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Redo existing site Flash- PHP- MYsql

Redo existing flash site PHP and MYsql

The site is called [url removed, login to view] . I have all the FLA files for the site. Now there will be some re-write on pages. The client will supply all the copy for the re-write so it will be a matter of cutting and pasting and making sure all the formatting is done nicely.

All source codes will be owned by the client. Flas and PHP files.

The site mostly stays intact as for design but you will need to add a button:

Products: this will be done in PHP and MYsql database as the backend.

This button will have 6 Main categories that will go into subcategory 1 and into subcategory (2) Now if the customer only chooses one subcategory that is ok so it will only go one deep after the main category. Now what is important is that in each subcategory it will show all the photos of all the under subcategories. So by selecting the main category you can see all photos of the entire subcategory on the right hand frame. The buttons should be done in a collapsible style. You click on the button and it opens to show all the subcategories. You can show it in another way but I want it to be very user friendly.

Scarves>>>>>> Fur


Hand Painted


Shawls>>>>>>> same as above

Fur >>>>>>>>> Scarves




Stoles>>>>>>> same as above

Now what is important is that the admin area can set up the main categories then the subcategories then upload the photos to those categories. Now it is possible to place photos into 2 or 3 different subcategories. In other words:

Scarves>>>>>>>>>> fur


Have the same photos

The elected fields for the product area:

Item N#

Item Name

Description : this area can be formatted with bullets for description if customer elects bullets. Some customers may want to just place one line as the description while others can place:

• Color

• Weight

• Size

Cost Price : this is only internal for showing profit on item

Wholesale Price: this shows in the shopping cart as price (important this is always at the default value of Hidden) can be changed to show at time of upload)

Now of course we will have thumbnails with descriptions. Now the thumbnails can be with and without description. The customer can choose this on how to show thumbnails to the viewer.

Now what is important is that the customer may have 100 photos to upload at one time. This can be very time consuming. So I would like to have an automated feature installed whereby the client can upload all the photos one time into the database. Then they can go back and just populate the areas ( item # , item name , description etc. ) they will need to keep all photos to a certain category when uploading many. Now I am not a programmer but what I would like to know is how to make this process more automated. In other words. Maybe you can have a excel file that is populated then uploaded to that directory? Or have a file that is in tables that the client can just populate the fields with all the data?

Inquiry System:

Now customer will be able to select the picture to place into the shopping cart. Then make an inquiry on the photo. Now they will be able to delete the photo from the shopping cart at time of check out. This will then show all the photos with description and then they can click make inquiry or delete any existing photos at time of check out.

The customer will be asked to fill out all the fields with validations:

Company Name

Contact Name





Zip code.




Re-enter Email:


Selected password

Re-enter password:

Now once they are filling out the information at check out they will be told that :

Please fill out all the fields on this form in order to receive your requested inquiry. If you decide to re-submit any further inquiries then you will be asked only to insert your username and password: Therefore on checkout this is when they will be asked for the username and password. Once done then the field is automatically populated with all their information. The customer will be able to go into their own area in the admin if they would like to change their existing profile information.

This inquiry will immediately go to fabrikantdesigns. They will be able to receive an email stating:

You have received an inquiry from :

All above fields will show in the email plus……….

All the selected photos with the description and the Hidden price shows in the email for the client to see his customers inquiry.

The client then can approve the inquiry and then an email is sent directly to the customer who made the inquiry. The hidden price now will show for them.

Now I want to be able to place all existing customers into the database. I want to make it fast to be able to place one customer after another customer into the database. Now each customer will have an username and password assigned to them.

Show dates: The client has shows that they participate in so in the database

Show Name

Show date

An email can be sent to all the customers in the database before an existing show.

This email can be set by the client to choose from and edit the

Subject matter


Now a header will be set for this email and you have all the files to make the header.

Appointment Page:

The appointment page will be set to give the viewer (customer) a thank you for the appointment set. The greeting can be changed in the admin

I also want a small pop up calendar to show for insertion of a date

I also want a drop down to schedule time starting at 9:00 Am to 6:00 PM in 30 minute intervals.

Then an email is sent to the client in reference to the appointment.

Vendor Registration:

This needs to be fixed:

Company Name

Factory Name


Factory Location

Monthly production capacity in units:

Contact name





Re-enter Email

Type of merchandise: Drop down



Re-enter password:

The vendor can upload his products:

Category Name: Only main category no need for subcategories.

Item N#

Item Name



FOB Price:

Now how can this be safe from Virus?

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