancy a career that he has always wanted to do. He wrote to her notifying her of his change of address. Six months later after an exchange of a bunch of letters the letter that Anthony had long waited for eventually arrived, as usual before Anthony could read the letter he would normally read the salutation marks to determine what type of message the whole is carrying. So there was the letter left for him on his bed, he picked up the letter opened it and looked at the bottom bit of and it read, I love you. Anthony ‘s heart was filled with excitement, he new instantly that he had won the price he had wished for, a woman who had promised the Dad that she was going to be Nun has finally confirmed that she is in love with Anthony. Though Anthony was excited he new quite well that love spoken cannot amount to love in action. Now the worrying bit was how was he to react at the first glance of her. Anyway a month later was holiday time for Anthony and during the same period Pricilla was suspended from School because taking alcohol in school premises. So she was sent home for three weeks. Anthony lent about the incidence through lucky and decided not make it a big issue list it affects there first time as lovers. So the two were back together, this time as lovers and this was the month of august 1983. Anthony at the same time had a girlfriend who was now in America and since she left four years ago she had never written back to him and for him there was no point for him to tell her that it was over. So having some experience in affairs Anthony’s idea s of an affair was having access to your girlfriends’ hands, kissing and Sex were convenient. On the other hand Pricilla’s idea of an affair due to luck of experience was basically just talking and taking walks without even holding hands and don’t even think about kissing. So here was Anthony trying to adapt to her way of loving and ever since he met this girl he had never made an attempt of going after one night stands even though he had lots of chances. Days were moving fast and very in a week’s time both will have to go back to school. Anthony was getting fade up of just talking, no holding hands and no sex at all. Not to say that he never enjoyed talking to her but he just needed more than she was ready to give up. So he decided to take her out for clubbing. How would you like going clubbing with me on a Friday night? He asked lovingly, Clubbing! She repeated astonished, I wouldn’t mind but I have never been out for clubbing in my life. Don’t worry; Anthony suggested I would take care of you. Friday night came and the two went out for clubbing and as soon as they entered the club, everyone was looking at Pricilla, majority was her church mates they all gazed amazingly to realize that a girl they never thought would be found in such places was actually there and to make matters worse she had a Mini red dress that exposed all her figure in every aspect of her body, her thighs were so smooth and clear that you couldn’t swear not to have seen her blood. I tell you she portrayed a figure that no man could by pass her without looking twice at her, despite the fact that she surprised everyone she also bit every woman around in as far as dress code was concerned. The night wasn’t so exciting cause to Anthony’s surprise she didn’t even know how to dance. This was becoming too heavy for Anthony but he wouldn’t still give up. So why is it that you don’t like Kissing, honey? Anthony asked as he was working her home after a four hour chat inside a club, I just think there is no point of kissing as long as we are together that’s all that matter she replied, But Pricilla you've watched movies and you know that love without affections and action is as good as a body without a soul, it makes no sense at all. How then can I even proudly say to my friends that I have a girlfriend when I can’t even touch her and I can’t even kiss her? There was silence and so he asked her for a favour, listen sweetie, you know I have been in a relationship before and I am kind of used to having a girlfriend that I can touch and kiss. I do respect your feelings though but don’t you think you should think about what I feel as well? If its too much to ask let me just kiss you this once and I promise I won’t ask you again until you feel you are ready, to his disbelief she accepted and he pulled her towards himself and kissed with great flamboyance but after about three minutes she pushed him away and Anthony realised that she was scared of falling in Love. Well at list Anthony’s mission was getting there, he had finally kissed the girl of his dreams and this made him feel so much acceptable. Here he was from a moderate classified family kissing a girl from a rich family, a girl that everyone around wanted but turned away from her as soon she said she was going to be a Nun, Anthony started to feel he was a man. Time eventually came for the two to go back to there respective schools, and the only biggest moment during that holiday was the time they both kissed for Pricilla it was the first Kiss of her life. Two months past and the two arranged for Pricilla to pay a visit to Anthony and Anthony’s plans were to convince Pricilla to having sex with him. Well Pricilla arrived decided she was going to be staying at her friends place. So Anthony