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162806 voucher system

I need somebody who can implement this in my oscommerce site. Here is the scenario. pls help..... I have a limited budget.

Awaiting for a bid.

By recommending a Monsieur Baron shirt to your friends you could actually get a discount for your next purchase or even “buy” a shirt for free! Please find below the rules of the game :

1. Only an a/c holder (the recommendor) can recommend a shirt / website.

2. The recommendor can make this recommendation to anyone (recommendee) who has an e-mail address.

3. The recommendation will be made via the [url removed, login to view] website by entering the recommendees e-mail addresses each one separated by a “,” and space. To make it easy-to-use the recommendor can navigate in his address book to select the recommendees.

4. A recommendation becomes a positive recommendation when :

One of the recommendee has purchased his 1st MonsieurBaron shirt

This same recommendee was not an a/c holder before receiving the recommendation and purchasing the shirt

The purchase of the shirt was made within 14 days of receiving the recommendation.

In case a non-a/c holder receives many recommendations before eventually buying a shirt the recommendor who sent the most recent recommendation is credited a recommendation voucher.

E.g : Mr Y (the recommendee) receives :

a recommendation on the 02/01/2008 from Mr A

a recommendation on the 08/01/2008 from Mr B

a recommendation on the 17/01/2008 from Mr C

a recommendation on the 19/01/2008 from Mr D

Mr Y buys 3 first shirts on the 18/01/2008 and therefore becomes an a/c holder.

Mr C would be credited a recommendation voucher of £x.

(A, B, C and D are 4 MonsieurBaron a/c holders)

For each positive recommendation the recommendor will receive a recommendation voucher 30days after the purchase was processed

The recommendation will be equal to £x and will be deducted automatically from the recommendor’s next purchase.

The recommendations are accumulative. Say the price of the shirt is 10£x :

If the recommendor is credited 10 recommendations vouchers he would have a shirt for free.

If the recommendor is credited 2 recommendations vouchers he would have to pay for 8£x for his next purchase.

A recommendation is valid for 90 days.



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