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Ok the website project, now from the outset i will say, that is because this is a really important job, it will require really top end abilities to complete successfully will use a large amount of Flash technology and the final product, has to be 110% revolutionary innovative and will probably take alot to achieve this desired out come, so when shown to the client there will be plenty of changes additions etc etc etc. The client is a top English criminal barrister , The client is very well connected to the highest level of society, including the english royal family. What the client has asked for is a website that creates a whirlwind of WOW factor *grin* so from the outset I have to say that no matter how well we do it aspects will probably still need changing, so its the matter of being reasonably thick skinned, and definately not taking offence when there may be times that aspects you think are excellent and he turns around and says redo them, (can be hard to take, or I think so anyway)

As I said the client is a Top Criminal Barrister, an author, an after dinner speaker as well as other aspects.

In regards to Flash I see it that flash is a delivery technology, which the success of such having its foundation in top graphic design ability, in short the client doesnt like the concept of a still website he wants a website that is "alive" he doesnt like the simplistic stillness of his existing website [url removed, login to view]

His aim is to produce a number one best seller book and wants this website to be part of the picture that takes him there. He wants a simple shopping cart feature built in this isnt to hard with existing scripts that are readily available, he wants audio aspects to present different radion interviews hes done, (MP3) probably a bit of video imbedded, photo gallery (easily accomplished), maybe even going to the extent of an animated charicture of himself. so your probably starting to get the picture of the complexity desired.

I have left the showing of the example site to last to ensure you dont run for the hills to early in the piece

:-) and Im not saying it has to be like this, but this gives an example of a site that is alive that has really taken his eye, [url removed, login to view]

The concept that immediately comes to my mind for his site is the front end to be like a book Royal Blue with Gold leaf trims simply with something on the front like The life and times of Steve D Smith and a picture of Steve, once clicking on the front then it opens up to the double page, on the left a video presentation of steve and on the right the index page outlining each section of the book/website,

when moving the mouse over each section it would have a panel appear with a flash presentatopn of that chapter, when clicking on that or the link it would animate the turning of pages to that section, each section would probably have subsections so that each page was screen sized, down the right hand side would be tabs for easy navigation to other sections etc, the above section I have just written is just a thought that we can discuss further rather than being instructions at this stage. this is probably enough written to give an idea on this project, looking at it in full it seems like a huge ask, but breaking it down into smaller bits i think it is well acheivable. oh another thing it has been mentioned as well is he doesnt want his site to appear on portfolio's, this is something that is quite important to him

the reasoning for this is quite involved so I wont bore you with the details at this stage, but needless to say when dealing with barristers there are well founded reasons for this to ensure sanctity of there representations .

Payment through scriptlance.

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