went to meet her up at her friends place, meeting Pricilla’s friend she wasn’t pleased with what she saw, How can Pricilla go out with a lower class town boy? She told her friend to think twice and leave the man all she was going to end up embarrassed, but Pricilla wasn’t ready to give him up yet not after that Kiss and not after He was the one who changed her mind about becoming a Nun. The two had a fight about it and she decided she was going to spend a night with Anthony in his hostel room. While in his room Anthony made some food and after that made another attempt at kissing of which she turned her lips away, Anthony backed off for a while and then gave it another try and this time she responded with much pleasure and sensation, he pressed her towards her and kissed her more tenderly and affectionately and eventually she started making little sounds as though she about to cry yet its far too good to cry and then she started to make the haa sounds as though something warn has been wrapped up her cold body, Anthony without hesitation started undressing her of which she gave no rejection at all but mare submission, he undressed her completely and started caressing her. While at it he was also undressing himself and just as he was about to enter into her she pulled away and when she looked at herself there was blood all over her private parts, she cried with fear believing Anthony had already done it. In actual sense it was the caressing that must have brought about the blood Anthony didn’t even get an inch in. There he was trying to comfort her and convincing her that nothing happened. Eventually she calmed down and Anthony took her pants and dressed her up like a baby, the following day she left without saying a word to Anthony and this really shocked him, he seriously hadn’t come across such a girl. Maybe she needs time Anthony thought to himself, all this is new to her and she must be scared to death. So Anthony wrote a Letter to her saying he was sorry for trying to rush her into Sex but that he was willing to be patient with her until she is ready. But what he didn’t realise is that deep down her heart she had enjoyed her first experience of a man’s touch only the feeling was too much for her. As months passed by she bit by bit gave a little more to him but nothing went passed caressing and she was so strong minded as soon as she realised Anthony was about to go in She Pulled away, every month was the same and both had even gotten used to just caressing while both are completely naked. It was not until after nine months that Anthony thought this so un fair to him, all alone he has considered her feelings about having sex, as much as he respected her decisions he wanted her to respect his as well, am sure Pricilla should by realise that Anthony was not just after having sex with her but her heart. But this was not normal because Pricilla by now had completed high school and she was now working and hence there was a greater chance of her being snatched from Anthony. On the other hand Anthony was in full time College, so he couldn’t obviously compete with the working class guys, and for the fact that Pricilla lived in another city far away from where Anthony’s college was it meant that he could not keep an eye on her but just to trust her. But Anthony wasn’t too sure about that; if he could only have sex with her then there could be a guarantee that she wasn’t going to walk away from him. After all Anthony believed in the known phenomenon that the first cut is always the deepest, but what he didn’t know is, just because the first cut is the deepest it doesn’t mean it’s the best a woman has had. Anyway with all this in mind Anthony convinced himself that he has to have sex with her. So because of the business on both sides meeting times were not as frequent as before. Anyway winter came and was just a perfect season for couples to be in bed, so Anthony arranged for a date with Pricilla at the best hotel in the city of his studies know as Nchanga hotel but commonly known as the Lovers Cage Hotel. But because Pricilla was so busy these days she couldn’t stay over night but she could only manage to come for a few hours and the catch the last bus. It sounded fair enough for Anthony and so he had no objections. Finally Pricilla arrived in town by bus and as before Anthony had to pick her up from her friends place. Without wasting time they both went to the hotel, as soon as they entered the room Anthony didn’t no time at all and he pushed her against the wall and kissed her vigorously but with a sense of tenderness, they kissed and touched for a while and Pricilla couldn’t hold her legs anymore, its like the strength was leaving her legs and she felt like dropping to the floor and continue enjoying the moment, Anthony sensed her weakness and lifted her up and put her on the bed and she enjoyed every moment of it, while on the bed her started un buttoning her dress, it was a type of dress that hard buttons from top to bottom and he un button them slowly with a sense of timing. Well it wasn’t nothing new, they have been doing it for the past nine months apart from having sex, So Anthony decided he was going to go in very fast so that by the time she would be thinking of stopping him it will be to good to even stop cause she will experience a new