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564477 Fix some PHP code on a website & edit a MYSQL database.

Sorry 'bout the lengthy description. I wanted it to be as complete as possible...

If you'll go to the website Please-Buy-My-Car (dot) com,

you'll see that when you "mouseover" the "How-It-Works" window,

a descriptive Popup window appears.

Move your mouse away, and then move it back to "mouseover" the

How-It-Works again, and that Popup window appears in a different location

(that is, when viewed with Firefox, not with MS IE).

That's not good. I want the Popup to always appear in the same place.

Using MS IE, a blank Popup window appears for just half-a-second,

in the top-left of the screen. Then, the real Popup window appears.

That's just weird. Please fix that.

Similar "moving location" problems happen with the "mouseover" on the

"Going to the inspection meeting" and the "On a scale of 1 to 10..." parts, when using Firefox. Please fix those problems.

And, there are some other changes needed in the PHP coding...

First, a brief description of what the website does:

Somebody who is trying to Sell his car goes to the website.

The Seller fills in some information on the vehicle that he wants to sell.

That info is added to the MySQL database, in the "Seller" table.

The database has other tables; one called "Buyer" and one called "Contact".

After the seller enters the vehicle information, the website searches the Buyer table, and if an appropriate match is found, the website automatically sends an email to a Buyer.

A record of that sent email is kept in the Contact table.

The Contact table has the email Date & Time, Seller ID, and Buyer ID.

So... the needed script changes...

1. In the "Select Year" part, add "2012" to the available choices.

2. Add a "BCC" field to the emails being sent.

I do already have PHP scripts for ADDING and EDITING the records in the BUYER table.

For adding this BCC field, you might need to make changes to those scripts?

3. The "Going to the inspection meeting" Popup has Squared corners

(that is, when viewed with MS IE, not with Firefox),

while the two other Popup windows have Rounded corners.

I'd like all of those Popup windows corners Rounded.

4. The "Your First and Last Name" window now REQUIRES two text strings (a First and a Last name).

I want it to simply accept any one text string, like "Joe" or "Betty".

5. The "Your Email" window now REQUIRES a valid email address.

I'd like that field to be optional. Blank is OK.

6. In the "On a scale of 1 to 10..." window, the default value is now "5".

If that value is not changed,... that is... if another value is not entered,

OR... if that value is set to "1",

then REMOVE that stated value from the outgoing email.

And... the MySQL database needs...

I want you to make it Easy for me to download specific data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Maybe it will be necessary to put the records in a CSV file? I don't know.

I'd prefer it if you could create the XLS file directly, and name it "Contacts [url removed, login to view]".

That is, like "Contacts [url removed, login to view], using the current Today's date for the file name.

Extract related records from the Contact and Seller and Buyer tables.

For each Buyer, make Excel rows showing when the emails were sent, and

the seller's Name and Phone, and the vehicle's Year, Make, Model.

Select and number the records for all emails that were sent during any one month (that I can specify).

This is a temporary job, just to get some certain things done.

Of course, I will probably contact you again in the future,

when I eventually want other changes made to the website.

I think I've explained what needs to be done for this job.

Please email me, and ask me any questions that you may have.

Then, convince me that you Can do these things,

and tell me what you'd charge for the entire job.

I expect to make partial payments after completion of each task.


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