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Bogus [url removed, login to view] Request For Proposal

Please quote on both bid types, or only bid type 1, if you prefer. I would like to get the game up and running before the account system needs to function.

§ Bid Type 1: Only quote on functionalities 1 – 3.

§ Bid Type 2: Quote on functionalities 1 - 13

Thank you for your time and bid, I hope to make this a win-win.

Overarching Functionalities:

1. Step 1 Enter words (Show word, reload the next word, show word for another level.)

2. Step 2 Rate the submissions of their own or other answers provided by the system (Show submissions by using different calculations and drag & drop feature, save into database, etc.)

3. Step 3 Display game results (calculate & display percentages.)

4. My Account

5. User Registration page in php & Save the details to database.

6. User can Sign Up & Login via "Facebook Connect".

7. Email Account Verification & Account Activation

8. Update Account

9. User Sign In (both via OpenID, Facebook, & Site Account)

10. Logout

11. Authorization to Update Account.

12. Reset Password for Registered Users of the site.

13. Build Simple Dictionary Directory Page

Requirement Specifications

The game will be deployed via a web site and web-based application on BogusBanter.com. Refer to [url removed, login to view] for the current prototype, which may be used as a base template for development and research for your bid.

Technology: PHP and MySQL database

The same database architecture will be used for all three types of games, which also share the same functionality. The content for the dictionary component will be pulled from the same database.

An example of the existing database may be viewed on Google Docs [url removed, login to view] (please contact us for access). This database is only for demo purposes, however, we will use this data to initially populate the system (more data may be needed for testing, which we will provide, if needed). The bid should include the development of the MySQL database structure.

The game itself needs developing before account registration and Facebook integration is implemented. I have struggled to figure out a way to make the current drag and drop feature in the prototype function without using Flash or another technology. I'll need your help figuring out the best approach. I would prefer to use the current DHTML and PHP, or perhaps Ajax, over Flash, though I am open to all options.

The user will not be required to create an account to play. Their submissions should enter the database as anonymous. Users create accounts to

have their name appear (currently appears when you rollover word or def. in

the final screen) and build their list of submissions, which they will be able

to access at any point in time. As the votes are entered, the user's

submissions status may change from funniest to most bogus, to best fake, to funniest, to actual definition.

The entries will be reused inside the game to build the database of bogus

(nonsensical) information. Each real word, definition, or acronym in the

database will have multiple fake definitions, words, or acronyms tied to it. A unique identifier will be needed for this relationship in our table structure. The entries will then be recalled to list ten options – 3 funniest, 3 best fakes, 3 most bogus, and the actual definition. If there is not enough of each type to fill up the list with 10, simply display however many are available, but no more than 10.

A puff status is applied to the last screen in the game, which depends on

the average score of the combined submissions for each option. For instance,

in the prototype, the best fake out (green puffer), is fully puffed up with

a 100% avg score, meaning when it was displayed it was voted as best fake

out 100% of the time. The puffer status will also be listed on the user's

account page: [url removed, login to view]

The entries will also be displayed on the dictionary page of bogus words,

definitions, and acronyms, separate from the game.

[url removed, login to view]

We will need to create a simple database architecture in a MySQL database (I haven't set it up yet, using Google docs right now). One table for real dictionary words and definitions, another table for submissions of words and definitions with the user who submitted it so we can display their name in the final screen (the user should have the option to list their name as anonymous in the account sign-up/edit page). We could have a code map table for the type of submission: funniest, best fake out, most bogus (worst), and then list the type in the second table with submission. Or just list the type in the same table.

§ Drag & Drop functionalty. ### Please make sure the list stays in the same spot at all times. May have to double click to undrag after making a selection or have a reset button.

§ Will you provide the "*words, definitions, acronyms"* for setting up the

Game initially? ### Yes, we will grant you access to Google docs with the initial database if you would like. There is much work to be done. We many more obscure words ready to input. The only static aspect of the game is the actual words/definitions/acronyms, which we will enter in

the database over time. We’re hoping players will choose to help build the database as well with real words in a separate entry system (currently google docs at bottom of page on [url removed, login to view]). The idea is to let the system grow with the user base. Their entries will build the database, both creatively with fake definitions/words and with real words & definitions, if they choose (separate from main game).

§ Database architecture? Each real word, definition, or acronym in the database will have multiple fake definitions, words, or acronyms tied to it.

Tables in database (optional, presented for clarity, there are many ways to normalize/optimize this structure).

