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348774 program web/win (c++ / php)

----- intro-----

we want to work professional business .

- We intend to program many projects as soon as possible

(( we just accept Bid from experts developers that have developed huge websites and large programs and have many Excellent feedbacks here or at any freelance websites .))

(( please if dont have many feedbacks dont waste your time we will not accept your bid ))

- we pay by Escrow 100% upfromt , release just when project

completed and tested.

- we prefer to deal with one company for all projects .

- all project must be finish within 30 days , max 45 days.

- we want start all projects ASAP and want each team work on

one project to finish all at frame time .

- Our budget is not determined but we will choose the

(((cheapest bid ))) of the experts ( company ) or programmers .

- these projects : small , medium and large

-we need gurentee ( we want to ensure the programer finish the

project within the specified period and high quality . )

Because the programmers will not lose anything when the job

is not done.

But we will be waste our time and delay projects if u accept that

we can discuss detal if not , I am sorry, we cant deal ., we just

deal with who have gurentee.

----------------------- Project No. (3) ------------

this program 2 version needed :

A) Windows Application ( c++/mysql)

B ) web ( PHP-MYSQL + CSS/XHTML + AJAx - Jquery + light box )

Introduction to the desired application:

• The desired application is briefly a multimedia online streaming application using a previously stored links in a MySQL Database on a server.

• The application also allows the user to read books and articles and see wallpapers from web links online.

• Also the application allows downloading these files in several ways (mentioned later).

• The main advantage in this application is to allow dealing with these media and articles in an easy way as if the user is exploring them from his own hard disk.

• So he is able to add any of them to favorites and make playlists.

• Also Rating and comments are allowed by users which can be viewed to all users.

• Also searching is allowed by users.


We can say that this application is generally similar to the YouTube with some differences and similarities as follows:

1) It contains main categories in a separate form like (Audio / Video / Books / Articles / Wallpapers …) which is the 1st from to appear. When user chooses any of the main categories another form is shown which is specified to the main category.

2) Each category contains other sub categories and each sub categories contains other sub categories.

3) When user choose category all files (links) in the last chosen category are viewed in a list box and all these categories and files' links are previously stored in a MySQL database on a server.

4) When user double clicks on any item of the list box the application automatically opens the link online from its opening program. The file types of these links may be of any type : mp3,wav,wma,wmv,rm,ram,mpeg,swf,doc,pdf

5) the application detect type of files and modifies the window (in which file opened or media played ) according to type of file so in case of audio files the window contains Play / stop / pause / RR / FF / Time elapsed / Total time ) and in case of video there is a video screen and so on.

6) In the playing window there is also details about the file chosen ( Category , sub Category , File name , Link , ID , file size , embedded code which can be copied by users in html pages )

7) Users can rate each file and final rating can be viewed by all users and they also can arrange files according to rating,

8) Users also can report a problem in any file as regards ( Not working – Not in place – Not Complete – Bad Quality – Contains Scientific mistake with mentioning it )

9) Users also can comment on each file and comments can be shown by all users )

10) The user also can download any link from these links by a download button.

11) There is a (Download all) button which allows the user to download a whole sub category.

12) There is also a (Schedule download button) that allows user to choose separate files even from different categories and download all of them.

13) Users can also download files from special downloading programs they prefer such as IDM, Orbit (This can be chosen from program settings).

14) All features on youtube like :

a- User can make a play lists to all multimedia files in the application.(like youtube playlists features ) and Quick list.

b- History .(like youtube History )

c- Register users can upload their files and creat channel (Such as youtube ) but need agree before view in the program .

c- Regiser user can creat Subscriptions . (Such as youtube )

d-Need other social features like ( inbox , Personal Messages ,Shared with You ,Comments ,Friend ,Invites ,Video Responses ,Sent, Address Book ) (Such as youtube )

e- Home page in programe : Register users can Customize Homepage

f- All Account Settings features on youtube , and other features at youtube

15) User also can add any file from the application to favorites and favorites is like that of internet explorer which allow user to make folders and add some files to special folder and also can play multimedia in a specific folder or in the whole favorites as a playlist. Users can define a hotkeys from settings to each part in the application and every function in the application.

16) There is also (Random Play) feature so users can random play media from a single category or single sub category or from even a playlist or favorites,

17) Also there is an option to shut down or stand by or hibernate system after finishing downloading all files from a schedule download or download all button and also after finishing playing a playlist.

18) Advanced control for all contents and features for Admin and moderators .

and control panel for (Admins, Supoer Moderator,Moderators, golden members )

19) Advance Statistics for admin .

20) Admin can limit number of download files for each user ( hour/day )

and can limit max download speed for each user and ip

21) Calendar: Admins & Moderators can add appointments from television programs … etc

and can user add alert for any appointment and can add notes.

22) There is a fixed bar at the top of application that contains some buttons. This bar can be used from any form in the application. This bar contains the following buttons: (Main - Favorites – Contact us – Tell a friend – Help – Prayer times – Messages – Volume control – Search – Recommended for you – Last added – Search in Database – Exit and save position).

• Main: returns user to the 1st form containing the main categories.

• Prayer times : a window is shown to user with prayer time of that day. Also the application can give a notification when a prayer time comes.

• Help: contain 2 parts :

1- User can point by cursor at any part of the application and a balloon is shown with information about this part and how to use

2- A flash show is played showing user how to use the whole program or how to do specific actions.

• Recommended for you: contains files recommended by admins which can be added in a database and are viewed in the application by date of add.

• Messages: Messages sent by admins to users are 1st viewed in the top of the application in a running bar viewing last messages. Each message is a hyperlink that on clicking opens a window to read this message. By clicking on the messages button all messages can be listed by title ordered by its date (Last messages are up).

• In this fixed bar there is also a newsreels that show updating news using RSS that can be edit by application panel. User can choose type of news he want and can choose all. Surely on clicking any feed a window is opened showing details of this feed.

23) Important Note: the program can be viewed in many languages by a single language file that can be translated whole by translators without editing the program.

24) Finally: The application database is newly updated so there is another program like a control panel from which admins can daily add new links and can control comments and every thing in the application.

Kĩ năng: .NET, Bất kì công việc gì, Lập trình C, PHP

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