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CoupleCare aka LoveEnsure(TM)

WTD: Socially Conscious ASP developer to Joing Startup Team to TakeOver Improving/serving READY to Launch New Category Killer Web AP (LoveEnsure?"? aka [url removed, login to view]"?) Reply to: gary@[url removed, login to view] Salary range: $25-75k/yr (part time OK for now) NOTE: This job description continues onto the next two sections (Deliverables and Platform). Please read it all. It contains the following 7 sections: The Opportunity The Company description Technical Specs Requirements Duties Compensation To Apply Instructions with phone contact to FU immediately after emailing THE OPPORTUNITY: To have flex hours, be in at the ground-floor of a pioneering (Category-killer ap) startup, and to be able to go to bed every nite, or wake up every morning knowing your work has helped to save hundreds of thousands or more marriages and committed relationships, or otherwise made them much happier than they otherwise would have been COMPANY DESCRIPTION: LoveEnsure?"? aka [url removed, login to view], aka PairRepair, and CoupleTuneUp and CoupleHelp ( a project of Relationship Technologies LLC): LoveEnsure?"? is a breakthrough marriage (committed relationship) saving/enrichment internet startup ready to launch (ideally by late May) with

## Deliverables

LoveEnsure provides couples with a web-application-based “ongoing interactive relationship-management?? tool or service. In pioneering this market via the internet, we envision Love-Insure?"? becoming as much the portal of choice for couples as [url removed, login to view] is for singles. LoveEnsure?"? draws on the latest most definitive research on long lasting happy marriages, and on some of the best practices for saving marriages on the verge of divorce.

LoveEnsure is intended to be the most ongoing, accessible, procrastination-minimizing, individually tailored, and most cost-effective tool for enriching, strengthening, and thereby divorce and affair-proofing committed relationships today.

The potential market : 20-25 million couples:

·? ? the 15%-20% of the 65 million couples (in USA alone) dissatisfied with their marriages

·? ? the possibly equally large numbers of moderately satisfied couples wishing to make their marriages even better

·? ? the 2 million couples just starting out on internet dating sites afraid of the relationship fizzling

·? and much more that can create equally large or larger revenue streams(that is confidential)

**Proceeds: All surplus revenues under founder’s control will go to fund progressive causes especially causes to increase democracy and also to stop GLOBAL WARMING. (A portion of profits could also go to your own favorite cause as well.)**

**? Technical Specifications:**

Ø? ? ? ? ? The application version 2, is finished. The code is mostly in ASP, well documented, and mostly in asp for websites, with data base, some JVscript, VB script, SQL for the data base; the engineer used Style Sheet

The engineer, who has put more than 250 hrs into it, almost all on spec (contingent upon funding) is a bit exhausted, and overwhelmed, busy with a well paying contract, seeking a regular fulltime wellpaying job, since he has to support two kids including a1 year old, plus some health challenges and recent death in his inlaw family.


**1) signing? and faxing back non disclosure, and able to start within a week or so;**

**(Notarization or witnessing might be necessary; so please call before faxing!)**

**? 2) proof you have the necessary competence in ASP and Javascript. Backend is in MS Sql. There is some VB script, and it is well documented and done in Style Sheet.? I ideally (though negotiable) would like to see an application you’ve actually done??"something that leads the user in a particular direction, and has a backend (or screen shots for it if it is pw protected)**

**? 3) Able to start within ASAP and work 15-30hrs/wk (hard to tell at this moment, but more first week or two, then later until we get funding)**

**4) Proof you are USA based (current engineer does not want us to outsource)**

**? 5) Preferred but not req'd: evidence of social/environmental justice concern ??"**

**outfits you have done probono work for**

**6)**? ? ? ? **Per 5, why would you want to work for much less than your usual rate, albeit with a generous backend deal?**

**7)**? ? ? ? **? Creativity and comfort communicating by phone--not minding a daily check in or call from me? **

**8)**? ? ? ? **? Being easily accessible by phone, since director does not live on his computer**

**? DUTIES:**

**In general:** We need a fresh talent. Some immediate functions added: that could take anywhere from 30-80hrs more for a pro (e.g. setting up credit card payment system, chat room,? content to be systematically laced into /added to existing email spouse-spouse msg system, etc). Note: improvements in text happens at least once? a week as we get more ideas and feedback from viewers.

**In addtion, until we get funding and a CS or CTO person (which hopefully won’t be more than 2-3 months), we will need you to communicate well with beta test users and paying customers with problems.**

**TIMING: we hope to have our major launch by mid May to exploit June, the biggest month for weddings and anniversaries, and when midterm elections will be heating up.**

**? COMPENSATION:? Contract would stipulate following**

**PHASE 1 (the low pay phase)**

·? ? **an initial $20-25/hr ( initial fee of $800 for first? approx? 35-50hrs, plus additional $45/hr backend. (I prefer results-based for first month or so if possible until we both develop sufficient trust)??"putting in payment system, adding one or two functions, moving one function from step 3 to step 4**

·? ? **plus an additional $800-1000(for next 30-35 hrs) plus additional $45/hr backend after first investor funding is made, or revenue reaches $25k , whichever comes first . (All of first $22k must go to pay off previous engineer, CFO, designer, researchers)**

·? ? **we might also need you to find and move the site to a reliable server company that is highly secure and scalable (and has good politics)**

**PHASE 2**

·? ? **Higher rate: $35-50/hr depending on level of initial funding, plus remainder (at rate of $75/hr on the backend).**

·? ? **Or continuing as above for at least 1-3 more months until funding arrives (with possible equity position)**

·? ? **? In addition, if the relationship is sufficiently mutually satisfying,? you would be first to be hired for ongoing improvements to the site (adding new features), developing? spinoffs for family and business, which could become fulltime job paying at least $75k/yr**

·? ? **And/or first right of refusal for managing Love-Insure’s website at competitive salary if desired.**

**? (None of the initial investment/donations will be going to the founder/creator of the program until all debts to developers and designers and researchers have been paid: We are all into this project to make a difference in the world--to seriously improve and divorce/affair-proof marriages, and help save the planet.)**

**? Founder/CEO background: Gary Krane PhD has a good track record raising funds for progressive causes over the past 25 years, having raised over $1.5 million for films, candidates, saving Pacifica Radio, and other non-profits, including major players in the voter verified paper ballots movement .**

**TO APPLY: email** [**Gary@[url removed, login to view]**][1]**,**

**A cover letter addressing each of the 1-8 Reqs above, one by one,(DO NOT just send resume)**

**and then follow up with call to me at 510 832 4033 or cell 415 845 7012, weekends**

## Platform


·? ? ? A finished beta tested application (just needing sophisticated payment system added, plus two more simple value-added functions/features)

·? ? ? Finished business plan and financials (recently reached semi-finals for UC Berkeley Business Plan competition, already meeting with potential investors

·? ? ? Have wellconnected mentors

·? ? ? Recent successful meetings with a 45 million member strategic partner and

? ? ? ? a major national HMO

·? ? ? A founder with a decently successful entrepreneurial background

·? ? ? ? A very optimistic venture consultant, given the recent successful strategic partnership meeting

Kĩ năng: ASP, Java, Javascript, PHP

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