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CK22 / Mugshot / 1



This is stage 1 basic requirement , and is to be developed with more advanced features.

CMS / fully automated system required.

Our camera crews LOG ON to online [url removed, login to view] user name + password to load up BACK END ADMIN of public galleries.

Here crew members add photo content.


> Multiple format imagery accepted

> Images upon upload are re sized ( as per specification provided )

> Auto publishing of imagery to template design

> Live preview of gallery , pre + post submission

> Crew data added - name of camera crew , date , location

> Photo tagging - public users can TAG people they view.

+ Communication / direct integration with FRIENDS NETWORK on facebook / mypace

+ live feed to friends group that YOU / YOUR FRIEND has been tagged , where and when

+ streams info to MY PLAT4M with direct links to view the content

+ invitation - users can invite people to join OUR NETWORK from this tag on gallery accessing via username and password facebook / myspace / email serviecs ( yahoo hotmail etc ) with a editable message , bulk communicating with users contacts via these other social plat4ms.

VERY IMPORTANT : All that bid must be familiar with facebook , the way you can tag images and the way in which doing so communicates with a users friends as a notification of action update direct to their account [url removed, login to view] visit [url removed, login to view] and get familiar with this feature.

Also get familiar with yelp.com. Go here and register for free. You will notice you can INVITE friends to join yelp. We want same feature. Again make sure you are familiar with these two key features.

> Reporting functionality -

1= Each gallery is financed by advertising ( as below ) with image / logo overlay / branding. As the gallery is viewed a report has to be made and communicated to the advertiser via their details / their account.

For example - your logo has been viewed 2356 times this week - here is a breakdown of where when - statistical factual breakdown.

> ADVERTISING : Auto LOGO overlay on image galleries with content pulled from database ( to be made as separate project )

> All assets held in database for public search , content access

+ Content becomes public or LIVE for viewing , searching and publishing to other pages for retrieval

> Info load up - each image upon user request loads info from database as overlay , such as seen in tntgallery example below. We require custom features here , camera crew photo + name + video overlay.

> Final format flash ( as per below )


Check out this product ...

3rd party example 1 :

[url removed, login to view]

We require clone to start with. Then customization to initial stage 1 basic spec , then development.

We also want to offer the user the ability to choose from DIFFERENT DISPLAY VERSIONS.

We would like you to make a clone of this for development also ...

3rd party example 2 :

[url removed, login to view]


CLONE EXACT - yes or no :

3rd party example 1 :

We require our main image content to work as per the example in shown on the ck22 website in deliverable below


In the TNT gallery example the main image is ONE AT A TIME - we require our gallery to display multiple images at once as a slider , as per our simple example at ck22 URL above.

This would mean the entire content for one evening is displayed as one slide. The thumbnail menu would therefore be replaced by date , day , type as opposed to the TNT method.

3rd party example 2 :

Clone , yet size would be as per spec we have stated.

We simply like the LOOK AND FEEL OF THIS

This would have to work with the thumbnail menu at bottom which this 3rd party example does not have.


Combine our example and the two 3rd parties example with the features we have asked for.

Please also look the the PDF summary , asp per URL location stated below


> Video will be supported as above , with TAGGING , FRIENDS and COMMUNICATION in same manner described above

> Communication with other TYPE databases to publish intelligently content to galleries.

> Filters as described below in deliverables

> PRINTED / DIGITAL MEDIA generated from content :

user can create a card from templates with photo content. For print or digital ( flash card ).

Look at i photo ( by apple ) as example - it has auto generate card feature - good for christmas or seasonal events to allow users to create cards with content. We will also add calenders for advertising purposes that will PULL content from galleries and add advertiser branding.

> IP CAMERA integration ; We provide multiple IP cams to location ( average 5 per location ) and stream footage to galleries. We will require live features + recording for playback.

> Development / integration with other systems will be advised on this site - watch this space


php , mysql , javascript , flash , actionscript , and of course your recommendations as the experts.


There are many core junks that you can take from open sources and then tweak to our requirements.

We are fully aware of many CORE ENGINES to do this and ask you are also aware of this resource to tap into. On this basis PRICE project(s) , this and all other competitively.

PDF DOCUMENTATION : Make sure you STUDY this carefully

The PDF for this project is larger than the 2MB limit this site provides. Thus find it online at ...

[url removed, login to view]

Deliverables :


Example as follows ...

x1 location is covered by camera crew 7 days a week.

With an average of 50 photos per day.

1 Location = 50 x 7 = 350 photos average / per week.

350 photos per location x 300 locations = 105,000 photo uploads PER WEEK.

> Robust , fast .

> batch uploading

> OFFLINE version , self contained application for use without internet connection

+ one ready crew can connect to ONLINE version and add GALLERY FILE they completed as above OFFLINE.

> Image manipulation feature : Ability to change image with filters at press of button ...


-black and white


-find edges


- image warps

- blur


> a selection of MAINSTREAM filters such as ones found within adobe photoshop

+ this will not ALTER THE MUGSHOT LOGO ( our identity ) or the advertisers logo.

> download of individual / collection galleries as self contained flash movie with filter feature included.

> Public galleries can NOT be tagged. Users need to register ( free ) and once logged in take content from the PUBLIC galleries into their OWN PLAT4M.

> OWN USER PLAT4M : this will be central for user to add friends , display private galleries , edit photos with filters and communicate with friends groups / add friends , invite friends.


TIME TO COMPLETE : We want this in <14 days from post - or at least CORE cms / automation. Advanced features as per PDF can be integrated at later stage with time assurance as we will make all UPGRADES public knowledge.

Exact fully functional live and kicking , ready to rock status is CRITICAL.

This project is part of a series of projects that will be staged for public LIVE status in as and when completed launches.


[url removed, login to view]

Sizes :

Total gallery size 860 wide x 460 high ...

Main images :

300 x 460 pixels VERTICAL IMAGE / 688 x 460 HORIZONTAL IMAGE

Thumbnails / Smaller preview :

To be confirmed


[url removed, login to view]

Ownership :

CK22 retains full I.P ownership without exception.

All work is to be made available upon demand , and most importantly as this is 1 project of many , all work will be passed around for multiple hands to add to / develop.

Support :

CONTINUAL SUPPORT REQUIRED : Price aggressively , for the long term relationship

This is ck22/mugshot/1 - stage 1 basic and upon finish will be enhanced / max up.

This is 1 component / feature to large series of individual requirements to complete.

All will have to communicated and work in harmony with each other especially in terms of database and reactions , communications.

Please make yourself aware of all other projects which will appear on this site as follows ...





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