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new version of internet dll needed with enhancements

Enclosed is the source code for an existing dll for sending/receiving information from webpages. However, there are a few problems with it so it has to be recoded from scratch.

First, it was using the webbrowser control. This new version needs to do it without the webbrowser control because it needs to be callable from a webpage and this control cannot be called from a webpage.

Second, it relies on MS Internet Explorer Technology. With Windows 2003 Server Edition, if several instances of the dll is used, then it crashes. Needs to either do it from scratch or use Firefox Technology.

The CHtmlDocParser class can be copied over. The only enhancement required there is for the TextWithLinks method would be to allow if the website is a secure one (https), then it can show up as a link instead of just http and email addresses.

Next, the following methods/properties are not needed for this new control.





needs to do it where nothing is put to cache so if it goes to a webpage, its always uptodate instead of possible old information.

still need to keep session information, handle cookies, etc.

other than that, the methods, properties need to be the same. The name of the dll and reference needs to be the same also. so the code I have, I won't have to make changes for it to work properly. all other existing features need to work properly (timeout, executing javascripts, etc.). Let me know if you have any questions. If there is no way to make it work when executing javascripts, then that part would be fine. Just make sure to let me know of that. In that case, if I set executescripts to false, then it would still need to work properly (just no executing the javascripts). The new version of the dll needs to also be in C++ and also COM enabled.

## Deliverables

The compiled dll and the source code to the new dll. Plus a sample vb application to show this working properly and a simple ASP application so I can see it can work from ASP as well.

## Platform

Windows XP Home Edition, Windows 2003 Server Edition.

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