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146722 Buy a Horse Ad system

Buy a Horse Online Requirements

Project Overview

This documentation is the Design Requirements for the Buy a Horse Online program. It is the objective of this documentation to describe how the web application should look and behave. This project is divided into many stages. After a programmer finishes each stage, he will receive his payment for that stage. It is expected that the same programmer will work on the project for all the stages but if the programmer is unable or refuses to complete the project according to this design document in an acceptable time frame as determined by the author of this document, the programmer may be replaced and not paid for his/her work in that stage. Thus a programmer paid only after completing a stage and not for attempted completion. Before working on any stage, it is expected that the programmer will write a design plan for that phase which will include actual screen shots of what the layout will look like. Only when it is accepted will the programmer start to work on that stage. There will be no prepayment or escrow payment for any stages, this is not negotiable.

If there are deviations from the technology or design requirements listed in this spec, it needs to be approved in written format from the author of the spec (such as email). Programs will be rejected in any stage of development if it is found to violate the design requirements listed in this document without written approval from the design requirement writer (Alex). This will apply even if the program was approved in earlier stages and later found to violate the design requirements. This point is crucial and will be strictly enforced. It is the also the responsibility of the programmer to clarify and understand ambiguous, contradictory, and incomplete program requirements in this document. We will own all the copyrights and code for this project.

We operate an online store where customers can buy Equestrian items (Horse Equipment). In a recent campaign to increase traffic to our website, we have decided to create friendly programs in which customers will want to visit our website. This web application will be integrated into our website in a way in which customers will find that they need/want to buy our products. This application will be an online catalog of horses that are for sale. Example sites include: [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] classifieds. We really like the way [url removed, login to view] works and looks. We would be very happy if the completed project was similar to the way their site functions and looks. We will not actually be selling these horses. The horses will be posted by other users. The user will set the price, pictures, description, location, and contact information and other users can contact them about that horse. If there is no activity for the horse ad for an amount of time (set in the admin section for this), the creator will receive an email asking them if they want to delete the ad, set to sold, and if it sold because of our website. Once the horse is set to sold, the creator of that horse ad will receive an email after a set amount of time (set in the admin section), which will tell them that their horse auction is being archived. A user can not search through archived horses, but the user can view the user's past horses. This will give them access to just that user's archived horses.

This program will be integrated into our osCommerce theme and user functionality. All design pages for our theme will be provided to the chosen programmer. On the test server, the username system will function by itself with our website theme. But, on the live server, the username system will be under our oscommerce website. When a user is logged into the oscommerce website, they will automatically be logged into the Buy a Horse page. This system must be clarified with the author of this project before work is started. Users looking for a horse should be able to find a horse by country, and if in the United States, by region.

Features We Do Want:

- A home page list like: [url removed, login to view] classifieds home page

- Image displaying system ([url removed, login to view] horse details)

- IP Lookup to automatically know where the user is located and find the distance to the horse from their current location. Also, find horses that are located in a radius around the user.

- "Message From Seller" field for details on the horse ([url removed, login to view] horse details)

- All of the same Horse Details fields listed on equine.com. (status, horse name, price, city, state, primary breed, secondary breed, sex, height, color, foal date, markings, weight, registrations, disciplines, attributes, temperament, website)

- Google Map to location (see any ad on [url removed, login to view])

- Pedigree image: We will try to explain it as clearly as possible. If you have any questions, please clarify them with the author before attempting. Basically, the user will start out with a blank pedigree form. This form is setup like this: [url removed, login to view] The user will see the "Sire" side and "Dam" side. There will be blank fields where each name needs to be entered. This form should be after the user enters the Horse Name, so the horse name is automatically filled into the Top Right. There should be a seperate field for each horse entered, but they should have the option to enter the horse registration number below the name. There should be an option to use a pedigree, because some users may choose not to show this information. The pedigree form should not generate an actual image. The text should just be displayed in from of a background that is changeable in the admin section.

- Ad Editting: The user that created the horse ad should be able to edit their ad and change it's status.

- Expanding Flexibility: We may choose to expand on this idea in the future, so a system should be set up where we can add different categories other than horses (ex: trailers, other animals). We should be able to create these categories and easily add the details fields.

- We also want to start with a Trailer section. We want to replicate the fields at [url removed, login to view] Just use the expanding/flexibility features to create this category.

- Design Integrated into our current osCommerce theme. This theme will be provided to the chosen programmer.

- Username system integrated into our current osCommerce website.

- Home page: Shows the list of horses found around the user's area with the IP lookup system. Also has a quick search box like the [url removed, login to view] home page. Link to Advanced Search page, Post an Ad, Register, Login box. The Register/Login box should be displayed at the top of every page.

Our approval of page layouts is mandatory before coding will begin. This will ensure that there is no time wasted on code which will not be used. Screenshots of page layouts and a Design Plan are mandatory before moving onto the next stage.

Alternative Suggestions are always welcome and will strongly influence the outcome of this project. Alternative solutions will need to be approved before implemented.

Technologies Utilized:



Stages of Payment include:

- Design: A Design Plan and Screen-Shots will be revised.

- Programming: When the programming is complete and it is functioning on the test server, the chosen programmer will receive 50% of the payment.

- Live Testing: Once the program is on our live server, integrated into our design, and fully operational, the chosen programmer will receive the remaining 50% of the payment.

Screen-shots of every page are required.

A Development server will be provided to the chosen programmer.

Kĩ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, Javascript, MySQL, PHP

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