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135864 Assembly Language 68k

Draw a flow chart and write a single assembly language program that meets the following


Requirement 1

Allow the user to enter a string of up to 100 digit characters (i.e. 0 to 9). You cannot

assume that a character is a digit, so you have to do input validation and ignore (i.e.

skip over) any character that is not a digit. You must echo each digit to the screen and

store it in memory as it is typed. The user will press Enter to terminate the input

(INCH returns cr in this case). You must terminate the string in memory with a null


Requirement 2

Once the user has terminated the string, you must loop through the string stored in

memory and count the number of odd and even digits that appear in the string. You

are also required to keep the position of the smallest digit and the largest digit in the

string. In the case of multiple occurrences of the same digit, you must keep the position

of the last of the smallest and the last of the largest digits in the string.

Requirement 3

Once the loop has been completed you must display on screen both the number of

odd and even digits, and the positions of the smallest and largest digits (in multi-digit

hexadecimal) with an appropriate message, e.g.:

There were 12 odd and 9 even digits in the string

The position of the smallest digit is 1B, and the position of the largest

digit is 14

Requirement 4

You are required to make use of subroutines and parameter passing for this assignment.

At a minimum you must have subroutines to perform the following tasks:

? print an integer in multi-digit hexadecimal

? print a single character to the screen (OUTCH)

? retrieve a single character from the keyboard (INCH)

You must pass the parameters to the first subroutine on the stack. You do not need to

utilise the stack for the last two subroutines.

This question is about motorola 68000 assembly language

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