form of feeling that would stop her heart beat for a second. So there they were fully undressed to their birthday suits and Pricilla was so wet and completely aroused, While she was enjoying his touch and his warmth from his body Anthony decided to make a go for his surprise attack, the only thing he wasn’t sure of was whether she was going to take it as a rap case at the end of it all. Well as she was busy crying and whispering how much she loved him he pushed himself in and instantly her eyes were wide opened and she looked as though she was doomed, Anthony thought she was going to push him off cause for about a few seconds she made no movement and no sound at all. Finally she took a deep breath in and then took it out slowly in total surrender to whatever she was feeling. Suddenly it was sounds of excitement coming from both and words exchanged that no one could say on a normal basis. Pricilla was sweating and shading tears of pain cause it was hurting but as Anthony figured out before she couldn’t stop him cause the feeling and pleasure overcome the pain she felt and suddenly she thought to herself how could I be so foolish to have waited this long. She made strange sounds like a hound dog as Anthony did his thing. Once again Anthony’s patience paid him another price that he thought he would never get. All in all winning this girl completely had taken him one year six months and a girl worth such a time and period to convince, this is someone you would want to guard for life. So tell me how did you like that? Anthony asked, oh God it is so painful she responded. Are you telling me that’s all you felt, pain? He asked, no it is painful but at the same time its something nice, it feels as though you are pocking my heart I mean I just can’t explain the feeling. Well do you want to do it again just to be sure? He asked, and this time she had no abjections whatsoever and they were at it again and this time they were all aware of what is to be done. Part three Days and months that followed were filled with great romance to the fullest and they even started to talk about marriage, Anthony was even introduced to Pricilla’s family and so was she to his. The two shared so much together that it seemed nothing could ever separate them, distance to them was no issue this time, Anthony would always travel to the city were Pricilla lived and they would walk to the grave yard and sit there and talked about their future and how many kids they were going to have and Anthony was convinced no one will ever take her away from Him. But what Anthony didn’t realise was that because of Pricilla’s job she was getting so much exposure and her dressing changed for better. Just like her Father she worked as a cashier for Barclays Bank and who knows what used to go on during work parties and celebrations. Anthony was never invited to any one activity or function that Pricilla’s work organised and this brought about so much insecurity in him. However, he still trusted she wouldn’t cheat on him. What he didn’t know is that because he was a lower class town boy most of Pricilla’s colleagues often discouraged her and told her to find a better person. All that Anthony had was love and good looks but he had no money and he didn’t even have a car to drive around. Most of her friends had boyfriends who drove Mercedes and Bmw’s that were owned by their parents. Anthony couldn’t compete to that even if he had the courage. Anthony’s academic performance on the other hand was doing well so well that he got a 50% scholarship to and study abroad in the United Kingdom. He decided not to tell Pricilla cause he didn’t want start changing her recent attitude because things were beginning to make sense. He decided to keep to himself until a few months before leaving. Well as Pricilla got more and more into her work the more she drew away from Anthony, He would invite her to come and she wouldn’t giving a reason that she was busy. Arguments were all that seemed to fill their conversation, they would argue on almost every little thing that they bring up. On one occasion while they were both enjoying a precious moment in a motel, having drinks, Something out of order happened, while Anthony was on top of Pricilla, instead of whispering Anthony’s name in excitement and pleasure she kept on mention her colleague’s name David. David oh David I love you, yes I love was her cry while Anthony’s listened in disappointment as he continued having sex with, but she kept on mentioning his during the act and Anthony couldn’t take it anymore so he pulled himself off her and sat besides the bed thinking and shaking his head. What’ the matter she asked, who is David? She sat there wondering how did he know David because she was sure she has made mention of him to Anthony. Anthony repeated himself, who is David Pricilla? Or David! He’s a guy I work with why do you know him? No I don’t, he answered with anger and tears in his eyes, while I was having sex with you all you shouted was David I love you David I love you, anything I should perhaps Know Pricilla, No I didn’t do that, she responded defensively. So if you didn’t how come I know that there is a David somewhere the thing became long and they argued and the only explanation she gave was that she works with close to him everyday and that’s how come