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I regularly manually download series of images from other websites and upload them to my own site. This is a time consuming process involving an often-repeated sequence of cursor movements and mouse clicks, and I'd like a program to automate it. The process is simple, but I will explain in detail here to make sure it is clear. If you have any questions just let me know.


-- Go to the page on the website where the first image in the series is displayed.

-- Right-click on the image, and click Save as.. Name it 1 and save it as "[url removed, login to view]" on my computer in a folder that I specify.

-- Click "Next" on the website to go to the next image.

-- Right-click on the new image, and save it as "[url removed, login to view]"

-- Click "Next" on the website.

-- Repeat this with every image until they are all downloaded onto my computer

-- Log in to my own website and go to the page where I can upload images.

-- Click the "Browse" button on my site and select the first image I'd like to upload , i.e., 1.jpg.

-- Click "Browse" again to select the second image I'd like to upload, i.e., 2.jpg.

-- Repeat this until I have selected 5 (my site can only upload 5 at one time).

-- Click "Upload", and wait while my site uploads the 5 images.

-- Once they are uploaded, repeat the process with the next 5 images in the series.

-- Continue uploading images like this until they are all uploaded.


-- Log in to my own website and display the destination page to which I upload images.

-- Open up a second browser window (or tab) and go to the source page on the other website where the first image in the series is displayed.

-- Specify to the program where on the page the image is, where the "Next" button is, and how many images are in the series.

-- Click "Go" and sit back while all the images are downloaded and uploaded automatically.


-- Sometimes, the images that I want to upload are already on my computer (I don't need to download them from another site first). In this case, I should be able to specify the folder on my computer where the images reside instead of their location on some other website.


-- Each of the websites from which I download images has a different layout, which is the reason I would need to specify in each case where the image and the "Next" button are located on the page

-- The images should remain on my computer in one folder after the process is complete.

-- There are usually between 5 and 100 images per series

-- The images must be uploaded to my site in the same order that they appear on the site they were taken from.

-- Since the purpose of this program is to save me time, the speed and efficiency of the program are very important.

-- If you'd like to check out my site and some of the sites I get images from before providing a quote, just let me know.

-- My website is built in .NET

Kĩ năng: .NET, Bất kì công việc gì, Lập trình C, Nhiệt hạch lạnh, Perl, Visual Basic

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