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140567 Closet Design Center

Brief summary to new website:

New website to be built. The website will give the customer the ability to design, price, save their orders and/or place their orders online, within a login area. This application will require different technologies to build the website. We are anxious to get this project off and going. A zip file is attached ([url removed, login to view]) with several attached (.pdf) files with more specific details of project. Some of these files will provide you with an idea on the reports and type of drawings that we are looking for.

4 areas for design and pricing:

Closet Design Center

Murphy bed & Paneled Design Center

Home Office Design Center

Garage Design Center

We would want the 4 above Design Centers to all have the ability to us 3D. The 3D drawings are more complex, especially the colored ones. See the ([url removed, login to view]) in the attached zip file, to see a more of what we trying to in vision for part of the application.

Note: On the example websites, they show there 3D in a line drawing application, we could use this type vs. our preference, which is the colored application: see ([url removed, login to view]). When you provide your proposal, please give us itemized prices for both the line drawing and the colored applications, separate from each other and the rest of the proposal as an optional price. If you cannot provide the colored application, but you can do the line drawing application, please not that in your proposal. We are keeping the 3D completely separate from the rest of the design of the website for pricing purposes.

Zip file attached ([url removed, login to view]):

(Detail Specifications for new [url removed, login to view]) this file is a step-by-step layout of the whole site.

(cl-*.pdf) these files on the Closet Design Center.

(mb-*.pdf) these files on the Murphy bed & Panel bed, Home Office and Garage Design Centers

Note: the (mb-*.pdf) files will all use the same template design functions (drag and drop)

Brief description on our software: Cabinet Vision

With our current software, we want to bring orders from this new website and seamlessly integrate with a (.ord) text file, and download it in our software, which would require no data entry for the customer’s new order. We have provided 2 sample (.ord) files in the above zip file. Here is our software manufacturer’s website:

Designing our cabinetry & creating all the code for the machinery:

[url removed, login to view]

Electronic code integration from our office design to our machinery:

[url removed, login to view]

Example websites:

We have some example websites we are using for the direction we want to go with this design application:

[url removed, login to view] (higher quality website, has garage design area)

[url removed, login to view] (this website is lower quality)

[url removed, login to view] (this website is a little more difficult to do the design)

Turnkey project:

We are looking for you to price the building this website turnkey, however, there are some applications that we can provide, such as some of the images, if necessary. Our 1st preference is to rely on your skills, and you provide everything if possible. In your quote, please expound on if you are providing a turnkey design or if you are requesting our assistance in the images.

Possible Technologies:

Different technologies will be mixed in building this website, different programmers will want to use different combinations, and there may be other technologies that we have not list. We are not suggesting any particular choices (codes listed in alphabetical order), we will rely on the feedback that we get from each proposal:

ASP, CSS, Flash, Java, Javascript, JSP, MySQL, MS Access (.mdb), PHP, (maybe others)

Price and details:

Please “do not” provide a quote on an hourly rate, we want a good, honest, fair price to do this complete project. This project could be done in stages, however, if you give this as your recommendation, provide a detailed price schedule in-conjunction with the time schedule.

Note: To get this project started, in your 1st proposal, we want a brief summary description of the scope of work, with prices and the timetable for the start and completion of this project, at this time. After we have reviewed all of the proposals, we will request a more detailed proposal from those we have not eliminated out the process.

Note: In your 1st proposal, we are require that your provide all forms of payment that you accept, and what your payment schedule would be. We will use this as part of our acceptance or denial in the bids that come in. We feel that any reputable programming team would be very reasonable and flexible in their terms.

Note: We will want to review any projects that you have done that have any or all of the elements of what we are requesting in this site. In your 1st proposal, please provide websites that we can view to see your quality level of designs and any websites that we would see aspects of our request elements. This information will be used as well, as part of our acceptance or denial in the bids that come in.

Note: Please provide all forms of communication that you provide on such a project (i.e. email, phone, fax, web conference, etc).

Note: We are ready to start this project immediately upon finding the right programming team that we feel can do the work, and be compatible with communicating with us.

Kĩ năng: Adobe Flash, Bất kì công việc gì, ASP, Javascript, JSP, PHP

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