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* Also, please make the printable Receipt and Invoice math the look of the site, but black text on white.

* The attached image shows how it looks on the jovovich-hawk store when someone has "also purchased" another item. It looks "pixelated" to me, and it doesn't show the large version of the drawing when you float over it. I don't think its referring to the right image.

* The font for "customers who bought this product also purchased" should match "OTHER ITEMS IN THIS LOOK"

* Can you add the special { } bracket images around "{ CHECKOUT NOW }" at the bottom right, and make it Gold, like the phrase "Sign Up"

* Please add another "{ CHECK OUT NOW }" to the right of "Collections" and "Categories" when the cart has items in it. This link also needs to be the gold color, like logo color. Please make sure the three words line up well on the same baseline. (Collections? Categories? ?{ CHECKOUT NOW }"

* I still look in admin and see many orders without a name next to them.

* Coupon code doesn't seem to be working:

I added a coupon code to [url removed, login to view], and it doesn't appear to be working correctly when I check out. Can you see why? I think we had this same problem with Trovata before, and you fixed it. Coupon code: sweetcandy

* Please change "Coupon Code" or "Discount Coupons" to "Special Code" throughout the store.

* Change "Enter Redeem Code" to "If you have a special code, please enter it here"

* Can you change "VOUCHER REDEAMED" to say "USE SPECIAL CODE"

* Sales tax should be turned OFF outside california!

* Both Glue and Jovovich-Hawk stores: I need the ability to search by name or email to find someone's order.

* When I look at orders, I don't see many of the customer's names. Why? Can it be fixed?

* When I view the customer list, I want a column added for their "Order IDs". It would just contain the order IDs, and clicking on an IDs will go to a specific order. For example, Shannon Meyer would have Order ID column with "71, 89" in it, and clicking on "89" would show order number 89.

We need to have it be clearer when they select a color/material. For

example, maybe a small gold arrow (image) to the right of the

selected material? I've attached a file called "[url removed, login to view]" which has

a transparent edge. See attached example image for placement (next to

selected color).

Please show a tool tip with the product name when user floats over

photos of product. Use similar format for border and background color

as the sketches that show with tool-tip in other areas.

Anywhere that a price is shown for a product it needs to show the

original price with "strikethrough" and discount price next to it.

This means the "collections" [url removed, login to view] pages need to match

price listing on the [url removed, login to view] pages, and also in the shopping

cart and confirmation page (and show the original price with

"strikethrough" and discount prices in the receipt).

When a user adds an item to their bag, can you use javascript to

smoothly move down to the bottom of the page to show where their item

was added?

See attached image that shows a new area for a text description (3-4

lines is fine. Font is 12pt Georgia). Please add that.

Add a "tool-tip" to show a larger material swatch. You can use one of

the existing image-sources that are tied to each color in the admin.

Right now we're only using 1 of those for the small material swatch.

Store Locator

* Also, please revise the [url removed, login to view] store locator to work smoother. It has too large of a database, so it slows down or crashes browsers.

[url removed, login to view]

Please make it so that it only lists the states (Arizona, California, etc) in the box on the left, and doesn't list the stores in each state until a state is selected. A little gray triangle arrow is to the left of each state to indicate that it can be clicked. When the user selects a state it loads the stores for that state with ajax, and the stores in that state are shown beneath the state name. The triangle arrow points down when the state's stores are showing. The other states are still in the list, but only one state can show stores at a time. In other words, when the user selects another state, the 1st state hides its store list, and the triangle arrow turns to point to the right again.

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