his name is stuck in her head. But Anthony didn’t buy that but decided to play it low and calm. So there was Anthony again not sure of what to think not sure whether he should trust her any longer, so many questions were raised in his mind was Pricilla cheating on him, was she after her own class type? Or what. As soft and understand as he was he decided to forget about he whole scenario and continued seeing Pricilla. Eventually time was getting close for his departure and so he decided to tell Pricilla about it and she was so excited that she started pushing him to arrange for an engagement and make plans for their marriage, This is what Anthony didn’t want but now he was sure Pricilla was always after successful men and not primarily after love. So he promised to engage her in 12 months time when he comes back from England for his Christmas holidays. Both Anthony and Pricilla told their respective parents about their plans. Anthony eventually left for England in January 1985 and kissed Pricilla goodbye and that marked the beginning problems in this once perfect affair. Back in Africa there was Pricilla, it has been two months since Anthony had left and yes they had communicated a lot and Anthony used to make phone calls, But while at that, a man named Samuel was assigned to work at the branch she was working, he was of a high post than her and slowly but sure they started getting close together, going out for dinners and clubbing and going all places that wouldn’t have gone in those early days. Finally they started kissing and even went to executive lodges and booked expensive rooms for their sex activities. While this romance went on, Anthony was trying to stay away from all the beautiful women he saw in England for the sake of Pricilla, he remained faithful no matter how hard it became. He and Pricilla continued talking over the phone and she continued letting him know that she was still in love with him and that she would never go for some body else. But Anthony always believed in something that his father taught him when he was young, The truth always comes out no matter how long it may take the truth shall always prevail. Five months past and Anthony was working as hard as he could so as to prepare for his engagement in seven months time and still remained faithful to Pricilla. Pricilla on the other hand continued her affair with Samuel and they made sure Anthony new nothing about it. Pricilla and Samuel were both promoted and were transferred to another city. This only made easier now, cause then there would be no need for then to do it in secret cause they were now far away from Anthony’s parents. Pricilla gave more of herself to Samuel than she could have ever given to Anthony, but all this she did with a motive behind. She planned to leave Samuel as soon as Anthony came back. But she made Samuel to believe that she had told Anthony that it was over. As daft as Anthony thought she once was she turned out to be the cleverest in relation to them. She made Anthony feel he was the only one for and even wrote a letter to him telling him that she has now started believe in the saying that the first cut is the deepest cause she doesn’t imagine herself with someone else. On the other hand she made Samuel feel as though he was the greatest man of her dreams. Well Samuel had money and she planned to utilise it until the day Anthony would be back. On one occasion she asked Anthony to send her some money, obviously now that Anthony was in England he had access to at least a substantial amount of income. Anthony made no hesitation; he sent the money instantly and not knowing that the money was to be used for his girlfriend and her sex partner’s holiday and romance trip. Anthony even bought her a Mobile phone so he could easily get in tough with her any time. What he didn’t know is that the same phone will one day expose what goes on behind him. Part four Months moved quite fast and soon it was time for Anthony to fulfil the first part of his promise, the engagement. The month was now December nearing Christmas. Anthony had all he needed in preparation of the engagement and was set for travel back to Africa. On the other end Pricilla and Samuel had great plans for Christmas and that was a romantic night at hotel intercontinental situated in the heart of the beautiful capital city of Lusaka. Surprising enough Pricilla believed Anthony would not be in Zambia until beginning of January; well at least that was the latest arrangement between Pricilla and Anthony. Funny enough Anthony had a surprise for her so he planned to leave earlier than arranged. While the sky was the limit, for Pricilla and Samuel the moon wasn’t even close to their limit they were already over the moon. They checked into the hotel the same night, the 24th of December. They were booked to stay there for at least four days. So on the night of 24th December Anthony packed his bags and took a non-direct flight that had to make one stop in Lagos Nigeria, before proceeding to Zambia. Anthony got on a 17:15 plane and made his first stop in Lagos, and while there he decided to call Pricilla just to wish her a happy Christmas. The phone rang once, twice, and thrice and kept on ringing and ringing. Anthony thought she could be sleeping, poor man how he wished he could have been right. That