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136809 Website Coding and Transfer

I need a problem sorted here. Three programmers have had a go at this and all have failed and given up.

The site is an Online Poker Forum - Blog - News Website all combined into one [url removed, login to view]

and the guy I bought it from in America (Tony) for $1100.00 on the 3rd April 2007 is unfortunately not able to assist with the transfer of this site from his private server `Swords and Cues' to the `Godaddy' servers.

What I thought would be a simple and straight forward transfer of this website over to Godaddy following purchase, has now turned into a complete nightmare six weeks later in that I have still not been able to take possession of it and I'm once again back to square one in search of a coder / programmer.

The seller is being most cooperative and helpfull in allowing me to continue hosting the site on his server for a period of 2 months to allow successfull transfer of the site to be completed. I therefore only have just over two weeks left to complete this transfer.

Out of pure interest, the Google page rank for this site has dropped from a PR4 to a PR3 as a result of numerous disruptive transfer attempts over the past 6 weeks. There is an automatic Poker News Feed that updates daily with new, fresh poker content. The news is stored in a Poker Archives - which adds to the site's content daily. There is a Poker Blog where I can post anything I want or open it up to the visitors to post also. There is also a Poker Forum which at this point has 1016 members and growing fast. There is also a Poker Directory with links to anything Poker related and approximately 21,000 links back to this site with an automatic linking system in place.

The project should be simple enough and involves the transfer of the website [url removed, login to view] from Plesk over to the Godaddy servers and then for a coder professional enough to convert the files from Plesk to Godaddy's.

The problem that each of the three programmers has encountered so far is not in the transfer of the files and database, but the fact that after the transfer has taken place, certain links are broken saying `oops!!! Page Not Found ' and the news is no longer sent to the archives when it has been up and running on the Godaddy servers.

Just so you fully understand where I'm coming from regarding the broken links issue when viewing the site [url removed, login to view] on the Godaddy server, permit me to point out specifically which links were being affected:

1.) In the main top menu links, when clicking on `Poker Glossary' the same page as `Directory' was being called up. What should happen here is what you now see, a complete and detailed glossary of all poker terminology being displayed as an a to z index, but not the `directory'.

2.) In the main top menu links, when clicking on `poker news' the same page as `archives' was being called up. What should happen here is what you now see, a completely different page being displayed, but not the same page as the `archives' page.

3.) In the right hand column on the Home Page, click on the following links under the heading CATEGORIES:-



poker news

online poker






In each case `oops!!! Page Not Found" was coming up instead of what you now see.

4.) In the right hand column on the Home Page, click on the following links under the heading DEUCE GRINDER:-

About Deuce


Contact Us

In each case `oops!!! Page Not Found" was coming up instead of what you now see.

5.) In the right hand column on the Home Page, click on the following links under the heading CONTRIBUTERS:


Daniel Gray

Deuce Grinder

Josh Sawyers

Lori Tether


In each case `oops!!! Page Not Found" was coming up instead of what you now see.


The first programmer hired by Tony (seller) reported the following:-

1.) Got the news archives to work.. that one had to do with file permissions.. some how the file permissions on the [url removed, login to view] file in the archives folder got set back to read only.. i changed it to read and write and it updated fine.. i don't know how that happened.. maybe when you moved files?? maybe one of your settings is messed up.. it might be the same problem with the glossary and archives but i have no idea how wordpress works internally and don't even know where to look beyond the basics that i already checked out... maybe retrace your steps? otherwise, i think you might have to get a wordpress expert in on this..

2.) Fixed the problem for the links to work on the original server (Tony's) but not yet on the Godaddy servers. The htaccess file was overlayed by a FrontPage htaccess file and this caused the entire problem. When you moved files over after editing in FrontPage, you must have re-moved the htacess file (a no no in dealing with websites) and it overlayed the correct one out there.


I then contacted a programmer called Mohammed (Nicknamed `Mamal'), who had recently done a great job of transferring a gaming website for me, with some My SQL and PHP My Admin work, so I was quite confident of his ability.

I explained all of the above background to him and gave him all the login details for the Forum Administration, the Blog backend, the Wordpress Dashboard, the Plesk Control Panel and of course FTP information, that Tony had given to me shortly after the purchase.

He said he'd first have to look into it and then a day later he confidently replied that it would be no problem and would cost $50.00 to do the transfer and that I must only pay him only when the website showed up successfully on the Godaddy's servers following transfer from Tony's server.

After a week of dealing with this second programmer, I was horrified to see that it was even beyond him and he advised me to look for a coder on [url removed, login to view] who could convert the website files from Plesk to Godaddy's, since when the website showed up on Godaddy, the exact same problem that I'd had a couple of weeks ago with Tony regarding the broken links and daily news not being sent to the archives had re-occurred.

Also, the database which he had copied over to Godaddy's servers was now out of date, since during the transfer process there had been well over another 50 members registering with the forum who I unfortunately lost and the news had not been sending through to the archives.

