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Besides the main job/purchase I am looking for below I am also interested in any other pre written scripts or scripts people have purchased that they can sell to people who would then also have the rights to sell it.

Having the rights to sell the rights to resell also would be something I would consider but is not that interesting to me. Purchase amount limits are not something I like but if the product is a good one, I will consider it also. Post about any other projects besdes this one on the PMB. Now read below for more info about this particular script I am looking for ...


I am looking for someone who has already built an SMS/Web Based Text Messaging System themselves or purchases MASTER RESELL RIGHTS (meaning they can sell to someone who can resell it)

I would like to buy this script and the rights to sell it to other people who are interested in it. The more features your system has, the better off you are. Some systems I have seen have a drop down menu where you select your provider and some are somehow set to do it hands free without picking a provider.

My guess is the ones that are hand free do not have as high as a successfull recieve rate. I even just tried a web based one I found and it had a drop down box for Verizon as "Verizon PCS" and "Verizon Pagers"

I know I don't have Verizon PCS (I guess Verizon and Sprint merged?) but I tried it anyways .. of course I didn't get the text message ... I see no reason to try "Verizon Pagers" as I don't have a pager, I have a cell phone ...

From what I gather it simply takes the phone number and adds (email symbol)[url removed, login to view] where "namehere is defined based on the provider you select. For example I believe my verizon SMS number is 10digitnumber(email symbol)[url removed, login to view] and the drop down menu on this particular sms script probably has Verizon pcs set as something along the lines of 10digitnumber(email symbol)[url removed, login to view] which means I obviously won't get the message sent to myself.

I am looking for the cheapest one I find butt here are some of the extra features I would like to see as well, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER - OBVIOUSLY #1 adds a decent amount to the price of the script so financially it probably won't make sense for me to rebuy it unless someone is looking to cut a real cheap deal reselling their script as a one time thing... anyways

1) I saw a script a while ago where you could give your visitors credit for sending messages based on offers they had completed. For example if they complete a home refnance offer through [url removed, login to view] you would typically get paid $20 - $30 so you could assign them say 500 credits.

The one thing that threw me off about this system is that the script mentioned there was a charge of 1.5 cents or so per text message sent - which I haven't seen on ANY other sms scripts so I am assuming it is a more advanced system that works much better (probably meaning a huge DB of extensions for phone numbers entered with a higher recieving percentage). If anyone has any info on this send me a message on the PMB

2) The more choices on the Drop Down Menu the better. If I could select "Destination Phone Number Country" such as United States, United Kingdom, China, Russia, so on .. and when the country is entered a listing of the cell providers in that area is chosen on the next page through another drop down box - that would be a nice features to see added ..

3) Being able to charge $[url removed, login to view] per month for premium access which offered extra features and then the free version as well ... what those premium features were would be dependant on what your script could do.

4) ANY and I mean ANY other features that are beyond the standard web basted text messaging program. For example if your system can pick up the extension with just the phone number entered that is huge but I can almost guarantee I can't afford it right now ...

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