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iTunes style daisy wheel with XML driven lower page content per selection

1. The system shall function similar to the iTunes “Albums?? function with a scrolling “daisywheel?? of images. ([url removed, login to view] and FLA? ??" to be provided) The data for the Flash object is driven from an XML file (currently [url removed, login to view] - to be provided)

2. The system shall render additional content in a formatted lower section of the Flash object depending on the “daisywheel?? selection made by the user. This data will be contained in additional XML attributes ([url removed, login to view] - to be provided)

3. The system shall pull the XML data to render what appears to be a new lower page each time a selection is made either in the upper “daisy wheel?? or in the XML generated list of records displayed as a left navigation text list. The relevant XML data, including name, 2 paragraphs, several indented info lines, and formatted description text is rendered dynamically to the Flash object.

## Deliverables


1. The object will be 750x500px

2. The object will maintain the dk grey background and relative functionality of the existing “daisywheel?? object but be able to display more than 10 records without the detrimental visual artifacts that mess up the current sample.

3. Some XML values will include HTML formatting markup (bold, italics, color, hyperlinks). The system shall render any HTML formatting correctly ??" if necessary we can predefine the specific values allowed ??" I’m not sure how Flash handles HTML text formatting

4. The system shall allow a means to link into the object from another page and call up a particular record based on Record ID ??" can this be passed in a URL parameter? Have the Flash object look for the calling URL ??" IF ID = NULL, THEN default and display record #1 ELSE display ID# in URL parameter

5. The system shall gracefully resolve data issues by simply not rendering the corrupted element ??" in other words, if XML record #4 fails to contain a particular value ??" say paragraph2, then everything is rendered from record #4 when selected except the missing paragraph.

6. HOWEVER, If the system is missing a valid image to render, the system shall gracefully resolve the issue by not displaying that record (If image<>NULL, then render the image and XML data when selected. If image = NULL, do not include that particular record in the Flash object)

7. Additionally, the Flash object shall have error catching in case a record appears to have a valid image, but the image is not present in the expected location. In these case, that record should also be skipped.

8. There should be no limit to the number of records allowed in the XML dataset ??" notice the flicker if too many records are present on the current Flash demo ([url removed, login to view] ??" attached)

9. A side navigation bar is dynamically generated by each Record name in the XML records ??" the list should simply drop off the edge of Flash object, rather than have an arbitrary limitation

10. This side navigation list will bring up the record selected, including a call to the “daisywheel?? of images to display the newly chosen record’s image.

11. Final SWF object should be less than 500kb

12. The SWF object should “stream?? the data, so more pictures load into the “daisywheel?? when ready but the first image is loaded and accessible immediately

13. All FLA files to create the Flash object and any relevant instructions for modifications should be delivered within? 2 weeks of project green light

14. The system shall accommodate XML data in the format specified in the XML sample (attached)

15. The system shall be XHTML 1.0 compliant

16. The system will work-around the current IE 6-7 “Click to Activate?? issue using XHTML-compliant java script to activate the object on page load

17. The system shall not display any value for a particular attribute if that attribute has a value of “IGNORE??

a. For example, if 1 record has a map, brochure, and rendering file associated, the XML for those values will look like:

ProjectBrochure="[url removed, login to view]" ProjectRenderings="[url removed, login to view]" ProjectMap="[url removed, login to view]"

b. However, if 1 value has IGNORE like this:

ProjectBrochure="[url removed, login to view]"


ProjectMap="[url removed, login to view]"

c. …then the Flash object will render the record, display the brochure link, remove the Renderings link, and display the maps link

18. Live links should mimic the following HTML style behavior:

a. Hover{ text-style:underlined;}

b. Active{color:#FFF weight:bold;}

c. Visited{color:#F0F0F0 weight: normal;}

19. The background color of the object shall be #333333

20. The dividing lines and other layout elements, including the text shall be #99CCFF

21. The text font shall be Helvetica Neue, Regular in all cases with the Font sizes shown in the [url removed, login to view] (see attached)

22. Mouse scroll wheel shall be able to control the slides as it does in the attached demo

23. The additional non - “daisy wheel?? XML data will appear upon record selection with 1 second fade from #333333 to #99CCFF for all text elements except the Project Title and Special Message elements, colored #D9ECFF

Kĩ năng: Adobe Flash, Kĩ thuật, MySQL, PHP, Quản lí dự án, Kiến trúc phần mềm, Kiểm tra phần mềm

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