was the moment Pricilla was almost reaching her climax and what could have stopped that exciting moment, no one and not especially a call from Anthony. While Pricilla and Samuel were still cycling to that climax zone, Anthony decided to try again hoping she could wake up, well she was up live only she was too horny to pick up the phone, but she was able to gather up enough energy to switch off the mobile phone. And being so up to-date with the sound of switched off phones Anthony detected there could more than he was suspecting. Being a gentleman as he was he decided to give a rest and thought, I will try again in the Morning. The second part of the flight wasn’t so exciting for Anthony cause it seemed to take ages. The plane finally arrived at Lusaka international airport and landed safely on Zambian soil. Being a Zambian himself clearance was that easy and soon he was on a cab to the city. Arriving in the city town centre he called Pricilla again and still no answer. Anthony decided to heard straight for her house, it took him about 2 hours to locate the area and later on the house. Reaching there Anthony found Pricilla’s sister, the same sister he found 2 years ago when him and Pricilla planned for an ice cream date. Hi? He greeted her with pleasure, knowing what was going on and filled with shock she at least managed to reply and said, Hello Anthony we wasn’t expecting you now, we thought you were coming in January. Anthony brushing off her unwelcoming remarks spiced up the tension by saying I am very well thank you and I had a nice trip how have you been yourself? Well, not so bad she replied. There was a moment of silence kind of an awkward reflex cause on normal situations she would have already called Pricilla out. Never minding to bother much at that moment Anthony decided to ask. Is there a chance that Pricilla is around? No she’s not, she went to a work party yesterday and I think it is going on until late this evening, she answered. I see, Anthony acknowledged while nodding his head in a constant oscillation, would you happen to know exactly where this party is taking place? Not realising that Anthony would go wherever Pricilla was presumed to be she daftly answered I think it should be held at the hotel intercontinental. Well, she must be working for a very rich organisation I am truly impressed, he remarked. Anthony noticed that she had a strange look on her face and was instantly convinced that there was something fishy going on, so he decided not to give her any sudden alerts lest she warns the sister. Aaaam That’s fines when she gets back please let her know that am back and that I will see her in two days time, but if she can then ask her to give me a call at my parents place. She promised to pass on the message and As soon as they said goodbye Anthony was off. Not knowing much of the city, he booked a cub to take him directly to the Hotel Intercontinental; being so famous the cab driver had no problems getting him there straight away. Reaching there Anthony headed straight to the reception desk, It was round about 12; 30 noon time, Good afternoon Sir could I be of any help? The receptionist asked in a welcoming manner, yes Anthony answered, My name is Anthony Lloyds and I was wondering whether there is a functional going on, organised by Barclays Bank? Am sorry Sir the only function that we have here is the Miss Zambia contest, actually it was on all night last night and only aftermath celebrations are on tonight. I think you could have wrong information Sir perhaps it’s the Hotel next to us, have you tried there? The receptionist asked, No, actually I am looking for my fiancée and she is presumed to somewhere in this Hotel is there a chance that you could flip through your guest book and check for Pricilla Jones? I am sorry Sir but it is Hotel policy not to disclose any information to third parties. Anthony appreciated the man's respect for his duty. But knowing so well that corruption had been ruling the Zambian market and Economy he turned to receptionist and offered to pay him a K300, 000 (£60) if he could check the registry for Pricilla Jones. At the site of money the receptionist found no reason to reject otherwise, so he took the book and started searching for Pricilla Jones. Excuse me Sir, the man asked; did you say she was your fiancée? Yes replied Anthony, well the Pricilla Jones we have in our book seems to be a different one cause she has signed in as a Mrs Pricilla Duncan, but from her passport details her forename is Jones. Anthony’s heart started beating at a rate of 140 a minute. I see. Could I have the room number please? The receptionist hesitated, but Sir you wouldn’t want to cause a fight otherwise I might end up loosing my Job. Anthony promised the man that he had no intentions of starting a fight, he further clarified that he just wanted to catch her red handed. Taking his word for it the receptionist gave Anthony the Floor level and room number. Giving his thanks he offered to find his own way up to the room. Room 607 was on the sixth floor, so he made his way up using the lift. Reaching at the door, he wondered whether to force his way in or enter in common civilised way. So he decided to knock, who is it? Samuel asked in a tone rather wired and tired, this is the receptionist Billy, I have an