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147177 Mac Application Development

Conceptual mac application required to be developed and built.

Working primarily as an organisational/ project management tool the application will help to organise and link documents in a visual way as well as dealing with multiple ‘work spaces’ with the ability to ‘drag and drop’ documents into them.

Key features (to include, but not limited to – full contractual brief still to be established)

- The program will have the ability to act as a full screen environment with unlimited scrolling space in every direction.

- Media files (for example images, text (including ms word docs), spreadsheets, folders, music, video types) can be dragged and dropped into the application creating icons and place holders – easy fluid movement of all elements within the workspace (for reference see Apple’s “Aperture ‘Light Tables’)

o Imported images will be represented by scaleable ‘thumbnails’ with ‘resize’ handles.

o On mouse over Spreadsheet documents preview the 1st page of the document

o Text/ word documents will be editable within the application and / or link to existing text editors installed on the clients machine.

o Qt files (including audio only tracks) should be playable with the environment.

o Selected / highlighted files appear at ‘top of stack’

- Users must be able to drag and group all elements within the application environment.

- Users may colour code documents borders and associated links/ nodes

- Option to double click on icon and/or select specific button to open associated linked file.

Node/ linking feature

Objects/ documents / groups must be able to be linked together through colour coded lines which can expand and shrink as the object/icon is moved. These grouping lines must work in a similar way to Abode After Effects “Comp Flowchart View” and Apple Shake linking structure providing an expanding, organic structure to link between different document files.

Group sets must also be able to collapse and expand, hiding or revealing their associated documents. Nodes and/ or document positions may also be locked so they cannot be moved or selected.

(Optional an Autoarrange/ Clean up feature which orders and structures all/ or selected documents neatly).

- Linking lines are created by clicking and dragging from anchor points and joining to other anchor points on documents (see attached reference file)

- The user must be able to change the colour of the connecting node lines

- The user must be able to break node connections by either

o “Shaking” the target document (selecting and vigorously shaking the icon to remove the link)

o “Cutting” using the ‘cut link’ tool to break the node link

o “Dragging” Dragging the link away from the target icon.

Navigator tool

A tool relating to the full window environment to allow the user navigate around the work area, particularly when the work environment expands beyond screen size, or when the user has zoomed into a document space.

- This is a dragable floating window

- It must be semitransparent (with transparency control)

- It must be able to zoom into and out of the work area using a “slider”

- It must be able to zoom into and out of the work area using a “magnification tool”

- It must contain a close button (and can be opened from within the tools pallet)

- It must be able to use a dragable area square – which will relate to the viewable area of the screen.

- (optional) As part of the work surface whilst holding a key the user may zoom in and out by moving the mouse forwards and backwards.

File Actions

- Option to import files through menu structure (as well as ‘drag and drop into work area’)

- Ability to Save and Load project files (menu structures/ arrangements)

- Ability to import visual representation of web pages/ archives

- Auto link files – imported files (through menu or ‘drag and drop) must continue to be linked to the work area – if the linked file is moved or deleted, the user must be alerted and the file found.

- Export options

o Option to save any text within document as separate or collected text document .rtf and word document compatible files.

o Option to create .jpg or pdf “snapshot” of work area.

o Option to create .jpg or pdf “snapshot” of any graphics/ diagrams within project – collectively or separately

o Option to save work area to be later opened or shared with another user.

Search field

a feature which will search throughout the work space including contents of all documents within, for key words – highlighting the word/s with the found document.

Tool Sets

Hand tool – Used to navigate around the work space. (similar to Adobe Photoshop)

Arrow Tool – primary tool to select and move single or multiple documents/ nodes/ links.

Navigation Pallet – opens/ closes navigation pallet.

Search Pallet – opens / closes search field.

Text Tool – Used to create and edit multiline text fields options to control fonts, font colour, font size, background colour. Text fields created must be scaleable, text within them must be able to be copied and pasted into newly created and existing fields.

Simple Drawing Tool – creates lines and shapes functionality of a simple paint package – colour selection, eraser tool, square creator, circle creator.

New Sketch Area Tool – a resizable sketch area which may be drawn into. Option to change background colour and opacity.

Highlighter Tool – Highlights selected text a user specified colour (in a similar manner to MS Word)

Cutting Tool – a tool which severs node links between joined documents.

Colour Panel – colour wheel or swatches for the user to select colours – relates to sketch area backgrounds, text and drawing colours, node and connector colours.

This constitutes a developing project brief and is liable to change – estimated bids and offers are welcome.

Kĩ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, Lập trình C, Perl, Python, SQL, Visual Basic

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