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I am running a Magazine subscription. Recently my subscibers have become more, and Its difficult for me to cope up with the Excel formating with manual inputs, etc.

I require a software with to handle all these.

I have 2 types of subscriptions.

a) School Subscriptions

b) Personal Subcriptions

a) School subscriptions

We will need to input data of new subscribers as below:

i) Particulars of school, teacher, no. of copies, start date, end date, etc

b) Personal subscriptions

i) we will input the data of subscribers, and usually they will order only 1 for themselves.

This software must be able to:

1) identify when a subscrioption is expiring soon

2) when to send out a renewal letter

3) alert birthday reminders

4) print subscribers details on envelope

5) update its database upon renewal

6) able to identify the number of envelopes to print for school subscriptions which is more than 1 copy

7) able to update on payment done, method of payments etc

basically, its a simple data entry programme with a little customised function.

More information:

when i get a new subscriber, I need them to feed in the following:

1) Name

2) address

3) Identity Number

4) Contact Number

5) Start subscription Month/ Year

and so on.

Currently Im keying in this into my EXCEL.

And when I want to send the magazine, I have to write out each subscribers envelopes.

Therefore, I want to create an application, which is DESKTOP applicatoin, so that I can just key in the data/ or my staffs can key in the data of new subscribrs or renewals, etc.

The magazine will be sent manually.

Also, the system must have the capabilty to identify the No. of envelopes to print the ADDRESSes.

This is because, some schools, subscribe more than 1 copy/ month. and the envelopes used can only fit in MAX 2 copies/ envelope.

This means, if a school subscribes 3 copies/ month, then the system must be able to print 1 envelope for the 2 copies, and 1 envelope for 1 copy. Maybe some kind of mark can be made on the envelopes so that the staffs will know how many copies to put into that particular envelope.

As for my website, currently doesnt have the online applciation. therefore, it is required to create some kind of FORM in my website, whereby members can key in the details required. this details can be emailed to my inbox account as EXCEL format or any other format which can be read by my windows. My staff will key it in manually into the Desktop Application.

Therefore, I only need offline desktop application + the FORM for my website.

More details for the application:

the application should:

1) Keep database of subscribers

2) Alert when : a) 3 months before expiry of subscription ( for renewal) and print out renewal notice with a click of a button. This renewal notices will be printed out with the details of the subscriber, amount charge for subscription, etc.

b) 2 weeks before a subscribers birthday, and print out details of subscribers , to enable staffs to send them greetings cards.

3) List subscribers who have not paid

4) Update the database once the payment is received, including date erceived, method of payment received, etc.

5) Print subscribers details on envelope with a click of button. These printing will need some work because the envelopes we use can max fit in 2 copies magazine. Some Schools subsribers take 5 copies per month, some 3 copies. So if 1 copy, print 1 envelope and indicate in a corner (1), if 2 copies print 1 envelope and indicate (2) if 3 copies print 1 envelope indicate (2) and 1 envelope indicating (1) , if 5 copies print 2 envelopes indicating (2) and 1 envelope indiacting (1) and so on.

6) Get information from the ONLINE FORM and add it into the system OR just receive and EMAIL with the particulars submitted online. Please take note that I require that FORM to be made and updated in my website, [url removed, login to view]

7) the price of the subscriptions varies from time to time. New subscribers are given special introductory price, and upon renewal the price will change, and maybe after another year, it will change again. So that has to be taken into account too.

8) The postage for some areas are FREE, wherelse some places, we will need to add postage, which makes the total subscription charges different.

9) Not forgetting, some subscribers would like to cancel subscription after 1 year, and some want to reduce or increase the number of copies they subscribing a month.

10) Must be able to create BACKUP of the database, so that incase of application failure/ computer crash, the database can still be used in EXCEL or something in another computer to send out the subscriptions without any delay.

Basically, that is ALL that we require for now.

Its a straight forward basic application. No need complicated one. User Friendly. So that ALL staffs can do it.


That means i need to make 2 things,

1. A web form where customers will fill their info up and the data will be sent to you automatically.

2. The desktop app that you will use to add, edit, delete data, which will inform you automatically about events and also print necessary infos, etc.

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