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We are seeking to create a stable, tested, tried and true portal platform for our site, while having an open-source access to programming standards, making the development process fast and easy. Our current model has to be revamped with a new aesthetic. Some of the requirements are as follows: design skin, content management, e-commerce module, ability to charge for membership, assign security for logins, recurring fees, merchant processing, player less video capability module, user base file upload, user base file manager, video viewer, archive backup system, portal installation all installed on SQL server. Currently we are operating on a (Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.) The model, we want will have three "areas" to our site. 1. Public Area: This is so the general public can come to the site to view the content and video advertisements. 2. Registered Members Area: Users can pay a fee to upload their videos to the website. Once they have paid, they will receive a username and password to login and access their Membership area and manage their video files. 3. Administrative Area: Ability for us as the company to manage users, files, videos and more from the "backend" of the system. With the proposed model above, we would like to have a skin design that we believe will match up to our current design structure/angle being used. As the portal uses skins, we would like to upload and change the design at any time. Key Features: Online store selling products from single or multiple suppliers, Online portal selling products from single or multiple suppliers, Web-supermarket with several departments, Online distributor/wholesaler, Affiliate store, Internet mall with joint catalog, Artist agencies, Multiple Domain Sites, Non-profit organizations (Donations), Localization options, Discussion Forums, Book storefront, Clothing store, Suitable for these kinds of trading S A O Any kind of products or services subscriptions that means that the customer is automatically added to the selected user role for a predefined period after payment has been effected. This can be used if we want published content on our portal tabs, which is only visible for customers who are members of a specific role. Recurring delivery from customer's inventory assets and automatically continuing subscription (e.g. sell membership subscriptions.) When a customer pays for a 1 year subscription, they get a number of uses. When a use is executed, the number is reduced.) Configurable products (Computers, Cars, mobile accessories, etc.) Customer can buy/sell under consideration of compatibility rules, product types and specifications of their item. We need a product configuration module which allows customers to create and sell combined products or systems that can consist of various components (like computer systems, cars, homes, jewelry, air conditioning systems etc.), it can also be used for creating sets of products, for example, suits, skiing accessories, sets of golf clubs etc. to help a customer get a complete and functional set that is customized according to his preferences. When using a product configuration you can define what components your combined product should consist of, each component can be mandatory or optional. For each component you can predefine a product. Besides, you can define specifications and requirements for each component to avoid incompatibility between some of the components. Simplifying the process of creating and tracking, made-to-order products with many interchangeable or optional components. The module allows defining compatibility rules for cross-selling products (for example, AMD motherboard is compatible with Athlon processors but incompatible with Intel Pentium). Step-by-step product creation. Additional fees/surcharges (e.g. assembling of computers): Bundled products we may want to sell some products only as a part of a composite product. We would like to control this via Status (kind of use) drop down on the Main categories data page. Subscriptions can be sold both as a part of a package / composite product or separately. When Bundled is selected a product can only be sold as a part of a composite product: Packages / composite products to create a product package / composite product create a configurable product and add slots to it and name it to e.g.: MY PACKAGE ITEM A + ITEM B. Select slot [Status] = fixed and pre-select a product ID for each slot. You can combine fixed and not fixed slots with pre-selected and not pre-selected items in one configurable product. Item packages for special pricing: Absolute and percentage surcharges or discounts Item packages with additional fees (e.g. assembling fees for computers): Percentage and absolute amounts In addition item prices will be calculated under the normal considerations of chapter: Customer Care / Shopping Cart / Pricing - point: Pricing purchase products, cars, tools and other items. This will be better to understand for customers. You can search for products on use of the search module categories database: search module: Books (Specify ISBN number, author, publisher...) Real-time delivery of digital goods: Videos, music, flash, software, images etc. with click log (Download button automatically appears if previously paid for. Automatic permission to download software after payment has been effected or if item price = 0. ZIP-password for each data item. Customers can see this password in their account after having paid ). Files/Media Gallery With the integrated media gallery for each product the user can watch video files, show video / audio demonstrations and images which are displayed in the integrated media player, flash player or image viewer control and can download files. All clicks will be recognized and stored in a log. Also disable all shopping cart functions. Files can be located in any folder on our server or on an external URL. We can also link to other TAB's/sites of the portal. Item based donations we would like to have optional allowing users to give as much as they want for a product, like set their own price. This can be used for donations or if you publish any items for free and want allow friends to pay something if they want to honor your work. You can also combine the donation function with the function [Hide all price labels]. This function is like a module CAT Shopping Cart and all product list modules. Affiliate store (referred to a third party affiliate gateway) Call Center / Telephone Marketing Individual product price changes during checkout or after an order has been placed. Multi-Language Support Language packages (All translations can be changed in language resources) English, German, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. Customizable localization S A O Multi-language support, Globalize web controls, Localized help files, Changeable translated keys for controls, messages, notification emails etc. Second currency option: Fix a rate of exchange related to the main currency for all installed languages. Online real time Currency Converter, Customized currency symbols. [url removed, login to view] can handle specific cultures(en-EN, en-UK, de-CH etc.) Localized images on buttons, Selectable currency and weight/dimension measurement units, List of more than 40 states/provinces, Language switcher Module (CAT LangSwitcher) can be used by users to change the language of www.DotNetNuke.com. More than 50 predefined cultures and flags. Language resources editor module(add/edit keys and translations) A better translation can made upon viewing our beta website, which we will provide upon finalizing the bid process. We look forward to working with whom ever wins out in the bidding process. Tax Zones(CAT_Zones): The system can calculate the tax by customers address and product. Specify tax rate for countries, regions, cities, ZIP match codes and products. Define Tax Zones and assign these Tax Zones to several items. Accept payments in any currency, Support for Debit cards, PayPal payment processor also allows Pending PayPal payments and supports PayPal subscriptions Real-time Credit card processing with SSL support integrates the following payment gateways: The payment status of customer`s orders are automatically updated showing "paid" in the store after payment has been effected or showing "error" if payment is still due. (PayPal, credit card) Manual (offline) credit card processing Option(Save Credit Card during checkout only and not connect to CC Gateway) Cash on Delivery, Cash in Advance, Debit Credit Card payment information security SSL (https) support MD5 Merchant Hash Code verification. This is a very secure fraud check supported by [url removed, login to view] ADS Amount Double Check and response verification. ADS is supported by the Cardia, PayPal and NAB gateway interface OTP One Time Password supported by Banca Selle / GesPay AVS Support - The Address Verification Service is enabled on those processors that support it. This uses the address or zip / postal address to help verify the transaction is legitimate. CVC Support - The card verification code helps to cut down fraud. This code is passed to those gateways / processors that support it, Option to make the 3-digit security code compulsory, Option to show a Show 9-digit user identity number, Credit card details can be encrypted when pushed to the database and decrypted when listed to order detail page Module Security.

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