This programmer (Mamal) advised me to point the domain name back to the original servers (Tony's) in the meantime until I found someone on Scriptlance who could fix the problem. At this point he had transferred the files and database over to the Godaddy Servers and reported the following:-

1.) I've installed the database on your godaddy account, the database was enormous and goddady didn't allow more than 2MB database upload at a time and they don't allow SSH or telnet connection for large database installations, access to the ip you provided below via hyper text transfer protocol port 80 is still forbidden and couldn't use neither php connection for database installation, so the only way was to do the installation in 2 mbs at a time which finally its done, I've also backup the website and changed the paths of files to godaddy's servers and changed the database from plesk to goddady's servers and uploaded the website on your goddady webhosting account.

2.) I checked your domain name and it has resolved ip and it is pointing to godaddy's servers [url removed, login to view] and NS6.SECURESERVER.NET.

Some of the files are not functional on Godaddy's server and there are so many broken links on the website. Change the name servers back to the original web server Plesk (Tony's) and hire a coder to convert the files from Plesk to Godaddy's.

You can hire a coder from [url removed, login to view]


I then posted the project on [url removed, login to view] as advised by the second programmer Mamal.

The third programmer I chose for this project (Rick) referred to on Scriptlance as `everypcneed' looked very promising to begin with having incredible qualifications in computers (PHD), an excellent track record and very positive feedback on Scriptlance.com.

He said the project would be so easily done and promised completion within 4 days for $50.

Since Mamal had already completed the file and database transfer, all Rick had to do was sort out the coding issue regarding the broken links, but he said that the database and file transfer would also be included in the price.

On day 2 of the project this third programmer reported the following:

1.) Note I have located the issue and am moving forward. The issue was with the htaccess file moved with the migration. Once I have tested the site and updated the database I will advise at that time. Other then the above the site and database are ready. There are areas we were unable to test as [url removed, login to view] was hard coded into the code for some links. These can not be fully tested until the name servers are properly updated (pointed from Tony's server to the Godaddy server), but I am confident everything will function as required once this change is completed.

After pointing the domain name towards the Godaddy servers the site then showed on the Godaddy server but once again all the links were still broken and displaying `Page Not Found' and the news was not being sent to the archives following the transfer as well as another gap in the database with more missing registered members.

On day 4 of the project, Rick then reported:

2.) The database and site was backed up on April 28th. This backup was restored therefore the most up to date information at the time the site was restored would be for the late evening the 27th to early morning the 28th. I had posted a comment in regards to this via the mail option which does not appear was posted here. I have already opened a ticket with SL support to determine why replies sent from the mail area were not being delivered or posted here to the PMB.

3.) With this backup being restored dated April 28th, if I was to grab a new backup from the previous hosting account and restored it, the users registered since the site was removed from the parked state would be lost.

4.) The issue with the news archive missing a bit of detail is also related to the date the database backup was created and restored.

5.) In regards to the archives this is due to GoDaddy not have the option of running a scheduled task (cron jobs). To create these you will have to visit [url removed, login to view] to have the update script run. This was set as a scheduled daily task on the previous server. But GoDaddy does not offer this option.


On the 10th May '07 Scriptlance staff then intervened after a total of 10 days and cancelled the project, kindly returning the funds I had set aside for this programmer in an Escrow account.

This third programmer Rick (referred to on [url removed, login to view] as `everypcneed') is presently undergoing criminal investigation for sabotage due to the fact that when he saw that Scriptlance staff had cancelled the project and returned the Escrow account funds, he was vindictive and unprofessional enough to use the login details I had trusted him with, to access the Godaddy Server and delete all the files including the database that the second programmer Mamal had successfully transferred for me.

Every time I tried to access the site `[url removed, login to view]' on the 10th May, all I got was a 403 FORBIDDEN Page saying:-


"You don't have permission to access / on this server".

"Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request".

"Apache/[url removed, login to view] Server at [url removed, login to view] Port 80".



On the 10th May I pointed the domain name [url removed, login to view] back to the original server (Tony's) with yet another huge gap of 10 days in the database between the 30th April and the 10th May, with another 60 or so lost members to the forum.

[url removed, login to view] is presently back up and running with no broken links and is merrily gaining news to the archives on a daily basis as well as new members to the forum daily.

I therefore need the winning bidder to take care of the complete transfer process and any coding issues related to the file conversion of the website [url removed, login to view] from Plesk to be Godaddy (Microsoft FrontPage) compatible and then to set it all up for me on the Godaddy server so that I can work on it. I would therefore like FrontPage server extensions to be applied at the transfer stage, since I need to be able work on the files of this site in Microsoft FrontPage which I am familiar with, and also to be able to publish the website in FrontPage aswell.

I need every link on the site to work correctly and for the daily news to be successfully sent to the archives as well as the site's automatic linking system to function correctly. In other words, the site needs to function on Godaddy's server exactly as it is functioning now on Tony's server.

I need to be able to access the website files using Microsoft FrontPage but every time I have tried to access this site with FrontPage following installation on the Godaddy server with the previous programmers, the following Microsoft Office FrontPage message was displayed:-

" The folder `[url removed, login to view]' isn't accessible. The folder may be located in an unavailable location, protected with a password, or the filename contains a / or \ ".

Upon commencement of this project I will supply the winning bidder with all the necessary login details for the server where [url removed, login to view] is presently being hosted (Seller Tony's private server) and also the login information for the Godaddy hosting account which I have purchased and set up.


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