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Now to clarify the expectations of what we will need to do as best I can. As always if you can think of a better more effective and efficient way of doing any of these let me know, I am always open to suggestions. :) First we will need a tab in community builder to display, Zipcode: zip code (a text box to type in a zip code to search under, this will default to the users zip code entered into their CB profile) Distance: ten miles (a single select box, defaults to ten but can search, five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, one hundred, one hundred fifty, two hundred) Category: All (multi-select box, defaults to all, admin can add categories at the back end) Date Range: from - till (defaults to today’s date - one week from today, user can change date range to what they like) Then based on these selections a list of events matching the criteria will be displayed within the Events tab in Community Builder (CB) which the user can click on to see the event. This concludes the Event Tab in CB. Under Events: (the actual event the user sees after selecting an event from the Event tab in CB) It will have: (most of these your calendar already has, and feel free to add things I may be forgetting) Date, time, title, category Location ability to map this. The Event info. A cancellation time limit (a buffer before the events start time) A link to cancel the event. When to stop allowing event signup (must signup before this time) So you want users to be able to sign up for events? Then cancel their sign up? Should the event host be notified of this cancellation? Yes the users should be able to sign up for and pay for an event and then be able to cancel up until a certain time before the event starts, specified by the event poster. (Example: If you were to book a hotel room and pay for it in advance, (instant gratification) you could cancel it up until the night before you were to check into that hotel and get your money refunded) Yes event poster should be notified so they know how many people will be attending the event and who has / has not paid for it. How the poster wants the user to pay to participate in the event (for events that cost money, like a mission’s trip, or Christian concert tickets) Amount to pay the poster to participate in event, with an option for the event to be free. Applicable taxes if any. A list of who is currently signed up for the event (when a person signs up for the event a link to their CB profile is added so users can see who is going) Email reminder for event. (Again trying to automate everything) Feedback on the event (like a guest book to it where users can post comments / suggestions) This concludes the individual event. A simple counter for event slots so events can't over book will also have to be added in. (Example a Mission's trip can take twenty people, for each person that signs up it will want to count down the number of spaces available until it reaches 0 then no longer let people sign up, thus preventing over booking) When making the event the poster should have a field to specify how many spaces are available, and an option of unlimited spaces for like an outdoor Christian Concert. Some changes will need to be made to how events are posted. Users will need to be able to post events from the front end without needing admin approval. (With hundreds of churches involved I will need to automate everything as much as possible to avoid an administrative nightmare.) A vender will be a user with a CB profile that can post events, have feedback about the events they posted, and have a feedback rating (similar to an eBay seller, that way it encourages the vender to keep events within the scope of the site and to do a good job hosting the event) What do you mean by have feedback about the events they posted? To keep this simple, basically each event would have a guestbook where a user could leave comments about the event (similar to how you can post comments on a users profile, or a users picture in myspace) Maybe take an existing simple guestbook solution and add it to the footer of an event then just link the events ID in the database to the guestbooks data table. So basically you have a guestbook for each individual event where a user can leave comments and feedback. You want them to be able to see all the feedback for all of their events in one place? In each profile in CB there will be a list of Events that user has posted, and a list of events that user has attended (Just make two new tabs in the users CB profile to display these. Then add to the lists like a queue where most recent events are displayed at the top of the list. For instance when a user signs up for an event and does not cancel his signup, thus attends the event, it gets added to the top of the Events attended list. When the user posts an event it appears at the top of the events posted (hosted) list.) Then other users can go into a user (vendors) profile and see the lists of events attended and events posted, from there they can click on an event (title as a link) to see the actual individual event, and on that event at the bottom will be a guestbook for that event with questions (posted before the event started) / comments (posted after the event was finished) about the event. That way a user about to go on the event can post questions about it if the poster of the event forgot to mention something important, and when the event is completed people can still go into that particular event and post feedback about how it went, maybe suggestions how to do it better, things they liked, disliked etc. All comments and feedback will be handled at the individual event level, and there will be lists of events posted and attended in the users CB profile in the two new tabs. Hope this explains what I was thinking. Where would users enter the rating for vendors? Was thinking a user could post a feedback rating at the individual event level if these conditions were met, One. The user singed up and did not cancel the event and Two. The event time occurred in the past meaning the event already happened (completed). So a user that attended an event could post a one time feedback rating / score, for each event they did. Then the average of all the feedback ratings from all the users that attended any event by this vender could be calculated, and an average feedback rating for the vender would appear in his / her CB profile. This rating would go at the top of the events posted list tab. (A way to check out a vender and see if he does a good job posting and hosting events. Similar to an eBay feedback rating.) Under the venders profile will be a list of events they have posted with links to those events (a simple query by username could produce this) Not a problem. User will pay vender directly if there is a cost to attend event, and on events that cost the user money we will take a small % of the transaction price (similar to eBay, this will cover the cost of web development and hosting, extra income can go towards sponsoring mission trips, under privileged youths to attend events, etc. The % should be configurable in the back end by the admin.) Would this % be the same for all vendors? Where would this be displayed? It would probably be best to have the % be a variable rate dependent on the price the user is paying for the event. (I think this is how eBay handles this) Maybe have an admin backend that could specify up to, lets say twenty different % rates and have two other fields to specify the to and from price range of each % rate. Example: (five% from $zero - $twenty five), (four% from $twenty five - $fifty), (three% from $fifty - $one hundred), etc up to twenty different (% from x - x ranges) setup by the admin. This rate information would be displayed to the vendor as they are posting the event, in the event post form. That way they would know what % we take off the top of what they are paid by the user for that event will be, when posting the event. If you can think of a better way to do this by all means let me know, I am open to suggestions. :) It would also be nice also to have the rates be lower for vendors with high feedback ratings / high number of posted events (like have a feedback range similar to a $ range where you subtract a little bit off the % rate for vendors that do a good job hosting, that would encourage vendors to host better events, host more events and do a better job. I think that would be great too. But yes, let me know what you think. :) Also an option should be available for the admin to impose a small posting fee for events if the % off money transactions is not meeting hosting and development costs (Similar to eBay’s posting fees) trying to avoid fees though to encourage people to post more Christian events. Users and Venders will have a list of events they have attended / scheduled for in their profile (when they sign up for an event a link to it can be added in the database, for events that have gone by they can be listed in the attended section and for events that have not gone by in the scheduled for section) OK. Clarified above. :) Events should also have a list of who attended them, basically the same as the list for who is going on an event just kept for events that have gone by. OK. Feedback on the event itself after it has been completed (just a continuation of the feedback on the event as discussed above) Would this be a separate page / section of "after-event" feedback or are you going on to say that feedback should only be allowed after the event? Clarified above. :) Users should by default have events emailed to them that are going on in their area, and then make it so they can select which categories they want emailed to them later. (This will keep people that may have signed up early up to date with the site and things going on in their area as we grow) OK. Again the focus is to automate everything and let the users and venders create all the content for the site. The main focus is to create the future of event planning and social networking, where Christians can get together, do fun things, and learn about God.

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