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121851 Flash Game

Four levels of Difficulty


Has a map of the continent each country is a different color. It has a compass that you can label N-S-E-W. It has long and latitude lines that are about 50% opacity


Middle East


North America including US states and Canadian Providences

South America

Central America including the Caribbean


SouthEast Asia


Each continent has a way to limit the area your are studying for example Africa can be limited to North Africa, West Africa, NorthWest Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, south Africa, Islands around Africa


Has a compass that you can label

Drag a drop a countryname on the country

Drag and drop a capital name on the country

One a piece of information has been changed

The game says or displays a name of a capital or country and you have to pick the country if you pick the wrong country after two tries it highlights the right one.

Ability to set the game speed.

You can click to move to the next question or automatically go to the next question

Different audio sounds for getting the question right or wrong.

Has an information box that can be used for pictures or content about the country capital etc.

Does this have clues for neighboring countries?


This level has a timer.

Drag and Drop a flag on the country Does this level have the outlines of the country available.

Place a moving country in the right location before time expires. Tetris like

Need to drag and drop Lat and longitude labels in their proper place

Drag a map onto the continent can it calculate the average miles that you are off on your guess

Has the ability to review the countries you missed. This is a url to drive them to where they missed to the content on the site.

Has the ability to review the correct items

Calculates the score, percent correct. Average error and time it to you. Link to play again. Exit post scores to a high score table or tells you what the high score or the top 10 high scores.

Does this level break down the area into regions or does it show the whole country at one time.

Does this have clues for neighboring countries?


Says the name of the country or capital and you have to click where it is. When you click it right it highlights the color of the country and places a name on it.


All labels, text, or questions, need to be in a resource file or XML file or come from a Database for translation purposes

Individuals need to be able to post their high scores to a leader board.

All areas have a certificate that you can print once you complete the activity. The learning level certificate says. “So and So has completed the “name of activity”. The other levels say “so and so has completed “name of activity” in _______ time with _______ right.” At the bottom there needs to be a copyright and a logged in username

All games must require you to be logged into the site with a username and then you can add a first and or last name to play the game. The first and last name and username will print out on the certificate, along with a score and a time.

Writes out the username and password to a database file for tracking when the person entered the game and exited the game. Can it also track the time in the game?

Has the ability to mute the audio.

Ability to turn on or off the information that comes in the information window. This could be the did you know or other information.

What is my comparison to the rest of the people that did this I am 79th out of all the people that did this. I am 79th out of all the people who access the site with my username that has done this.

Kĩ năng: Adobe Flash, Bất kì công việc gì, Thiết kế đồ họa, MySQL, PHP

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