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105314 VB.net Project for Student

Please find description of this project as below :

Project Title : e-Voting System

Project Interface Language : English

Project Programming Language : Visual [url removed, login to view] and SQL Server as the Database

Project Description : Users will use the system to vote for candidates for election. There are two types of users. Local Voters and Expatriates Voters. Each type have different candidates to vote for and the system will differentiate them using their Registration Code. Local Users registration code will begin with "LOC" followed by the code and Expatriates Voters registration code will begin with "EXP" followed by the code.

There should be an Administrator Account to add candidates and receive votes results per candidate.

Kindly note will assume that this system will be integrated in a website and to be run online. Therefore the codes of [url removed, login to view] should be able to support online environment.

Project Flow :

1) Voters will click "Vote Now" button on the website

2) Voters will then select the interface language. Currently there will be two languages to select from "English and Arabic" However, English interface will be functional only and Arabic Language just for display purposes.

3) After selecting the language "English" voters will move to the next screen which is basically a Main Menu with the following buttons :

a) Vote

b) How to Vote

c) Candidate Info

d) Exit

(a) Vote Button

1) If user clicks on the first option which is "Vote a new screen will show asking the user to fill the following information :

a) Enter Voter's Card

b) Registration Account No.

c) Registration Password

d) Exit

e) Login

The Voter's Card will differentiate the different types of users whether Local Voters or Expatriates Voters. Users then will enter the Voter's card, Registration Account number and Password provided and press the "Login" button.

If the data is wrong then a pop-up window should appear informing the user to Try Again as invlaid data was enetered. However, if login details are correct then will proceed to the next screen. Kindly note that the system should identify the type of user. If local voter then will display a different screen and if Expatriate Voter will display another screen. And this can be done by differentiating the Voter's Card with the abreviations mentioned above.

If Local Voter Login then the following screen will display :

1) The screen will include the photos of all candidates with a check box beside each photo. There is no need to display name of candidates or any other information. Just photo and check box beside each one.

Each voter can select a maximum of 5 candidates. If the voter tries to select more than 5 then a pop-up window should appear alerting the voter than a maximum of 5 candidates is allowed for selection.

The screen at the bottom will have three buttons : Store - Submit - Exit

If voter did not select 5 candidates then they cannot submit selection. Therefore, by default if selection is less than 5 candidates the "Submit" button should be disabled and voter can click on the "Store" button to save his selection and continue next time when login to complete the selection of 5 candidates. One a selection of 5 candidates is made then by default the "Submit" button will be enabled and voter can click it to move to next screen.

2) The second screen will display a summary of the 5 selections the voter has made by displaying their photos only. At the buttom of the screen there will be two buttons : Yes and No and a question to ask the user : "Are you sure you want to continue"

If user selects "No" then will go back to screen 1 to make a different selection. If voter selects "Yes" then will move to Screen 3.

3) This screen will include a thank you note for the voter and will provide the option to print selection of candidates photos. It will include two buttons : Print - Exit.

If Expatriates Voter Login then the following screen will display :

* This will include exactly the same 3 screens and same conditions of Local Voter login, however, with different candidates to vote for.

(b) How to Vote

This is the second option in the Main Menu of the system. If the user clicks on this button a screen will appear displaying information only on how to vote. The screen will include two buttons at the buttom : Vote - Exit.

If user clicks on the button "Vote" then it will take him to the Login page mentioned above. and if selects "Exit" then is will exit user from the system.

(c) Candidate Info

This is the thrid option in the Main Menu of the system. In this feature it will display the list of all candidates in the system regardless whether they are candidates for Locals or candidates for Expatriates. The screen will display complete photos of all candidates and if user clicks on any photo then a new window will open displaying full information on that candidate.

This screen will have one button at the bottom of the screen : Cancel

If the user clicks on Cancel then it will exit from the current screen to the previous screen.

Kĩ năng: .NET, Bất kì công việc gì, SQL

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