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147424 Flash Video & Services 2

Project 2

Fixing flaws, bugs and adding new features to my existing website (existing scripts � ClipShare scripts).

Important notes:

I really need these to be done ASAP. However, the original designers of these scripts just let me know that there will be an upgraded version soon within 5 days. So, I would like to wait and get the upgraded version working. As soon as the upgraded version works, I'll let you know so that you can start and get them done ASAP.

1) When user clicks on �Flag This Video�, he can flag the video even though he is not a member. I want to change this and force user to sign in if he is already a member. If he is not a member he has to sign up as member before he can flag the video.

2) Same as in 1. Please make sure that user must be member in order to "Feature This" or "Inappropriate". If he is member, he has to sign in. If he is not member, he has to sign up.

3) "Inappropriate" should have at least 3 options for user to choose: Rated X, Rated R, Other (he can put short comment)

4) More data for registration page: Full Name, Age

5) If the videos are flagged as "Inappropriate", the software (ClipShare Pro 2.5) automatically recognizes if the videos are rated X, rated R, etc so that the website does not allow minors to view adult videos (from age in #4) but pop-up a page and tell users that they cannot watch adult videos. Also, existing users without age information, the software automatically pop-up a page and ask user to confirm their age.

6) Guest users (unregistered) daily limit (duration in seconds) does not work yet. I must be able to change or enable/disable this function in Administration Panel.

7) same as in 6 but add additional feature that is allow me to set number of videos for daily limit (pop-up warning and force users to register when reaches daily limit). I must be able to change or enable/disable this function this function in Administration Panel.

8) Can set limit to specific users if they abuse my website (Example: they promote their websites, etc).

9) Track and save IP address (if you have other good methods, please let me know) so that users who violate terms and conditions will be tracked and sent warning to their emails to stop violating terms and conditions. If they violate 2nd or 3rd time, I can suspend specific accounts permanently. Once the accounts are suspended, the same emails, IP addresses, etc. cannot be registered again, cannot upload videos, cannot comment and cannot flag videos.

10) The same IP address can only vote or comment once for the same videos. The user cannot vote or comment on his own video (current flaw � user can vote his own video)

11) Fixing bugs and add more features in �advertise� page in ClipShare Administration Panel.

a) Some ads don�t work yet:

- foot_top_banner

- foot_bottom_banner

- home_top_single

- resolution_based_left_add

- resolution_based_right_add

b) Capable of handling unlimited ads by auto rotating the ads

c) Capable of . . . in b and have options to set to play how many times for particular ads before rotating to the next ads. Capable to setting start and stop time for ads when they will be expired and send me email notifications for expiring ads.

d) ads will rotate when the next page is loaded.

12) Administration Panel:

Capable of massive search and massive delete of copyright infringement and auto send warning to these particular users (not all users).

13) at home page (for the new version 2.5), watched videos with a period (.)

I want to change it to comma (,)

14) I want a unique look for my website and 5 pre-design templates and be able to select (enable) it in Administration Panel.

15) In Administration Panel, Master user (Super user) can set permission access for employees. Users cannot access other functions (tabs) (Different pages for employees, different from super user's page).

Right now, I need two more pages for employees as follow (these pages must be https:// secured pages):

a)employees can only access "View Advertise"

b)employees can only access "flag videos", "inappropriate".

16) Right now, I cannot play videos in Administration Panel for both Windows videos and Quicktime. Please make it to play flash videos (using the already converted flash video files) so that I can preview videos in Administration Panel. Also, don�t flip it to another page in order to play videos. I want to be able to view flash videos on the same page so that I don�t have to go back and forth in order to continue viewing other videos.

17) In Administration Panel, I want a better �Search� and better delete in case members request to delete their accounts.

18) In administration Panel, there must be an option for me to add advertisement videos to the beginning or to the end of users� videos.

19) I want to make Administration Panel to be �https� ( secured page)

20) In Administration Panel, I want an �Edit Box� to add text so that this text will be shown at right above upload/registration page when users try to upload or register.

21) certain places on my website shows �Runtime� in seconds. I want to change it to minute/seconds format

22) In Administration Panel, certain information are incorrect, such as date, time, etc

23) even if it�s private videos, click on private tab can still see and play videos. Fix it so that if it�s private, other users cannot see private videos.

24) In Administration Panel, I want 2 new functions for ClipShare (I can unable either function or disable both functions):

Mainly, function 1: keeping track of how many views per videos and I�ll give video owner money (I can set the price) per (I can set the number for views) views.

Function 2:

a)capable of adding advertisement videos to the beginning or the end of users� videos.

b)keeping track of how many views of the same advertisement for any particular videos (advertisement added to the end of videos) so that I can split advertisement money with videos owners.

Remember: Track and save IP address so that the same IP address can watch the same video as many times as user wishes, but for the same IP address � we only count 1 view (because the same user may cheat by watching the same video for 1,000 or 1 million times).

25) Shorten "Popular Tags" box (at home page of [url removed, login to view] ) to 1/3 in height.

I may add couple more, but this is mainly it.

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