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133081 MySpace Clone With Ecommerce

MySpace Clone With E-commerce Functionality

Budget: $2,000

Search Engine Optimization is also required.

Online shopping network site comprising four classes (A, B, C & D). Class A represents shoppers. Class B represents merchants. Class C represents partners. Class D represents the administrator. Classes A, B & C will have Sub-Classes, such as Class B merchants sub-classified by the kinds of products they sell.

Classes A, B & C users will join the network by completing a member profile. The administrator will have the option to approve each completed profile, or to setup predetermined standards for each Class or Sub-Class to automatically approve each member profile.

Functionality should be like [url removed, login to view] with e-commerce functionality added. Members should be able to navigate the site and interact with each other as they would on MySpace. Administrator will have the ability to determine the permissions for each Class and/or member to determine what each Class and/or member can do on the site.

The amount spent by Class A users on purchases is divided among Classes B, C & D. The model for division of the amount spent on a purchase among Classes B, C & D is determined by administrator for each item individually, by Class and Sub-Class, and/or by some other method to be decided and/or adjusted by the administrator.

The membership profile will include the usual information to be determined and adjusted by administrator. The profile will keep statistics of user activity to be determined by administrator including member and non-member sites hit, time spent on sites, links hit, purchases through E-commerce Site, amount of user purchases broken down by item and category, and by amount of receipt divided between B, C & D classes from each purchase by Class A shoppers. B, C & D class receipts should be further broken down by amount received from each item, each category, Class, Sup-Class, and total receipts. Administrator will determine and/or adjust specifics of statistic data to be stored.

Class A shopper’s profile will include name, address, contact information, age, sex, occupation, education, race, and at least one method of approved payment, such as credit card, PayPal, etc. Links to payments methods such as PayPal will be included.

Class B merchant’s will be organized by Sub-Classification to be determined, adjusted, and approved by the administrator. Sub-Classifications may include Entertainment, Travel, Health, etc. Some Class B merchants selected by administrator will be linked to MapQuest.

Class C partner’s profile will be organized by Sub-Classification to be determined and/or adjusted by the administrator. Their profile will include name, address, contact information, description of partner organization, etc.

Administrator will be able to change profile information required and/or requested for each Class and Sub-Class. Administrator will also be able to determine what information will be available to each other Class and Sub-Class. For example, Class A shoppers will be able to view Class B merchant products and services, but will not be able to view other information such as Class B receipts from sales, financial information, and credit information. Class D information is only available to the administrator.

The site should further allow users to join various social networks determined and/or adjusted by the administrator, for example, including a dating network, a business network, trade networks, etc. This could be a [url removed, login to view] clone. The various social networks should be listed under Class B. Users will select the networks to join, if any, and decide their level of membership to purchase in each network. Free dating or social network scripts are available online such as osDate to be found at [url removed, login to view] This script can be downloaded and adapted.

To keep cost down, use of open other source scripts such as those available on [url removed, login to view] could be used.

Kĩ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, PHP

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