urgent message for your wife. Just a second, Anthony realised that he had just interrupted them from the game they are good at, sex. Well since it was just a message both didn’t bother to dress, in fact Samuel remained naked under the beddings while Pricilla rapped herself in a towel and that was the only barrier between her complete nakedness and the man at the door. She rushed to the door with an eagerness of finding out what the message was all about, grubbed the door handle and opened the door with much inquisition and instantly met eyes with Anthony. Hi Pricilla, Anthony greeting with a crocodile smile, enjoying your Christmas I presume? Pricilla’s vocabulary ran out of words completely and while Anthony was there still looking at her, she just covered her eyes with her two hands and forgetting that those were the hands supporting the towel, her whole was exposed and as powerless as she was she fell naked to the ground and started crying. Samuel dressed himself up and knowing very much who the man was, treed to make his way out cause the face he saw on Anthony wasn’t very inviting and neither was it forgiving. But Anthony asked Samuel to stay and bring some water for his wife. Given some water Pricilla gathered herself together and put on her jeans and blouse. Why Pricilla why? Anthony asked, is it love that I haven’t given you or is it that my promise were not worth a wait. Pricilla was speechless but she kept on shaking her head in tears as he asked her why? Having nothing to say to him Anthony being a gentleman turned to Samuel and asked him, Sir do you love Pricilla? And Samuel bravely answered yes I do, Well if you do love her and you are you sure that she loves you back then I will leave you with her, but please take care of her cause I still care for her. Samuel was moved by Anthony’s words and said, thank you very much Anthony, but I just hope she doesn’t do to me what she has done to you. Anthony being raised from a Christian family left them with a great blessing that both wouldn’t expect, he gave them a go ahead. Enjoy your Christmas and see you when we meet again were his last remarks before leaving. Soaked in partial tears and hate Anthony made his way to the lift and past the receptionist with no words to him. Have a nice day Sir and thank you very much, the receptionist shouted. Anthony just waved in acknowledgement and left the Building. The cab was still waiting for him with his bags. He ordered the cab driver to take him to any guesthouse around. Just as the cab was about to leave Pricilla came running out of the door and forced herself inside the cab. Anthony not very happy about the idea but interested in what she had to say asked, can I be of any help Pricilla? With tears in her eyes she cried and begged for forgives, please, please Anthony you know I love you more than anything in this world I don’t know how I even got in this mess It all happened so fast, am sorry please give me another chance and I promise never to do it again. Anthony looked at her is complete disapproval and said, Pricilla listen to yourself, you are saying you won’t do it again but you are already doing it to Samuel. And you heard him upstairs when he hoped you don’t do the same to him and within minutes you are doing it, what have you turned out to be? I thought you cared for people’s feelings regardless, while he was still talking she interrupted him and said, but I do care and I do care for you I don’t love Samuel, I know I have been sleeping with him but dip down I know its you I love. Please Anthony, don’t throw away something this precious, nothing makes more sense than you and I together. Anthony looked at her in total disbelief, you actually accusing me of attempting to throw away something I don’t even have? Get real Pricilla, whatever we hard was thrown away the day you met Samuel, and from my point of view there is not even a trace of it not even pieces that I could possibly mend. Its finished Pricilla I would only advise you to stay faithful to Samuel and please respect the love that he has for you. I am not going to destroy what one man has fought and worked for cause I am not such a man. Now if you will excuse me I have to rest for a while before I catch a bus to my Fathers place. But, But I still, Before she could even finish her sentence Anthony cut her short and said, Goodbye Pricilla and remember I have always loved. Pricilla was so hurt and was drawn to deep tears, Now that she had seen him she realised what she had missed, how she wished she never gave him up. Pricilla had no choice but to get out of the cab and go and find comfort in Samuel. Reaching the hotel room she reached for her handbag and turned to Samuel. Am sorry Samuel, am sorry that it will have to end here, I love Anthony and if I have to get him back then this has to end. Samuel was shocked and pleaded with Pricilla not leave. Pricilla we have been through so much good times you can’t leave now we haven’t even finished our date, Samuel complained. There was never a date Samuel, all this was a mistake and lets just forget it ever happened. Goodbye Samuel and thanks for everything am just sorry that I have to leave this way. She bended over and gave him a last kiss. She headed straight home and starting having a goal at her sister for letting Anthony know were