Table_Words: ID, Real Word or Acronym, Definition, Difficulty Rank

Table_Submissions1: Real_Word_ID, Best Fake Out, User ID, {User Name}

Table_Submissions2: Real_Word_ID, Funniest, User ID, {User Name}

Table_Submissions3: Real_Word_ID, Worst/Most Bogus, User ID, {User Name}

Table_Submissions4: Real_Word_ID, Miscellaneous/Not Classified, User ID, {User Name}

§ After the Step 1 (entry of definition), user will rate the available (system provided) options in Step 2 as "funny/actual definition/fake/bogus." At this stage, the system needs at least 10 definitions to display. How does that work? ### Any real word, definition, or acronym featured will need to have at least 10 entries in the database to become active for display. Three (3) must be the funniest type, 3 best fake types, and 3 must be the worst/most bogus types, in order to display. (We could also do it with say 2 of each type, 6 total options, but I think one of each type is too few). What do you think?

§ What if the user decides not to enter anything in Step 1, or vote for their entry in Step 2? ### If the user chooses not to vote for their own entry in step 2, we should add it to the database in a miscellaneous column/table to be presented later for classification hopefully by another player.

Therefore, when the game loads the data, it should actually present: - one real word/def/acyr - three funniest type - three best fakes – and one to three worst/most bogus, depending if there is a Miscellaneous/ Unclassified entry available, in which case, display only two (2) worst/most bogus and one Misc/Unclassified. If the user chose not to input anything in stage 1, then two worst/most bogus items would be displayed as opposed to only one. If the user enters something, we display it and only show one worst/most bogus.

§ At the final Step 3 (Results Page), there are "Game Results." How can I

find this result term? Or does it always has the same text at the top? ### The text at the top "Correct, there's no bluffing you!?” rotates based on the correct answer. The result for an incorrect response is located here:

[url removed, login to view]

§ At present, without typing the "answer", anyone can access the step 2.

The step 2 also works as the same way. Do we need the checking on these steps to enter or select answers? ### Right, anyone can choose not to enter a word and simply play the game with preexisting data. At stage two the player should be required to drag and drop four puffer fish and make a decision. To keep things simple, let's not allow partial answers, unless you think its easy and a good idea.

§ How will we keep the data clean if its user generated? ### In terms of data quality, e.g., avoiding obscenity, I'm open to suggestions. I

currently have a flag feature in the results screen, though it should probably be in step 2 as well. We could refuse submission of basic swear words I suppose, but it may be hard. We should strip out punctuation - periods, dashes, so all entries appear uniform when presented (no misleading dictionary jargon allowed).

§ From step 2, I assume that, user can choose another difficulty level and

choose another question of their choice. That means, we need the question under three categories (easy, medium & difficult)? ### Right, the original real words will be ranked in difficulty. In order to be displayed in the system, the real entry will need a ranking. Clicking the radial button on the page (step 1) should reload the page with a new word at the selected difficulty level. We can use a drop down menu if preferred.

§ Which values are going to be display here on the dictionary page? The actual definition of a word? ### Yes, we will display the actual word or acronym and its definition like a typical dictionary, though without the phonetics and extra characters, real basic. Also displayed will be the real words and their fake definitions beneath, with credit given to those who submitted (if not anonymous). Fake words will also be presented with fake definitions as a type of fake dictionary.

To be displayed:

Type1: Real Word/Acroymn, Real Definition

Type2: Real Word/Acroymn, Fake Definition, Type (Funniest, Bogus, Best Fake), User Name

Type3: Fake (completely made up) Word/Acroymn, Fake Definition, Type (Funniest, Bogus, Best Fake), User Name

§ What are the three types of difficulty levels (Easy, Medium & Difficult)? ### The users contributing to the database will define these somewhat arbitrarily when they submit their words, definitions, and difficulty rank in a separate system from the game. The user will also define the difficulty at Step 1 in the game for the entered word or definition, based on the currently set difficultly level. Medium is the default.

§ My Account details of a specific user and percentage related to each

word/definition/acronym and other mathematical calculations? ### The calculation should be simply the number of votes/clicks for the entry say 6 in the category or type (most bogus, funniest, actual, best fake), divided by the number of impressions, or times it was displayed, for a possible vote, say 50, multiplied times 100 and you get 12% "puff status" for whatever entry is displayed.

§ Registration using Facebook and OpenID- Facebook provides only limited fields and there is some restriction to retrieve email id from Facebook e.g., will ask additional question to user about the email sharing. System won't get email address from Facebook and these users will only be able to Sign In through Facebook. ### We may allow these users to "Update their User Profile" with email & password at a later time, but for now, capturing the email really isn't all that important. Only the player’s name will be used in the game for display (optional feature for player, otherwise anonymous).

Kĩ năng: Thiết kế trò chơi, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, Social Engine

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