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125979 Printing Company Website

Fast growing printing company needs a GREAT web site so customers can ORDER PRINTING ON-LINE.


Web site should look professional, very clean and easy to navigate. Parts of site should incorporate Flash and/or Ajax whenever appropriate. Entire site MUST be written in ASP.NET using C# and link to a database (MySQL, MS SQL Server or equivalent). NO PHP. NO COLD FUSION. MUST BE ASP.NET USING C# (NO VISUAL BASIC)

During the project and also at the end of the project, we will need ALL CODE and ALL ART and working files used to create this site in case we need to update the site and you have disappeared.

Code must be NEAT, efficient and WELL DOCUMENTED/commented!!!

Below are some examples of current web sites that offer print ordering on-line. We are not affiliated with ANY of these sites but we want our site to work like these:

[url removed, login to view]


[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

Just like the sites above, our website needs to have the following features:

(1) EASY to navigate and professionally done. See the first website in the list above ([url removed, login to view])

(2) Must give the user the ability to order business cards, postcards, posters, brochures, letterhead and envelopes and all of the same products the above sites have.

(3) We are targeting customers who have already designed their business card, postcard or whatever and they just need to upload the file so we can print it and ship it back to them. What is the best way to have users upload files via website? Website must restrict users from uploading certain files. For example, acceptable file formats are .zip .sit .sea .qxd .indd .pdf .tif .eps User should not be allowed to upload .bat or .scr files (for example)

(4) Customer selects product, then selects quantity, options and ship method. (Just like the sample sites mentioned above). Website will calculate price based on all the criteria the user has entered. The drop-down lists should show choices based on certain rules. Some drop-down choices will change depending on what the user selected in a previous drop-down. Use AJAX and ASP.NET to make this user experience FAST without reloading the page.

User sees shipping charge after they enter their ship-to Postal Code.

User MUST read and agree to terms and conditions before uploading their file.

User clicks ‘I Agree' button and then uploads his/her files. User must be able to upload files without the need for special plug-ins.

(5) Web site MUST interface with UPS and FedEx so that user can enter their ship-to address and see the total shipping charges. Our Printing Company (We) MUST have the ability to mark-up that price. (i.e. retrieve the shipping price from UPS or FedEx, mark up the shipping 15% (for example) and then show THAT price to the customer)

(6) Users can visit our page, click on the item, select the criteria from the drop-down lists, and see a price – all without having to log in. However, BEFORE the user uploads their files, the website must prompt them to log in. If they do not already have an account they can sign up for free. If they already have an account but they forgot their password, there must be a ‘forgot my password' link and the web app will e-mail the customer his/her password.

(7) Web site MUST have an administration page so WE can log in and see all order history, run queries, view all user and password info, and make changes if necessary.

(8) This back-end (admin) site must include a page that shows us all NEW (i.e. unprocessed) orders, and MUST be grouped by like items. For example, it should show us that we have 24 business card orders (printing on one side only), 12 6”x4” postcard orders (full color on front, and black on back), 3 brochures 8 1/2" x 11” (4 over 4), etc.

(9) If we click on an order, we must be able to drill down and see the details of that order. (i.e. date order was placed, customer info, printing specs, due date, and a LINK to the actual files that customer had uploaded to our server) 99.9% of all orders will have file/files associated with them, so we must be able to see the order come in through the web site and we need a way to easily associate the uploaded file with the order. We must be able to download the files, and delete them whenever necessary. We can download the files using FTP if you think this is the best way to do this.

(10) Once we start processing a customer's order, we must be able to mark the order as ‘Work In Progress' so that it no longer appears in the ‘New Orders' page. Again, orders in the ‘Work In Progress' page must be links. Clicking on the link will allow us to drill down and see the same info as mentioned above. The Work In Progress page must include a ‘Due Date' column, and as orders get closer to the due date, the date must appear in bold red type (instead of black) to serve as a visual indicator for us.

(11) Work In Progress page must show all logical steps (in order) required for production (with illustrations). Think of an assembly line. For example, once an order is downloaded and ready to begin production, it goes through the following steps: 1. Pre-Press, 2. Press (must be able to specify press name), 3. Cutting, 4. Folding, 5. Stitching, 6. Packing, 7. Shipping. Some steps do not apply to some items. For example, business cards do not require folding or stitching, so when viewing the Work In Progress page for a business card order, these two steps should not even appear.

