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135159 Roulette Robot

Hello to everyone,

first of all i do not know much about programming etc, so i am not sure what sort of programmer i need i.e: c++ etc

this project is for a roulette robot. The roulette robot is to be used at the website bet365.com. It will be used in a real account so i want anyone who will take on this project o follow the instuctions that i give exactly as i have said. firstly the roulette robot must have three modes, one is learning mode, one is test run and the other is money mode. In learning mode i want the robot to automatically spin the roullette wheel and record the results into its database. I also want the option of how many results i want it to obtain, for example in learning mode i might want it to collect the next 10000 spins. I also want three options in the learning mode, each of these options is like a programme meaning that each option will mean that the robot will place bets on different numbers, colors etc.

After the robot collects 100,000 spins i want to put option one into play. in option one there are 13 GROUPS numbers













numbers 28,29,30,31,32 and 0

i want the software to input every number out of the 100,000 spins that it has aquired into one of these catergories, obviouslt sometimes a number will come into more than one of these catergories. Once the robot has inputed the numbers into each one of these catergories i want it to calculate which are the three most popular and the three least popular. obviously i want to be able to save my results each step of the way. i also want the programme to update after each spin for example just say that groups 0-5, 1-6 and 2-7 are the three most popular, this does not mean they will stay the most popular as the numbers drawn can change this so i want the program to realise this and update with each spin. After it has done this i want to be able to use test run mode. In this mode i want the program to again get the numbers from the roulette game on bet 365 but also place virtual bets, no real bets are placed but i want to calculate what would happen if i placed a bet etc. The bet inncrements will be. [url removed, login to view] on each of the numbers in the top three lists, the programme will then spin the wheel, collect the numebr given and calculate whether we have won or lost, if a loss then carry on with the next bet of 0.4, again same procedure if lose carry on with next bet of 1.6 on each number, each time you increase your previous bet by *4 until you win. these bets will all be placed manually by the programme, no user input is required. I also want this programme to calculate what was the longest run of a loss, and also have the option to change the bet increments, so i have the option to say that the first bet is 0.1 and if lose multiply each bet by *3 until you win etc. I want the prgram to update with every spin, this is very important to obtain accurate results. the money mode is the same as the test run mode but the programme places all bets etc for you.

there are conditions to this auction. I will not pay anyone any money until i have seen the programme working in demo mode for 100,000 spins, you can disable the money mode when releasing the demo to me as i want to check how sucessfull this programme will be. I will only give money once i receive the demo and i am satisfied verything is as i have said.

The winning bidder will have to sign and email an agreement stating the agreed price and agreed time to finish the work as well as a confidentiality agreement and an agreement that all the rights to the bot and the source code as well as any updates done by you will remain the property of myself and cannot be used in any other way except for future updates again with myself.

PS: this could be a good oppurtunity for someone, as there are another two options i want to integrate into this prgramme and this will be sometime in the future when an update is required.

if anyone is interested please leave you email address and i will email you, if you are unsure of anything please ask and i will explain, i am trying to get this project finished ASAP so please reply quickly

thank you

Kĩ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, Lập trình C, Perl, Visual Basic

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