she was, you should have warned me Lucy, at least I wouldn’t have been in this mess she shouted, I didn’t say anything, Lucy responded, anyway why are you going on like that for? You are the one who’s been cheating on your fiancée and now it’s too much for you so you want to blame it on someone. Sort it out on your own. Pricilla was once again touched by her sisters’ words and she fell in tears, Lucy being a very caring sister took Pricilla in her arms and comforted her. Anthony’s dreams and hopes were shuttered and all that struggle he went through to win this girl was all in vain, what a time to waste he thought, but eventually convinced himself that the time they hard was un regrettable. He could not however convince himself that he didn’t want her back despite what happened. However hurt he was he decided to move on with his life and try and make sense out of it. Anthony spent a week with his family and left for the UK on 2nd January without saying good-bye to Pricilla. Pricilla other end planned to travel to Anthony’s place the hope that he might take her back. Reaching at the gate she busted into tears as she was told that he left the day before. Anthony’s Mon knowing the whole story had little to do to help her but ask her to leave and try and forget about Anthony cause she doesn’t like seeing her son hurt like that. Pricilla wiped her tears and said I will never let Anthony be with another woman unless I be dead. Anthony’s Mon threatened by Pricilla’s remarks closed the door and left. Pricilla went back to Lusaka and continued with her work. Herself and Samuel were now just work colleagues and talked on a friendship level. Part five Five years past, Anthony’s was now a very wealthy man and very successful. Over the years he had met a beautiful British woman known as Vanessa Watson. Vanessa worked for the borough of Barking and Dagenham as an assistant to the accountant. From when Anthony met her, his whole world made sense once again. Two years ago the two had engaged and were planning a wedding day. Five years ago Anthony didn’t think he would ever get over that incidence with Pricilla. But who would have known, Pricilla was history and she never even crossed his mind. He had the woman of his life and he had the money he needed. He owned five major companies in England, which included a Bmw, and Mercedes car Dealer Company. He also built a 17-bedroom house in Zambia and all the bedrooms were self-contained, it also included a conference room holding 24 seats. The yard consisted of an orchard of round about 15 acres. It was named The Lloyds Paradise and it was 20miles away from the hub of the city Ndola. On the other hand Pricilla was also doing well in monetary terms but not as wealthy as Anthony. Well at least she owned a boutique and also worked as a full time manger at an agent for one of the biggest international car shipping company, which put her on a quite stable level. Just like Anthony she was not yet married but had a boyfriend Philip carpenter who at the same time was her business partner. The two seemed to be happy enough at List he helped Pricilla get her mind off Anthony. After Anthony left about five years ago she made every to contact him and she even wrote letters that Anthony never bothered to reply. Well being so successful Anthony decided to expand his business to Africa, and Zambia happened to be the best bet. So Anthony and Vanessa planned that they should go and live in Zambia for at least three years to start this new business adventure. After all it would be a nice adventure for Vanessa to visit most of the Zambian tourist attractions that Anthony has always spoken about to her, the Victoria falls and the biggest man made lake in the world, the Kariba dam. Eventually Anthony and Vanessa left for Zambia in January 2000. Upon arrival they were received and welcomed by Anthony’s family and flown straight to their mansion, which had a back yard airfield. Vanessa couldn’t believe her eyes, the house could be rated second from grace land the home of Elvis Presley the king of rock. The flowers and the lights shined in a fashion that reflected a romantic atmosphere. Anthony’s friends were all called up to come and have a little celebration as a welcome party at Lloyd’s paradise. Surprising enough Anthony had kept Lloyds paradise a secret from his friends and upon their arrival they were all marvelled to learn that this exquisite mansion belonged to Anthony. They drunk and caught up on interesting stories around. After drinking they all went to sleep the following morning Anthony’s friends went back to the city, his Parents decided to stay for a couple of days. Days past very fast at Lloyd’s paradise and Vanessa loved the place very much that she had no intentions of going back to England. Anthony kept a low profile and made no effort to know about Pricilla’s welfare. Before Anthony left the UK he had ordered four cars to be shipped directly to Zambia, a Toyota land cruiser GX a Mercedes Benz s class and two mini buses for family use. Eventually he received a call from the agency that his cars had arrived and was required to go and pick them up upon clearance. Anthony made immediate arrangements to leave the following day. Leaving his fiancée alone at the paradise he left for the capital city early in the morning. Upon