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124768 A Site Similar to AboutDotCom


Object Oriented Programming: The completed work must make full use of object oriented programming (OOP). This helps performance and makes code cleaner.

MySQLi: The completed work must make full use of MySQLi, as that is all that will be enabled on the server. We only use MySQLi due to its performance, as we use PHP 5.2 with MySQL 5.0. Also, you should use the OOP version of MySQLi.

Hardcoding: Upon a bid being accepted, the winning coder will be provided with a list of categories (more on this later on in this) that need to be hardcoded into the script. This should help performance, since it won't have to do constant database lookups.

Template Hardcoding: The templates need to be hardcoded into the script. You will be provided with full templates of the site with comments, such as {USER_NAME} for the user name. They will be fairly easy to understand.


No File Functions: In the completed work, there must be no file functions used. File functions, in my opinion, are only a disaster waiting to happen.

Sessions: PHP's built-in sessions make use of /tmp. Do not use PHP's built-in sessions. Instead, write your own session code that makes use of the database. It should work like this: Someone goes to the site, gets a session ID assigned to them via cookie, and that ID gets added to the database along with their IP. Once someone goes to the site with that session ID, it checks to make sure the IP in the database matches the one they are coming from. If so, they are granted use of that session. If not, the cookie is removed and they should be given a new session.

MySQLi Escape String Function: Do not use addslashes. Instead, use mysqli::real_escape_string($string). That is just about the same as mysql_real_escape_string() or mysql_escape_string() in "regular" MySQL language.

Site Description

This site will be just like About.com. If you've never heard of [url removed, login to view], visit them to get an idea of what needs to be done here before you make a bid.

Let's talk about About.com. [url removed, login to view] allows you to find information on almost anything. They are what is considered an authority site. This site will be an "authority site," just like [url removed, login to view], but about one niche and several "sub-niches." [url removed, login to view] is about almost every niche, and that is where this site is unique.

On my site, there will be several categories in a different subdomain for each. Each subdomain will be on a different, unique IP address. Your script needs to support multi-site support for these subdomains. Each category will have an editor or editors.

As for the visitors, visitors should have the ability to create an account and log into it. Users should be able to comment on each entry (including blog entries... read on) and create their own blog (as well as comment on other entries in others' blogs).

On each comment, there should be a link to their profile, which should have their latest blog entries and some information they specify: a "personal statement," contact information (IM information), and their latest blog entries, as stated before.

Editors should need to create a user account, but in my administration panel, I should be able to give them editor capabilities for the categories I want them to have such capabilities in. That's another thing. They should only have editor capability in the ONE category I specify, and only that category.

As for me, my administrator panel should have the ability to moderate comments (all comments need to be moderated), add editors, change my own settings, etc. It should also be a regular user account with an administrator flag on it, allowing me to have administrator capabilities.

If you have any questions, please talk to me in the private message center before you place a bid. Also, if you're selected, please wait for me to provide you templates before starting up any work.

Also, for comments, please make use of AJAX. That way, the site will feel more user friendly. Please include the AJAX coding price in your bid.

Payment: Payment will be made via ScriptLance escrow to the chosen bidder, if a bidder is chosen. No exceptions to this policy. Full payment will be authorized only when the full completed work has been received and vigorously tested and determined to be 100% complete.

Kĩ năng: AJAX, Bất kì công việc gì, PHP

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