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164485 Affliliate/Ad Network Project

The most important part I would like to see first is what backend script (ad network/affiliate type) you have already. I am not looking to create this from scratch. PM me your script specs/live demo/infomation.

This will be basically a clone of [url removed, login to view] which is simular to

[url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] it is a advertisement network with multiple publishers and advertisement clients.

Application Requirements (top priority):

- Must be able to handle atleast 1,000,000 (one million) adviews per day.

- Security and abuse need to be in focus! (important).

- Real Time stats for Admin/Publishers and Advertisers.

Security Features:

- Prevent abuse is VERY IMPORTANT and something you need to focus on.

- No more than one (1) Interstitial Ad per unique visitors in a period of 1 hour (default), users can raise this limit if wanted.

- Place a cookie on the users computer to prevent "bot hits or impressions".

- Save the visitor IP to prevent "bot hits or impressions"

Account Creation:

- Upon registration a ticket in a ticket system will be created, so the publisher/advertiser can follow how the process of his application goes. Would prefer if an existing opensource ticket system is integrated into the system, instead of building a new one from ground.

Publisher Area:

- can edit their profile, account info, address, names, categories of the website etc

- A publisher (website owner) register and get instant access to the members area.

- Login to the Members Area and click the "Sites" tab in the top menu.

- Type the link, title and description of his website along with traffic details (unique and pageviews per day) and select a category for his website (see details about this below).

- Website application need to be approved/validated by Stafff

- After approval the publisher receive an confirmation email, his website is now listed under the "Websites" tab as "active" (websites waiting validation is marked "Under Validation").

- Publisher can click the "Advertisers" link for each of theire websites and receive a list of advertisers and theire CPM rates for this specific category.

- All advertisers in this category is enabled as standard, but the publisher can unmark the advertisers he dont want to promote.

- All new advertisers will automatic be enabled aslong the publisher havent unmarked the "Auto-approve new advertisers".

- After a website has been approved a "Get Code" link will appear to the approved website. On this page the publisher can deside to raise the "Frequency Cap" from the default 1 hour (1,3,6,12,24 hours - example: 1 interstital per 24 hour unqiue) and grab the code afterwards.

- A "Interstitial Code" need to be unique and only possible to use on the approved website - so users cant display the Interstitial code on another website.

- The top menu will contain a "Payment" tab/link which will contain statistics of his earnings (sorted by date, month, year etc).

- The "Payment" tab/link will also contain a history of previous payments/earnings.

- When the Advertiser reach a balance of $100, he can click the "Payment" tab and press the "Send payment" button which will release the earnings and bring his balance down to $0.

- Each "payment release" cost a total of $10 (payed by publisher).

Advertiser Area:

can edit their profile, account info, address, names, categories of the website etc

- Add funds into their e-account creditcard, paypal, wire transfer, check,...before their ad campaign starts. When the money is 0 then the campaign freezes. Before the end the advertiser should be warned to re-send money. Or advertiser can use unlimited campaign option and they deposit money.(min xxx usd). The campaign will not stop until the advertisers account is 0 usd. Advertisers can choose individual budgets for individual types of advertising types and different campaigns (for different products or websites).Whenever the advertiser wants he can freeze the campaign edit the preferences, add money, add banner or cancel anything etc.

- All new ads need to be validated by Staff and cant be replaced ones approved.

- Advertisers will need to be able to start multiple campaigns and will be able to choose how much of their funds will go towards each campaign and how many days they would like their campaign to last (to get the daily budget obviously just take the campaign budget and divide it by the campaign length).

-When and advertiser creates a campaign they will upload a banner that will run on the publishers sites and will choose how much they will pay on a CPM basis. Each campaign will have a small stats section that will show how many impressions their ads got, how much it cost, and if its not too complicated how many clicks their ad received.

-There will be standart banner sizes an advertiser can upload which a A publisher will choose one of those banners and will start to make revenue

Size Type


468 x 60 Full Banner

392 x 72 Vertical Navigation Bar Banner

234 x 60 Full Banner

125 x 125 Half Banner Square

120 x 90 #1 Button Banner

120 x 60 #2 Button Banner

88 x 31 Micro Button Banner

120 x 240 Vertical Banner

Advertising type Price Budget

Banner Impression (CPM) 1 usd - 1000 usd

Pay Per Click 1 cent - 200 usd

Pay Per Sale/Sign up %25 or 1 usd - unlimited

By the way advertiser should use the setting option to decide ?who can join the campaign? The Campaign

Only for A grade websites - A grade = Number of visitors, page views, sales made etc ?(statics) are HIGH

Only for A grade websites - A grade = Number of visitors, page views, sales made etc ?(statics) are NORMAL

Only for A grade websites - A grade = Number of visitors, page views, sales made etc ?(statics) are LOW

Open for Every website

Inivte/Choose ? An advertiser is free to invite a specific website for the campaign or even advertiser can offer higher rates for a specific website.

Advertiser should see how they manage their budget. They can select a time period and see how and where did they spend their money. Which websites performance is the best? etcAnd also they should see a real time report like the one below.

website name Advertising Type Pop up banner clik etc

[url removed, login to view] 12 cpm/12 usd 5 cpm/5 usd 58 click/ 6 usd ....

[url removed, login to view] 5 cpm/5 usd 15 cpm/15 usd 52 click/ 6 usd

[url removed, login to view] 3 cpm/3 usd 56 cpm/5 usd 500 click/ 60 usd

Admin Area:

- Statistics (total views, total clicks), sorted by date or a period.

- View, contact, modify advertisers and theire sites.

- View, contact, modify publishers and theire banners.

- Add and modify categories.

- Their will need to be an admin panel that controls the whole system, allowing us to check stats on everything that is happening and manage the billing/payments for the whole network. The payment system will run on a Net 15 basis, so at the end of each month the money that each publisher earned (if it reached the payment minimum) will be calculated and then added to a pending payment section of the admin panel, 15 days later the pending payments will be moved to a page where the paypal information of the publishers is shown along with the amount they are owed and a button that will allow the admins to mark the payment as sent.

Real time advertisers, websites, revenue, campaigns, best campaign, biggest campaign, low budget alarm, websites statics ? page views, raw visitors, unique visitor, cpm ratio, click ratio message board, send special offers, send bulk mail, update almost every page (where possible) etc

General Features:

- CPM based.

- Realtime stats tracking (views/clicks).

- Count "Ad Views".

- Count CTR.

- Alert Admin when a publisher get below x % CTR (example 0.5%).

- Create cateories (category 1, category 2, category 3, category 4 etc).

- All Members Areas need to have a top menu with links to the different tools/areas.


- Might require flash for home page

- The design of the Frontend and Members Areas need to be good so webmasters feel impressed by the look of the system - dont want anything that looks unprofessional.

- The usability of the system is just as important, dont forget that.

Kĩ năng: Adobe Flash, Bất kì công việc gì, Thiết kế đồ họa, PHP, Thiết kế trang web

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