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Lucky number interactive flash game

Lucky numbers: Interactive flash apps for my web site.

An example of one app would be a set of colorful wheels with numbers which are spun by the user, either by clicking on a button for each wheel and/or all wheels. Also, as a feature the user can click and drag the wheels in a spinning motion. When the wheel(s) spin and slow to a stop, the resulting number(s) are presented to the user as their lucky numbers and simultaneously stored in a server side database for that specific user.

This same idea can be graphically presented in other forms ranging from chickens laying eggs to Tomahawk cruise missiles (I mean - airplanes) impacting the twin towers. At a minimum, 10 graphical presentations will need to be generated for this initial offer. So, I'm looking for artistic ability and an open mind.

The idea of storing the random numbers in a database is to ensure the set of numbers presented as a result are not the same as those the specific user had spun before.

Just did a quick search and an example of the spinning wheel I'm thinking of is @
But the graphics would need to be glossy (I need flashy, eye candy graphics)

Please note. Some bidders for this project are asking great questions and I am posting Additional Project Description as I go along.

One bidder asked for clarification on the quality of graphics need for this project.
I used the terms glossy, flashy, eye candy. And here is a link to an example of what I mean or what I would be happy with.

I have been messing around with some 3d programs like bryce and applying materials to objects. What I noticed was that the glossy and or eye candy effect I am referring to has to do with ambient, diffused, and specular settings.

I wonder if the terms (ambient, diffused, and specular) are used when refering to graphics designed in 2d apps like photo-shop.

Another good question asked. What about the database structure?
In order to keep the price down because I know that database stuff is worth a lot more then what I'm offering for this project... and also for testing purposes...
I request very simple (flat file) database structure, ie. a text file. I'll need be able to easily see the communication between the app and the server.
step #1 user logs in. For testing purpose it is not necessary for user name / password verification.
step #2 server sends previous numbers (results) not to duplicate and the app stores these numbers in an array.
step #3 app updates itself (the array) and of course the database on the server with number (result) after wheel is spun. Updating itself is so that it will not have to fetch the used results every time user wants to re-spin the wheels for that session. Note, in the event the user closes the app then naturally, upon re-opening the app (re-loading it) then step #1 applies.

In the future, we'll use mysql to keep track of much more information then lucky numbers since I'll be selling t-shirts and subscriptions to this and that....

I might be able to do the database work myself once I better understand how the flash app works. On the other hand I might not have the spare time. So it will be handy for my freelancer to be able to do this part of the job in the near future.

My primary focus is generation of the 10 graphical presentations. This part of the job is more about artistic ability and as3 coding rather then php / mysql issues.

Also the freelancer will need to understand Combinations and Permutations.

Quick Note: This project has now been turned into a Full Time - Ongoing Project.

So, based on my project description. Which part or aspect of it do you think you are better at and why? If, you reply "All of it" then please explain how you plan to implement each aspect. If you feel my description is incomplete then please state that so we can proceed and get this job done.

Please stop sending me your portfolio without first discussing the details of my project.

There are several aspects to this project.
Programmers (AS3 & PHP): Talk to me about how it is you plan to implement the communication between the AS3 and PHP... If you don't understand what data needs to flow between the two because I didn't explain it well enough in my project description then please don't be shy. Tell me what I need to clarify. We got a lot of work to do and many other things to discuss such as security and standardization rules for those designers of future apps as there will be hundreds more needed.

Graphic artists and animation tweeners: I'm not an artists but do know that your eye candy is yours, RIGHT? I'm mean you wouldn't be copying and pasting clip art RIGHT? And I know I hinted above with terms such as specular and ambient bur rather then discussing this with me you just show a portfolio of (how do I know it your art work)... See my point.

Sorry if I come off a bit strong, BUT we got a lot of work to do and my bosses are interested in your talent and fair prices for services rendered.

Ok, I just ask my kid to give the description a read over and to explain what it I need. He responded that I need people to be able to get lucky numbers after spinning a wheel and that the numbers are stored in a database to ensure they don't get the same number twice.... and I then asked what about the chicken and he says, yah, I didn't really get that part. What's up with the chickens anyway.... and I replied: Well, in the same way a fellow can get a lucky number from spinning a wheel he could also get a lucky number based on how many eggs the chicken lays. And he said. Oh. I see.

So you see, I need multiple graphical presentations.... or perhaps I should say, THEMES.... all for the purpose of producing luck numbers for people.

If you wanted a lucky number, would you prefer to spin a wheel, throw a lever on a slot machine, watch chickens lay eggs, or perhaps count how many times a lucky rabbits foot does something? My web site visitors might want to get their lucky numbers from wise turtles on Mondays and fast jack rabbits on Fridays... The selection themes can be endless and freelancers who are graphics artists with imaginations have a lot of art work to produce for this project in which tweeners will tween according to the standards set by the programmers.

The code behind all these graphical presentations or themes will essentially be the same when it comes to data flow between the client and server with the only other difference being what the game is. There will be several games.
In other words, I give the example of one theme, spinning wheels, and in that example I say, "a set of colorful wheels".
One game might have 3 wheels with number ranging from 0 to 9 where another game might have six wheels with numbers ranging from 1 to 53. The two games both have the theme of spinning wheels. The two games can also be played in all the other themes based on the users selection or preference.

Kĩ năng: ActionScript, Adobe Flash, Thiết kế đồ họa, MySQL, PHP

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Hi I am flash developer since 6 years, i have done various projects similar to your requirements.

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