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1711 Modify script, fix bugs

I need the following done to my BuddyZone script (which is a php social networking script like myspace) Fix bugs: 1. When users enter an apostrophae such as in the word isn't, the system outputs it as isn\'t. Other scripts don't do that, please make this one not do that as this happens in display names, comments, emails, etc. 2. The email system also does the above thing but sometimes uses many \\\\\\\\ in a row. Plus there's a couple of extra erroneous characters when reading or replying I think. 3. People can have the same friend more than once because either they get auto added after an invite, or it just allows you to accept an invitation if already a friend. 4. Browse works but is giving an error message. 5. Sometimes some images give red X and sometimes only the thumbnail has a red X. Check code, and/or explain reasoning please. 6. Check cookie system, it seems like you have to login quite often. Extend for longer (days, weeks, months, etc.) 7. Whos Online page shows the same people multiple times so it may say 20 people but really only 4 people are online. This may be caused to #6 above? Please fix. 8. Review emailing code as right now users get bombarded with emails every time someone does anything, perhaps make 1 email per event until they login again. This way if they get 10 comments they get 1 email until they're not online anymore in which case allow 1 more to be sent. Allow 1 email per event, ie. private message, comment, friend request, etc. 9. Remove account feature doesn't seem to work right. 10. Sometimes I see double posted bulletins, etc. make sure this doesn't happen. Add features: 1. Top 8 selection like myspace has 2. Integrate vbulletin instead of the included forum. Make one login, not two. Have user links in the forum point to existing script user profiles not vbulletin forums as I don't want two sets of profiles per user. Add recent forum posts in users profiles, and recent posts on the front of the website. 3. Allow users to select how many comments to display on their page. 4. Add more questions to ask during registration. (ie. favorite smoking accessory, etc.) 5. Add email address change form w/ verification.

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