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Movement on Google Earth

Movement on Google Earth


I would like some software that interacts with Google Earth([url removed, login to view]) to show the gradual movement of an object (an airplane) from one location to another, along with its corresponding fuel level. The program will be used as a proof on concept to demonstrate Google Earth's capacity to handle movement and changing



The software will not be used calculate fuel levels for actual airplanes, and the software is not being commissioned by Google or its affiliates. The software is intended for use by an academic geographer.


The input is a text file with the following format.

time at departure, origin x-coordinate, origin y-coordinate, origin z-coordinate, origin fuel amount

time at arrival, destination x-coordinate, destination y-coordinate, destination z-coordinate, destination fuel amount

sample text data file data





Explanation of the sample file:

In this file, the airplane leaves at 1:00a.m. from longitude 10.5 degrees east, latitude 12 degrees north, elevation 0 meters above sea level, with 32769 liters of fuel in the airplane's tank. The plane arrives at its destination at 1:00pm, at longitude 35.121, latitude is 35.232, elevation 3000 meters above sea level, and 5000 liters of fuel remaining.

The time given at both locations is the time at the origin airport (ie. you don't need to account for time zones).


The software will need to be able to read the input text file, then interact with Google Earth (probably using the properties of Google Earth's KML file format) to show the location of the airplane, the time at that location, and its corresponding fuel load. The plane's position at any time should calculated proportional to the total distance and total time of travel. Similarly, the fuel level should be assessed by calculating the change in fuel from origin to destination and subtracting a corresponding amount as a linear function. The fuel level might need to be coded as part of KML's tag.


To do this project, you need knowledge of Google Earth KML files:

[url removed, login to view]

I would like the number of time steps for any flight to be appropriate in order to get a sense of movement (maybe twenty steps and a twenty second visualization). The software should not be "real time" (ie. a ten hour flight should not require ten hours to visualize).


I envision the final product to be dot blipping across the screen of Google Earth (whether the fuel level and time is automatically displayed or has to be "clicked" is up to the preference of the Provider -- or possibly the limitations of the Google Earth software).

Potential providers, Please provide information on preferred programming language and/or server requirements that I will likely need in order to run the software.

My guess is that a programmer with knowledge of KML could knock this out relatively quickly.

Probable Algorithm

1) get data from text file

2) assign number of time steps for visualization (let's say 20)

3) calculate positions and fuel loads along each of the route's time steps.

4) serve positions and corresponding data to Google Earth (in whatever way you find most appropriate).

5) that's it.



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