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I need to find a web person to take my site and make it hands free or as hands free as possible.

I have a template-based web site that my customers can order. There is currently only one template, but I'd like to have a few other variations of it. Currently, when they order the web site, everything must be set up manually and we're looking for a way to make this process automated.

The web sites are fairly simple and consist of only a couple pages. All that needs to be customized on the sites in most cases is the person's name and e-mail. Each person's site is just set up as an extension of my site, such as [url removed, login to view] (where abc would usually be their initials or something like that).

Currently all the customizations are contained within a simple text file. The pages use PHP to include this text file and extract the information and assign each line in the text file to a variable name which is used later in the script.

Sometimes a person will later sign up for an e-mail followup system such as 1shoppingcart.com. We have designed another version of the script that will integrate their site with their account at 1shoppingcart. All that is needed to make this is work is to add a couple more lines of information to the text file: their merchant ID # and their ID # of the particular mailing list that needs to be tied in with their site.

Sometimes they will also get their own domain name and just forward it to our site. In those cases, there is also a spot for their domain name because one of the sites has a spot where their URL is displayed at the top of the page. When they have their own domain, we put their domain name there instead.

When a customer orders, they get 2 web sites, each on a different domain on my server. These sites are related to real estate, so they get one web site for buyers and one for sellers, again, each on a separate domain name.

Basically what we want to happen is for the person to pay for the web site, then the following things should happen:

First: I want them to be able to pick from 4 templates, all consisting of the same information, but some will just have pictures, various colors, etc., just minor cosmetic differences.

I want them to be able to change some of the wording of the content, customizing it to fit their needs.

Second: I want it to be live as soon as they pay, with an extension usually 2-3 characters long. (such as [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view]) Obviously each customer will have to have a unique extension, so the script will need to check and see if anyone already has that extension before it is assigned. As mentioned previously, they will have an extension set up on 2 different domains. The extension should be the same on both sites.

Third: The person should be sent an e-mail with their full URLs.

The functionality of the sites must remain the same as they are now. When a visitor fills out the form, it is submitted to itself (it is a PHP file). The script checks to make sure all the required fields are filled out. If they are, it e-mails the details to the owner of the site (to the e-mail address contained in the text file that the PHP includes to get these variables). The visitor is then redirected to a “Thank You” page.

If the person has an e-mail followup system at 1ShoppingCart, a different version of the script is used. In that case, when a visitor fills out the form, the details are first e-mailed to the owner of the site, then the relevant details (name and e-mail, merchant ID, autoresponder ID), properly formatted, are sent to the e-mail followup system which stores the data and sends the visitor an e-mail autoresponder. This adds the visitor to the site owner's mailing list at 1ShoppingCart.com.

However, not all customers will have an account at 1ShoppingCart, so the design must be flexible.

I must be able to easily disable the site if the customer doesn't pay or cancels their site. In that case, the person's extension site should just redirect to the main domain of the site.

If possible, I'd like the visitors' data to be stored in a database that the site owners can access so they can manage their leads in one area. How difficult would this be to incorporate?

Again, the idea here is to make this process as automated as possible. However, if necessary, some parts could remain manual. If that's the case, we want it to be as simple as possible so that someone in our office can easily do the site setup or removal with a couple clicks of the mouse and not need FTP software or anything like that.

I am looking for the 4 templates to be designed by you. I have the scripts now for the form, however, I would like to discuss your ideas and cost of this project.

I'm looking to find someone for this project ASAP.



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