arrival at the agency he was asked to go and do some paper work in the managers office. He was directed to the manager’s office by one of the shop assistant. Reaching the office he was stunned by who he found in there. There she was as beautiful as before Pricilla Jones. Good afternoon Madam he greeted, good afternoon Anthony she replied with excitement, I never thought I would see you again, how did you find me? Anthony took a deep breath and smiled, Pricilla I didn’t find you and I didn’t come here for you I have actually just come to pick up my cars and to be honest I didn’t even know you worked here. Pricilla trying very hard to show that she wasn’t affected replied, oh! Sorry I almost forgot this was a shipping company, anyway what can I do for you or rather what cars are you after? Anthony signed or the documents and paid for the clearance and storage costs. As soon as everything was done Anthony offered a hand to Pricilla in order to bid farewell, Thank you for your help Miss Jones if there is nothing more to sign then I will be off. Before she could extend her hand, she asked, how long are you here for if you don’t mind my asking, well I couldn’t tell he answered, my fiancée seems to like it here and she recons we could be here for at least four to five years. Fiancée! She repeated, you mean you are engaged? Oh yes I am and we are he answered. Congratulations so where are you two guys living? Lloyd’s paradise but it’s a bit lonely there so we might ask a few friends to stay with us. You mean Lloyds Paradise is yours? No but I built it for my fiancée. Pricilla’s heart started beating faster than usual she lowered her head. Just to break the tension Anthony asked what about you, are you married or what? No, she replied you should know that there only one man I can marry and that happens to be you. Anthony didn’t like where this conversation was heading. Pricilla you and I are over and I have moved on and Vanessa is a very lovely and beautiful girl, I have no intentions of leaving her for anyone at all only death will separate us. I would suggest that you do the same am sure there are men out there wanting to have you for their wife. Anthony worked out of the office and hired a few men to help him drive the other cars. What Anthony didn’t is that the phrase he used, only death will separate us, would bring tragedy in future. Pricilla on the other hand made some research and found out that Anthony was rich more than anyone could imagine. She wasn’t going to sit back at let another woman take her place; she strongly believed she was the chosen one for Anthony’s wife. As days went by Anthony opened up a lot of business ventures in both Lusaka and Ndola and eventually all the companies he owned in the UK were also in Zambia. Soon Anthony was known everywhere so much that Vanessa came close to being a celebrity, she was always on National television, national magazines and papers and this Drove Pricilla crazy day by day. She once more tried to convince Anthony that they belonged together and if he could take her back but all plans backfired. One day she tried to seduce in his hotel room during his business trip by stripping in front of him and he brushed her off as though she was a dummy. This made Pricilla feel very cheap. And this feeling prompted her to go to extremes. She swore to herself she would do anything to get Anthony back. By this time Pricilla had dumped her boyfriend and sort advise from one her old friends Jennifer. Jennifer’s only advice was to get rid of Vanessa and this would leave Anthony free and then Pricilla could have him for herself. For a while this advise threatened Pricilla, although she disliked Vanessa she never meant killing her. She disregarded Jennifer’s Advise and was disappointed that she could go to such extremes. Oh My God Pricilla, where have you been? Jennifer said, don’t you know the world has changed? We are living in a new generation and you have to rock with the rhythm of this age. You don’t have to kill her yourself someone can take care of it as long as you have money how do you think I got my man back, do you remember when his wife had that accident? Pricilla knowing what she was about to say just kept silent, well I believe you do Jennifer continued, there was more to it than known, someone did the job for me. And now you see me here is the happiest girl in town. Shut up! Pricilla shouted, you murderer I am not going to let you talk me into such evil deeds, and you know what I think it’s a mistake for me to be here am off. As she was about to open the door to leave Jennifer handed Pricilla a piece of paper with a name and telephone number on it and said, When you are Pricilla just call that number listen carefully. Pricilla took the paper and was surprised at the confidence of Jennifer. Pricilla left and headed straight back home to get some relief. But every time she sat to watch television there would always be an advertisement or a programme involving Vanessa and this raised rage in her. She started remembering the times she had with Anthony, how he used to tell her that no one will come between them, how he promised to love her no matter and how he promised her that he will make sure she’s treated as a queen by everyone around. She b

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