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162117 Back Office Accounting System

We are in need of a back office accounting system for our site. I manage funds for clients so I want to generate a simple profit report for our clients on a monthly basis. It would be great if they can go to our web site, login and print the reports. Secure login.

I will explain more about what we do and what we need.

Client A sends us $20,000 to invest, Client B Sends us $35,000 and Client C sends us $45,000 for a total of $100,000. Day 1 we make $1000 in profit which equates to 1% return. We enter the profit for the day, each clients gets 1% increase on their account which is based on their % of the total pool. Now there is $101,000 in the account. Day 2 we make $1000, enter it which increases each customers account by .99% ($1000 is .99% of $101,000). This goes on and on.

Also, clients may add more funds or remove funds during the month. We need to make sure that when they get their report that it shows their TRUE profit or loss which will be a little trick IF they remove funds or deposit funds during the month. For instance if a client has $100,000 and never adds to the account and we make him $20,000. That calculation is easy. 20% but what what if they started with $50,000 and then in the middle of the month they add another $50,000 and we make them $20,000. Now the ROI on that $100,000 is actually higher because there were making that return with only half of the funds for half of the month.

Need to be able to print off a nice report. We also need to be able to input expenses such as brokerage fees, Incentive Fee, Other and then print out a net profit/return.

I need the system to assign an automatic account number when I set up each client which I will input name, address, phone, email, etc.

This system will enable me to focus on clients and not doing daily calculations on clients returns.

Need to start immediately.

Kỹ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, PHP

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