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I am describing this project in extreme details so it may look long and may be unnecessary for someone who is already experienced with website developements. I decide to go with the details so that there is no misunderstanding.

I need a website that includes a flash front page with user registration and login options. The flash shows a group of web sites being moved around with different sizes after each move. There are several different groups for differnent looks.

The registration should include the typical stuffs such as user id, password, age group, profession, sex, city, state, and email address for password reminder.

After a user logs in to the web site, the user is taken to a page where multiple live opened web sites are displayed in the browser windows.

Following are the details about these browser windows.

* Each web site in the browser window has to be a live page not an image of the screen. There may be a minimum size so that the web site can be live. If a user resize the browser window to a size that is smaller than the minimum size, then it becomes just an image of the screen. I minimum browser window size should be similar to the one on the upper left corner of the sample image. NOTE HERE that I want scalable browser windows, NOT those with the scroll bars. The idea is to see the whole web site, not just portions of it. This is why there is a minimum size so as to avoid the browser windows to be too small.

* The browser windows can be resized and moved around forming different arrangements. NOTE HERE that if the user resize a browser window to be smaller than the minimum scalable size, an iamge of the web site may be used.

* There is an option to save the arrangement (save settings) of the browser windows such that the next time the user logs in, all the browser windows appear exactly as they were previously arranged and saved.

* There should be a mouse over effect such that when a cursor is placed within a browser window, the browser window is enlarged to a certain size "x" similar to the largest browser window (lower left) in the sample image.

If the size of a browser window is already larger than the size x, there is no enlargement. If it is smaller than the size x, then the enlargement occurs. When the cursor is moved away from an enlarged browser window, the browser window is automatically resized back to its original size. There should be an option to allow the enlarged browser window to stay at the enlarged size even after the mouse is moved away.

* There are browser window tabs toward the top to show each of the browser windows. These may be laid out horizontally like the sample image or they may be displayed in a pull down menu. Clicking on the tab will enlarge the appropriate browser window to the size x under the same condition as the paragraph above. The number of browser window tabs may be limited to 6.

* There are group tabs numbered group tab 1, group tab 2, etc., as shown in the example image. This may also be a pulled down menu. Each group tabs is used to save the arrangements of the browser windows. So, clicking on group tab 2 may enable showing a different group of browser windows in an arrangement previously saved. Clicking on group tab 3 may display a differnt group of browser windows, etc. Group tab 1 should be the default group tab. This means that whenever the user logs in, the browser windows arrangement saved in the group tab 1 is displayed.

* When a new user is logged in for the first time, the user is presented with options to enter the URL of the web sites that the user want to see opened in the browser windows. The user may also create group tabs to associate each URL with. If the user does not specify a group tab, the default group tab is the group tab 1. All of these are to be saved and associated with the unique user. After defining the URL and the group tabs, the user may proceed to see the browser windows displayed. There is a default arrangment to determine how the browser windows are displayed for the first time. After that, the user can rearrange the browser windows and save the settings to override the default arrangement.

* When an existing user logs in, the browser windows of the group tab 1 (default group) are displayed.

* On the right side of the group of browser windows, there should be an area to display recommended web sites in graphics format, as shown in the example image. These are clickable graphical links. Use standard known web sites such as yahoo, google, ebay, msn, ibm, intel, hp, etc. as samples. When I click on a link in this area, a browser window at the minimum size is opened and become another browser window of the group. Alternatively, I can also

drag an item on this column and drop it into the group of browser windows and a new browser window of minimum size is opened.

* I can drag a browser window and drop it into a group tab, essentially moving the browser window from one group tab to another group tab.

* A MySQL database is used to save the user registration information and the brower windows arrangement with their URLs, and group tabs.

* I anticipate that the number of pages is somewhere between 10 to 15 pages including the typical about us, contact us, registration, login, flashes, and anything you can suggest.

* I hope this is beginning to make sense as to where I am heading with my web site. I will own the code not just a license. The above description is just the basic for future addons, and I probably will work with you again if we can establish a good professional relationship.

* as for the script, please use what is most popular today so I can find people to support it. The code is to be bug free with one month of bug fix/ technical support. When you are done with the demo, please show me on your server. When all the features are agreed by both of us, I will also need you to install the script on my server. I have a hosting account and a domain name in place. The final product is a web site that I can open and do all of the things described. Please let me know if you don't understand any of the above or if you need more clarification. Please give bid only if you can do this, and give me your best bid and example of your work.


Kỹ năng: Adobe Flash, AJAX, Bất kì công việc gì, MySQL, PHP, Thiết kế trang web

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