(12) We print orders in groups (i.e. gang runs) so it is VERY important that we have the ability to select 30 individual business card orders (for example) and assign them all to one “Job Number”. The Job Number should be a sequential, auto-assigned number from the website. We must be able to search for Job Number 80721 (for example) and see the details of all 30 business cards that belong to this Job. We must be able to “ungroup” an item from a job. For example – we select 30 business card orders and click the ‘create job ticket' button. The website takes those 30 orders and assigns them all to job number 80721. Now one of those 30 customers calls us and says ‘wait! Cancel my order' … so now we must be able to remove that one order from the job number, and take another new business card order to take its place.

(13) A web feed must be available that allows us to seamlessly transfer the shipping info for all orders into our existing shipping program. (Our shipping program can accept shipping information, automatically determine the best ship method, generate a tracking number (UPS or FedEx) and print a shipping label. Our existing shipping program can then send that shipment data BACK into the database so that we (AND the customer) can log in, enter an order number, and see that the order has been shipped along with the ship date, ship method and tracking number. Clicking on the tracking number will link the user to the FedEx or UPS web page where he/she can track the package in real time)

(14) Web site MUST handle secure credit card transactions. On-line ordering must be safe and guaranteed. Funds will be deposited into our merchant account. We have a merchant account but we are not set up with any credit card processing companies. We will need you to guide us on setting this up.

(15) Our database MUST NOT store credit card numbers. It MUST store other user data such as date the order was placed, billing address, ship-to address, products ordered, etc. for order history lookup

(16) Web site must be designed in such a way that we can edit its contents easily.

(17) Web site must give the user the ability to log on and check order status. (We must have a password protected page (part of our admin page) that allows us to log in, look up an order, and update that record with shipping method, tracking number and ship date – see item #12 above). When user logs in to check order status, clicking on the tracking number will redirect him/her to the UPS or FedEx site to see shipping status.

(18) We want to be able to offer technical support and customer support to users via e-mail and also (during certain hours of the day) via web chat. So, web site must have a link that the user can click on to start a real-time chat session with our customer service department. WE must have the ability to turn this feature on or off (if off, the user does not even see the link, or the link says ‘On-Line customer support is not available at this time. Please click here to contact us via e-mail')

(19) Most printing jobs can be ordered on this website by selecting the item, getting a price, and uploading the file to us. However, for large print quantities or for custom printing, user must have the ability to send us an RFQ (Request for Quote) for items that cannot be instantly quoted on-line (i.e. publications, catalogs). See [url removed, login to view] and some others for an example of an RFQ form that the customer can fill in on-line. We must be notified that an RFQ has been placed so we can log into the admin page to see it. Admin page must allow us to keep track of RFQs, add comments, and mark them as won or lost.

(20) Website must allow us to easily charge each customer's credit card for the quoted price, plus the marked-up shipping cost. The website must ALSO allow us to CREDIT someone's credit card in the rare instance that we refund someone their money. The website must ALSO allow us to mark an order as cancelled so that we do not charge the customer's credit card if an order is cancelled before production begins.

(21) When we log into the admin site and mark an order as shipped, the shipping info must automatically be retrieved from our shipping system, and the web app must automatically send an e-mail to the customer to notify him/her that their order has shipped on January 10, 2007 via UPS Ground, tracking number 14X0793436452 (for example)

(22) Website must e-mail us EVERY time an order is placed.

(23) Website must allow us to delete orders but this action will require an additional level of security (perhaps another password)

(24) The admin site must include a page called ‘Press' for example that will show ALL jobs whose status is set to ‘Press'. The press operator can log in to this page and see a list of all jobs he has to process. Once he has finished printing a particular job, he can mark it as ‘Press – Complete'. This will cause the job to disappear from his list, and now appear in the next production process (‘Cutting', for example). Now the Cutter operator will see this job on his list. In addition to having a page for each individual step in the production line, there must also be a master ‘overview' page so that a manager can see ALL jobs in production, and next to each job see what step it is on. For example, Job Number 80785 is on Press, and Job Number 80780 is in Pre-Press, and Job Number 80799 is in the Cutting department. If a Job Number is in the Shipping department it should says status ‘Shipping'.

(25) We must be able to access the database so that we can create custom reports using Crystal Reports. You do not need to make the reports for us, but be aware that we will need access to the data so that we can create our own reports.

Kĩ năng: .NET, AJAX, Bất kì công việc gì, Thiết kế đồ họa, SQL, Thiết kế trang web

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